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1 R a v e n o u s on Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:10 pm



Task Name: Ravenous
Tier: 3
Location: Alabasta
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: ''I've been betrayed, betrayed by my own foolishness. I knew I shouldn't have hired mercenaries, instead of fighting the enemy they joined them. Please help me out. I'm not asking you to kill all of them, but.. after they hang me, my family will be next.. So once more.. please.''

In a final act of trying to get rid of the local outlaws, a man tried to get mercenaries to take them on. However, they joined the outlaws and are now on their way to punish the one who hired the merc's in the first place. And not just that guy, but the whole village is at risk.

Halfway through the task, a squad of Marines will arrive. They will fight Artem's enemies, but also mistake Artem for one of their enemies.

Roughly 20 T1 citizens will take a stand against the outlaws too.
Enemy Details: 30 T0 Grunts
20 T1 Outlaws
20 T2 Mercenaries
10 T3 Outlaws
Boss: Yes
Swift Splinty:

Boss Name: Swift Splinty
Tier: 4
Description: Swift Splinty is known as the quickest fighter around these parts of Alabasta. He is the leader of a few outlaws who do whatever they like. He recently recruited some mercenaries. They come and go in boats that are able to fare on sand. He is a brawler but lacks strength and durability. Also, he lacks any kind of ground game and grappling.
Devil Fruit: -
Haki: -
Equipment: -
Strength: III
Durability: III
Speed: VI
Perception: IIII


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2 Re: R a v e n o u s on Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:30 pm



With a backpack over his right shoulder, filled with two bottles of water, food, a blocknote and a pencil, Artem walked through the desert. He had a thin scarf covering his entire head and neck with the exception of his eyes. He also wore a satch around his waist, on the outside of his jacket so his coat was tucked in. The land, seemingly endlessly filled with sand, slowed him down a bit. It was unsure what he was planning to do here in Alabasta. Or what Junbei was going to do. He got separated right after his first trip with the crew. He sighed.

In the distance, he saw a small settlement. A few buildings, all build in a circular shape. It was surrounded by two huge rocks that towered over the buildings. Between the two rocks were walls with a gate in each. He thought it would be best for him to go over there. The villagers would probably be humble and nice. If not, he'd burn it to the ground. He looked like some kind of desert warrior with his face covered et cetera.

Fade to black..
After some time, like thirty minutes, Artem would stand at the gate. A guy wearing a white turban around his head and dressed in white robes was seen right behind the gate on top. ''Who are you?! And what is your business here?!'' He shouted towards Artem. Meanwhile, the man would do a few signs with his hand downwards. Probably to the people who managed the opening and closing of the gate. ''My name is Osipartem. I am from the Blues, and I've been separated from my friends here in Alabasta. I am looking for a place to rest for I've been walking for days.''
He answered. ''That is impossible! You don't look strong enough to walk in the Alabastan Sun for days like that!'' The man responded. Artem would roll his eyes, look at the ground and sigh. ''I can show you how strong I am, if you'd like. But, please, take me in. I need a few moments of shade and then I can get moving again.'' It appeared as though the man was persuaded  by what Artem said to him. The gates were opened.

As Artem entered through the gate, he started to look at the citizens. The locals. They, the men, were like the man that he talked to all dressed in white robes with a white turban around their head. /div>

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3 Re: R a v e n o u s on Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:01 pm




The Cor Darei of Har-em-Hebi

Some of the men were armed with spears. He could see some kind of armory, more spears but also bows with ofcourse: arrows. They, the men, looked fierce and tough.

The women wore a hijab in correspondence with the color of their robes. They wore brighter colors, like cyan and fuchsia. They looked startled as they saw Artem, but a man with a different look approached him. Artem had grabbed the shoulder belt with his right hand. The man grabbed his left hand with both of his own hands and looked Artem in the eye. ''Are you really that strong.. sir..'' He asked. Artem raised an eyebrow. ''Yeah.. I can handle myself. Tell me.. where am I?'' The man expressed jou when Artem confirmed his strength. ''You are in Har-em-Hebi. The city of lost snakes. The men you see with the spears, they are known as the Cor Darei. They are the Night Spears. There are twenty of them that are the pride and defense of our settlement. My name is Natam. Would you like a cup of thea, my friend? Natam said. He was very nice to Artem. So nice that Artem was suspicious about him. ''Sure..'' he said.

Natam signaled with his hands that Artem should follow him. He would start to walk behind Natam.  He looked around him, and it seemed like the villagerse did not really look at him. Did he look that uninteresting? He would grin and before he realized it he would stand infront of Natam's residence. He bumped into Natam as he did not see him stop moving. Natam looked over his shoulder and started laughing. ''Ah! Excuse me.. Well. This is my home. Come in and take a seat!''

