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1 God's Shrine[Skypiea] on Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:04 am

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Upper Yard God's Shrine

"You know, I never thought I'd have to sit there. I always, childishly, assumed that my Father would never die. But, death is something that...sadly...takes us all." Adam would say, to the man a man beside him. This guy was short, around 5'0, and pudgy. He was like a pig honestly, it was funny. He was dressed in a black suit though, sticking out of all the people located here on this Cloud. In total there were around fifty people around the Shrine. A combination of Guards, High Officials, and servants.

Adam would begin to slowly walk toward the the seat at the Shrine. The Man in the suit would stand right in front of the Shrine; as he wasn't allowed to. Guards had stopped him once he had came to a certain point.

"Jiff, I'm glad you came with me home." Adam would say as he would sit there. He wouldn't look at the Pig man but rather at some papers that he motion to be brought to him. "But, why should I hold any allegiance to the World Government? I am the God of the Sky now."

"Well....Am I able to speak honestly, Ad-..I mean God?" Jiff would ask. Stopping himself from saying Adam's name, the glare from a guard was enough to put this guy in his place. Jiff wasn't that tough at all, and was easily intimidated.

"Jiff, you can call me Adam. We served in the Marines together under Derous for a brief time, we are comrades." Adam would say to his fellow Comrade.

"Okay, thank you." Jiff would give off a sigh of relief. "I understand that you are now King of you home, but... But, I don't think it would be wise to cut all ties to the World Government. I was ask to see if it would be okay to have a  Cipher Pol, and a few Marines, located here on Skypiea. You won't be ordered by any of them, but you can join the ranks of the Cipher Pol and take leadership of it. Along with me." Jiff would say.

"Eh? I will take a shoot at A Cipher Pol. Once I meet my own standards and take care of some legislative things I will seek you out. But, for where these people will be stationed I want them all located on Angel Island. And they are forbidden, without my approval, to enter Upper Yard. This is for your own safety." Adam would tell Jiff. Nothing else would be said between as Jiff would be taken from Upper yard and back to Angel Island.

'Ugh, now the Officials want to speak with me. Nope, not dealing with this all today.' Adam would raise his hand as he stood up, and began to walk away from the Shrine.

"Listen, I will be back. Okay?" Adam would say as he would begin to fly and head straight up in the air. Only people to follow Adam would be two Guards. Where Adam would lead them would be higher up the beanstalk. They would stop once they were at the top. And then Adam would sit there on the cloud.

"Leave me." Adam would tell them. They wouldn't go all the way down but they would move back in the sky so that they still had their eyes set on their God.

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2 Re: God's Shrine[Skypiea] on Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:14 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Upper Yard God's Shrine

"The sun is setting..." Adam would say out loud as he watched the Sun begin to set. The view from where he was sitting was really magnificent, the best view on the whole of Skypiea. He used to come up here, a long time ago, when his Family was still alive. Specifically, he came up here with his younger Brother. They used to always watch the Sun set, after a long training session.

They had fought more than a thousand times; and his brother was around fifty wins ahead of Adam. Sadly, Adam after coming back wouldn't be able to catch up, as his Brother was dead.

"You look sadder than I expected." A Voice would say. They had been peaking their head from Adam's right side, just watching him.

"Oh, it's just you." Adam would say, no enthusiasm  at all within his breathe.

"Hey now! You know you like to hear my voice!" The Voice would say as they would full emerge now, and sit in front of Adam. "I dismissed the other guards, since I am here now."

"Oooh, thank you. I just love this company." Adam would say. He honestly hoped that this women would've left to, but he knew he wouldn't. This person was the new head Guard, Eve. Adam would snap out of this though, as he was being a ass for one. But, the other reason is because Eve would begin to cry, and Adam would console her. He would release that his Family wasn't the only people to die in that attack, but also her Father and Mother. As they were the strongest Guards all within Skypiea. As she cried he even began to cry. Both of them hadn't let out a single tear at all when they got the news; as they didn't want to cry in front of just anyone, and because they couldn't get to a place to be alone. But, at this spot at this time they were the only two here. Only people that would understand each other was themselves, no one else could understand the pressure and feelings they felt.

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3 Re: God's Shrine[Skypiea] on Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:29 am

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Upper Yard God's Shrine

"So, the rules tat are Kingdom follow are set in stone? Well, then I will just add to them." Adam would inquire from his Four Pillars. These Four Pillars were made up of one political figure, two military officers and one diplomat. This small group was going to change the whole of Skypiea. It would depend on who you are if you felt this was for the worst or for the better.

Eve new title had been changed to be the Head of Military Affairs. Anguis due to his strentgh, experience, and ability would be the first General under Adam's rule. Mendax was the eldest of them all and has always dealt with Administration & Legalism. His younger Brother Vorax, about ten years younger but second oldest of the lot, was extremely experienced in diplomacy.

"Okay, then if I can't do that I want to send a message to Angel Island. Make the Oldest man there the King, is a better title. Do the same with the people within Shandora. They will ALL follow the same laws, or face the wrath of God. Also, I want you all to place someone without your faction in a position of power down there.

What I want to do is increase our base power. I need you two, Eve and Anguis, to be the strongest warriors within the entirety of the Sky. So, we three will be leaving shorty to an uncharted part of the Vearth. You two other beloved Pillars will be in charge. Mendax you will act as King over all other Kings, and Vorax you will be your elder Brothers adviser.

I will be leaving immediately, so take action now. And also do not let the people know that God isn't around. And if I am to die four months before coming back, you two are the new Gods. I also warn you. Do not let this get to your head, or I will kill you. And do not let ANYONE ruin what we have going on here. Vorax also tell the Marines that I no longer will be a member. But, the World Government has the full support of Skypiea."

And with that Adam would rise from his seat at the Shrine and walk past the two Pillars he had told to stay behind. The Other two would begin to follow his lead as he would take flight and out of God's Domain. This event took place three weeks before any new visitors had come to Skypiea, as Heaven's gates had been closed. But, after Adam's leave the gates will be opened and this event wouldn't be talked about outside of the Four Pillars. Each new Elder would be made into a King and have their own celebrations. The only thing is they each new something was afoot, as this was foretold by the old God a long time ago.

"Listen to me, my students." The Old God would say to five others, who in the present are the Elders within Skypiea, but right now were around Sixteen or so. "I have seen it....the end of the world. God he will bestow two of you with a blessing. KINGS! But, that isn't what you will be. When that time comes I doubt you will refuse the offer, so just be careful. As the time of reckoning will be upon you in a years time after that. The God above all Gods will arrive and throw you all into a mighty war not many will survive from."

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