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1 The New Kid on The Block [Completed] on Sun Dec 25, 2016 2:04 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Name: Magnus Godefroy (GodFried)
Alias | Epithet: (A title or nickname your character goes by. ex; Fire Fist Ace.)
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age:  19 Years Old
Mode: Hard


  • Primary: Blacksmith
  • Secondary: Weapon Specialist

Affiliation: Marine
World Position: (Only if you are applying for Noble)

General Appearance:

Magnus is somewhat different than the average 19 year old Marine. He is a marine from the Kingdom of Briss. This puts him in a very small group of the military that decided to leave the hostile everyday fighting of the Kingdom of Briss for careers within the military of the World Government. Due to the intense survival situations that are the everyday life of a Briss inhabitant, Magnus is in peak physical condition and one could say that he has already inherited the body of a man at just the age of 19. The Boy from Briss stands at a full height of 6’2 feet tall and weighs roughly 225 pounds of solid athletic build; Magnus is built this way because he grew up fighting and forging various weapons to fight with. Magnus currently doesn’t have any tattoos or scars anywhere on his body, but this could very well change if he gets in more sticky situations, like he did while he was living in the Briss Kingdom.

In conjunction with the customs of his people, Magnus wears a long haired style that shaves the side of the head in addition to shaving the back of the head and neck. This type of hair style would leave just the top hair to grow long and thick until it can be braided into a single long braid that would hang too the middle of his shoulder blades. The only characteristic that is unique about him is that his hair is a bright cyan, or light bluish green color, that is usually a little dark from dirt and sun damage. Another characteristic that makes Magnus a bit standoffish to people is that his ears are gauged all the way up to size ten, which virtually means that he has a hole in his ear big enough to fit a dime in.

Magnus’ clothing choice remains very functional in comparison to the military uniforms forced upon some enlisting officers. He dons a very functional pair of combat pants with a pair of boots that good in a fight and when he is in his forge banging on his metals. For his upper body, Magnus dons a simple tank top with a short sleeve shirt on top. Now, he is either seen wearing a blacksmithing apron on top of that, or he can be seen wearing his custom zip up hoodie with Trident and a Trident symbol on the back of it. 

Height: 6'2 ft.
Weight: 225 lbs.
Crew Tattoo Placement: (Usually for Pirates, but if you got a Crew Tattoo where would it be?)


  • Ambitious & Prideful: Due to the unique upbringing that Magnus lived in, He has an ambitious and prideful persona when it comes to his creations. Magnus takes great pride in the weapons, armor, and various items he forges with his blacksmith abilities. This prideful nature is one reason he has been trying to up his status within the Marines and the World Government. This ambitious nature has gotten him in trouble with various superiors by constantly bumping heads with various captains of the Marine Ships. Due to this certain personality attribute, Magnus stops at nothing to improve his swordsmanship and forging abilities, which usually involves finding and creatively sketching almost everything he sees from his various travels, ideas, and fantasies.

  • Barbaric Nature: Briss is a barbaric place to grow up in. Aside from the Marine base that overlooks the Briss Kingdom, the locals are left to the laws and whims of the current Monarchy. Due to that upbringing, Magnus doesn’t have the necessary noble manners or how to address members of the World Government. He learned through his Military training how to address superior officers but he was never taught how to address the World Government, Shichibukai, Gorosei, and the likes of those individuals. Another way this Barbaric nature is seen is through Magnus’ swordplay and fighting spirit. He has a spirit that shows he will not give up until he is dead or unconscious. He will virtually hack to pieces anything and anyone that stands in his way to complete a task or a objective that he sets his mind to complete.

  • Honorable: Unlike the previous attribute, Magnus does have some form of honorable nature within his blood. He fully believes that in a fight that one should always push their opponent to their best, because in turn they will push you over your limits as well. Due to this, Magnus sees any form of combat as an honorable act which he will act accordingly. This attribute of his personality has gotten him into trouble with pirates and revolutionaries that don’t see things as honorable, like Magnus does. This honorable nature could possibly involve to include various other aspects of his life, like his forging abilities. This Honorable nature goes even further in Magnus' personality to the point that he dislikes Celestial Dragons because they show no honor to their slaves and people in general. They simply take, punish, and command people around with power that was obtained from their great ancestors. Magnus finds that simple fact to be the most dumbfounding thing about the Dragons that he sees. This one simple trait is enough for the honorable personality of Magnus to bring about hatred for them.

  • Adventurous: Magnus living in the Briss Kingdom always dreamed of the Ocean and sea as a child. This love for those things quickly turned into a love for adventure on those bodies of water. Once Magnus learned of tournaments that forced young craftsmen to use the weapons they have made in tournaments for points and money, Magnus quickly grew to love the thrill of fighting and the competitiveness of it all. He will virtually do anything to go out on adventures to discover new islands, armors, weapons, and cursed objects that litter the world from generations past. This thrill is something that any adrenaline junky will seek out of his own accord.

  • Religious: The religious views within the Briss Kingdom is one of Polytheism beliefs, which simply means that it is one of multiple gods and goddess that protect and created the world us, humans, live in. These gods and goddess are a lot like the former Viking ideology and mythology. These beliefs revolve around living the individual’s life in conjunction with the will of the gods and goddesses. The Briss people worship and lift up the act of fighting and dying for a cause above their own. Magnus still holds a lot of those beliefs close to his heart and still follows a lot of the commands given to him by the seers of his religious upbringing.  