Artem followed Natam inside his home. Small and humble. The floor was of hard material, but a nice carpet made the floor feel soft. There was a really low and of circular shape table with four pillows surrounding it. He assumed the pillows were the chairs in Har-em-Hebi in comparison to normal chairs in let's say Loguetown. Assuming the pillows were the chairs here, he planted his butt on one of them. He was right about the pillows being the chairs as Natam did the same.

''I am sorry.. but I have to ask you something.'' Natam said. It looked as if he was afraid. The joy, and comical attitude of Natam had vanished.

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4 Re: R a v e n o u s on Sun Dec 25, 2016 5:08 am




The Mercenaries

''This village.. Har-em-Hebi, has been getting plundered for a long time now. We tried to defend ourselves but they were too strong. We lost a lot of our Cor Darei against them. Surely, we managed to take some of them down too but with the consequences of the ..'' Natam gulped for a moment. ''Women.. children.. they hanged them.'' Artem expressed little to no emotion. Natam would then continue his story. ''I tried to get rid of them by making a great mistake. It was like selling your soul to the devil.. I hired a group of mercenaries! Twenty men.. capable of beating our Cor Darei.. You know what happened? They, those outlaws, turned the tables on us. They were offered a better price by the big bad in this tale: Swift Splinty. A comical name, sure, but the guy leads the outlaws and is a ruthless killing machine. So.. can you help us.. in our battle.. even if it is none of your business. They are coming, Osipartem. And I've been betrayed, betrayed by my own foolishness. I knew I shouldn't have hired mercenaries, instead of fighting the enemy they joined them. Please help me out. I'm not asking you to kill all of them, but..-'' Artem would interrupt him. ''Stop begging me for gods sake!'' He exclaimed.

''I want to know something first before I give you my yes or my no. Do the Cor Darei use a specific fighting style?'' Artem asked. He was curious about this, for they looked well trained and very technical. Artem was a collector of martial arts, and he'd love to train with the Cor Darei if they had a specific fighting style. ''The Cor Darei of Har-em-Hebi are practicioners of Coramatep. A fighting style that revolves around countering your opponents, using their own weapons against them and staying out of range through the spear..'' Natam responded nervously. He thought he could blow the chance to get another ally in their upcoming battle. One of the allies the citizens of Har-em-Hebi would gain help from were the Marines. ''I see.. Very well! I will fight in the name of Har-em-Hebi, only to train with the Cor Darei in Coramatep. And.. as a souvenir, I want those robes. In addition, I want to train Coramatep but with a sword instead! You can't really hide a spear you see. Is what I requested arrangable?'' Artem said.

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5 Re: R a v e n o u s on Sun Dec 25, 2016 8:29 am




Swift Splinty

''OH YES! Definetely!'' Natam exclaimed in joy. His happines returned. Maybe now they had a chance. Artem started laughing because of Natam's reaction and they would drink some thea together discussing numbers as in how many enemies, how many allies.

Meanwhile, not too far away..

''Commander. One of our men have spotted someone entering Har-em-Hebi today.'' A dark silhouette looked over his shoulder. Tiny pupils created a creepy picture for one of the grunts in Swift Splinty's camp. The dark silhouette then turned fully towards the man. You could see a scar down the left side of his face. This man was Swift Splinty. He had dark hair under a light-colored turban and wears a pinstriped shirt and a dark beaded necklace. ''I suppose he poses no threat, eh. The plan is still in motion and we will strike tonight, eh!'' 

At the same time, also not too far away from Har-em-Hebi and not too far away from Swift Splinty's camp..

''Sir. We are close. Har-em-Hebi is no longer than thirty minutes from our current location. We should arrive there before nightfall.'' a man said. The man had a large backpack on his back, and was equipped with a rifle. Like his companions, he wore a white shirt and a white cap. The standard marine uniform. A man dressed in the same but with a coat over his shoulders and the only one without a backpack or rifle made some noise. ''Hmph! This is such a simple task.. The only tiresome thing about this mission is this fucking sand and this fucking heat. It gets on my nerves.. you might tell. Anyways. We should set up camp in Har-em-Hebi. So, move your feet!'' This man was the leader of the squad of Marines. He was quite tall, muscular and had blonde spiky hair. He was known as Commander Cirma. A devoted and understanding Marine with a short fuse. He was a swordsman and is as expected equipped with a sheathed katana on his back. Listening to Cirma's commands, the Marines did not stop moving and made their way step by step closer to Har-em-Hebi.

As the sunlight grew weaker and night started to fall, the Cor Darei did their last exercises. They stretched this leg and that leg, played around with their spears with deadly precision in unison with the other fighters. It was a sight to behold. It was pretty, Artem thought. He was leaning against a pillar of the tent that shrouded the armory in its shadow with his arms over eachother.

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