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1 Atlantis on Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:11 pm


History: Atlantis, also called the Lost Sister of Fishman Island and the City of the Merpeople, Atlantis in modern times, is a City-ship built by the Merpeople several hundred years ago, which has approximately the same internal space as found in Fishman Island. The Merpeople left the waters near Fishman Island hundred years ago for the waters near Reverse Mountain, taking the way to build bubble cloaks and many other Fishmen technology.

This was due to the fact that both races had a war. The Fishman vs the Merpeople. The Merpeople felt that the fishman were impure due to most of their ugly looks. The more powerful fishman saw that as an act of war and fought with the Merpeople for many years. Finally they had came to overpower them. Causing the Merpeople to activate their device and force the underwater island of Atlantis to be sent above the island. However, the Fishman only assumed that they had successfully destroyed their sister race. Due to this they completely erased them from the history books. But that was not the case. The Merpeople learned how to thrive above the waters. Vowing that the next time them and the Fishman met. There would be war.

Atlantis being one of the most technological advanced islands in the world has a number of things that many people don’t see usually. Their island is mostly powered by electricity and a unique source of power called Flomatone that always them to sit their island at the bottom of the ocean or raise it to the top of the waters.

Government: The Government of Atlantis is a form of constitutional monarchy. While the King or Queen rules the island. Their still are a form of elders that “help” the king or queen implement laws and policies. However, the King and Queen still have the final say.

Army: The Army of Atlantis is quite formidable. It is a combination of both humans and merpeople. The humans protect the city while it is on top of the waters from any source of destruction. While the Merpeople does the same under the water. The Merpeople tend to use Fishman Karate and Jujutusu while the humans use the technologically advanced weapons like the Energy Gun.


Laws of Atlantis:

Thou Must Not Kill Unless Threatened Or Stolen From
Thou Must Not Steal
Thou Must Not Hurt The Races Of The Island In Anyway, Form, Or Fashion
Thou Must Not Go Into The Royal Palace Without Permission
Thou Must Not Speak Of Hurting The Royalty In Anyway, Form, Or Fashion
Thou Must Be Searched Upon Entry
Thou Must Not Destroy Property
The Royalty Has The Authority To Pardon Any Laws
Any Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Searched
All Docking Is 50,000 Beli
All Entry is 100,000 Beli, Per Person
Anyone Who Break The Laws In Anyway Will Be Decided Punishment From Royalty Or Elders

Influence: Free Agency
Species: T1-4 Mermaids, T1-4 Mermen, T1-4 Humans, and other basic species found on land
Log Pose Point Requirement: 12

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