  • Forging | Crafting  | Smithing
  • Drawing
  • Reputation
  • Fighting | Training | Sparring | Questing (Adventuring)
  • Drinking | Smoking | Tripping


  • Devil Fruit Consumers
  • Revolutionaries
  • Marksmen [Gun Users Specifically]
  • Celestial Dragon [More Explained In Personality]
  • Brutal Storms


To begin Magnus story, we have to go back to Magnus’ ancestors that used to rule over the Briss Kingdom before the Marine’s helped the current monarchy come to power. Magnus Alexander Godefroy ancestor, Rollo Godfried, and his son, Albert Godfried, ruled over the Briss Kingdom with some honorable traits, but ultimately, they were stripped of their throne, Rollo was executed, and his son was exiled from the Briss Kingdom for ages. Until Magnus’ Grandfather migrated back to the Kingdom to live in his former lands and raise his Children in their homeland.

Magnus grew up in a fairly normal life at the beginning of this story, but Magnus’ father had a horrid gambling and drinking problem, which soon cost Magnus his childhood. Magnus had to be virtually sold to a Blacksmith to make up for a gambling debt that his father owned him. This agreement would make Magnus an unpaid apprentice until he came of age. This would put Magnus in line to learn everything he could about forging and blacksmithing, which in turn happened to be one of the best things in his life.

Magnus left his home at the age of six to travel to his new home at the edge of the Briss Kingdom far away from the Marine base that had set up its fortress on the opposite side of the island. Magnus had to take that adventure across his homeland to get tot eh lonely forge on the outskirts of a little town on the far side of the Briss Kingdom. There he went through the necessary training, tutoring, and practice to begin his development of his forging skills. He quickly rose to new heights while under the wing of his Master, but he quickly began to find the forging lifestyle very unappealing, which lead to him discovering the Blacksmith competitions that pitted fellow blacksmiths against each other with the weapons they forged.

Years went by with Magnus doing the same thing day in and day out, he would prepare weapons for upcoming tournaments, practice, and work long hours in the forge to help his Master out. Two years before Magnus could leave his enslavement, little skirmishes began to pop up all over the Briss Kingdom. The Briss inhabitants began to war with one another and Magnus was drafted to be in those fights. Magnus would fight in various battles, ambushing, and various other military warring operations until he turned eighteen years old, and this is where the best chapter of Magnus’ life comes into plain view.

Magnus Godefroy, due to his parents changing the way his last name was spelled to keep the name in secret, came out to the Marine base in one of the best ways possible. He just spent days fighting his way back towards the Marine Fortress that was set up on the opposite side of the Kingdom. Once he finally made it to the Marine base, he came walking out of the mist with a large Viking-like shield and sword covered in blood, mud, and dirt that would make most people run in fear way from him.

Magnus was enlisted into the Marines shortly after and was stationed at Briss Kingdom’s military base, because he knew how to handle the locals and deal with the Briss Inhabitants in the best way possible. With his new-found freedom, he began to research heavily into various exotic weapon blueprints, armor blueprints, and various gun variants that he could create in his forge at the Marine Base. Magnus’s life as a marine is one that is only a year into its story, and the first year that Magnus was a marine. He didn’t really accomplish much within those ranks. He stayed off the radar of the higher-ups as he worked on his true purpose, which was to master his blacksmithing skills to better the world for everyone not just the world government.

Months pasted before Magnus finally put in a transfer order from Briss to Orange Town, Magnus’ dream was to live there, forge various weapons and items to get some money and start his own blacksmithing shop. Unfortunately, Magnus wasn’t very successful in the art of selling his weapons. He was always better at showing off his craftsmanship with his swordplay skills or his fighting skills.

Lucky for Magnus, he finally adapted to the new world that surrounded him, and he has decided to begin his adventures on the open ocean. He had a task list that he needed to complete, and he knew what he was about to go forth and complete would either kill him or make him a legend. We open our story in Orange Town with a Briss Native in a town that was built for the merchant and trade classes.

Face Claim: WindBreaker | Juhwan
RP Sample: (Should you be applying for a World Position.) [I am going to fill this in once I go for the World Position that I want.]

Bonus: 1 Log Post
Location: Orange Town

Fate Point Allocation:

  • Cursed Hands (1) - Grants passage to wield pieces of Cursed Equipment.
  • Hard Worker (1) - You can possess a Secondary Occupation.
  • Hawk's Eye (1) -  Gives you the capacity to utilize Kenbunshoku Haki.
  • Kami Haki (2) - Grants you access to Kami Haki for Kenbunshoku or Busoshoku Haki
  • Born to Brawl (1) - Gives you the capacity to utilize Busoshoku Haki

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2 Re: The New Kid on The Block [Completed] on Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:16 am



The personality and general appearance are great, but for tier 2 just give a bit of history. I know it says optional but that's for the tier 1s. Tier 2 apps off the bat are special and should reflect that. Everything else looks great.

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3 Re: The New Kid on The Block [Completed] on Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:37 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

~Completion Bump~

Also, I love the quick respond to my application, but I wasn't done with it yet! I had been busy with Christmas and didn't wanna lose progress. So I simply posted it up incomplete. Yet, I have competed my history and it is ready for review.

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4 Re: The New Kid on The Block [Completed] on Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:45 pm

Magnus Godefroy Approved

Voltage Vault
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