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1{1 - 7} Saviour or Extortionist? Empty {1 - 7} Saviour or Extortionist? on Tue Dec 13, 2016 4:56 am

Task Name: Savior or Extortionist?
Tier: 1
Location: Alabasta
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Thanks to your generous supply of information, the king knows a great deal about the impending doom of his empire. Convince him that the only way to save his country is to give you his full monetary and political support to lead the war against the invaders.
Enemy Details: -
Boss: No

Items: Central System, 2 x Energy Pistols (2 upgrades)

A dark grey cloak covered most of Rokuju’s body, all that was revealed was a toothy grin, something she could not quite hide. It was the product of finally having some power in the game. She finally had some moves available to her, and she intended to get the most out of them. Right now, she was taking a firm stroll through the main street of Alabasta. A few patrols of guards were running through the streets in a state of panic, but other than that, everything was completely normal. Huh, so the citizens hadn’t been alerted yet. It made sense, it would have probably only been a matter of hours since the Alabastian court had learned of the enemy that had landed on their shores. Rokuju had known when and where things were going down, so naturally she had got there before any scout from the city. But it seemed the duck billed squad was as fast as ever, they must have passed her on the way here and alerted them. It was very interesting to see things unfold in front of her eyes, but she couldn’t afford to dally. Maybe when she retired and Germa sat on top of the world, she would be able to relax under a sun umbrella and watch the fireworks.

She was going to back to confront the king for maybe the last time. Now, this was a crucial moment, and it was imperative that it goes to plan. If she let Yanus hold onto the reins tightly, she would likely be lost in his web, and when the time comes, killed to tie up loose ends. She was just a tool of his, at least that is what he thought. Today was the day that she would put a piece or two on the table. She wondered just how he would take it, but she was fairly certain how men like him worked. He was smart and recognised a situation and what was the most beneficial course of action. As long as she looked after his interests, he should be willing to accept whatever revisions that she throws out there. The king’s cousin, Uron on the other hand, was not quite as reliably cunning, but she hoped he wouldn’t be stupid enough to do something irrational. What she was attempting was something akin to a political surgery. A delicate finesse was required to pull it off. But Rokuju was confident that today was her day. No more failure.


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2{1 - 7} Saviour or Extortionist? Empty Re: {1 - 7} Saviour or Extortionist? on Tue Dec 13, 2016 4:59 am

It seemed that the confusion was getting worse as she neared the castle, as even the guards were distracted. It enabled her to slip in with a quick use of her light manipulation powers, bending it around her to erase her presence. She slipped in and prowled through the hallways, remembering her way in from the last two times she had been in here. Going through a side room behind the reception, she caught the door as the receptionist went through ahead, and she sneaked in behind her like a shadow. Straight down another corridor, she made it to the big double doors that lead into the main courtroom. When she was comfortable that no one else was around to see her, she released the light from her control, letting it do as it willed and thereby allowing onlookers to see her. Closing her eyes, she breathed in, then out. “Here goes nothing.” She thought.

Pushing hard on the double doors, they swung open. With a confident march, she brought herself before the king. He was having audience with another group at the time, they looked like they may be officers by the looks of their uniforms. Ignoring them, she turned and addressed the now surprised king and even more surprised Yanus who was standing at his side like an advisor would. “What the hell are you doing here!” More of an outraged burst than a statement came from the crown wearer. It was clear he was quite stressed, but that was to be expected. After all, there was an army marching for his head at this very moment.
“I have come to share some information w-”
“Guards, seize her!” He lashed out in a wave. Boy, he was not pleased to see her at the moment. But Ro was expecting this. With a lung full of air, she summoned the loudest voice she could and looked the king straight in the eye.
“Six ships. 500 men. Led by Danon. This is what waits for you at the eastern port. Is this not what you have been told?” The king’s face paled, while Yanus’s became noticeably redder. He was not liking where this was going. He looked like he was about to bend down and whisper into the king’s ear.
“How did you come by this information! Have you intercepted our scout?”
“No, in fact, I was down there myself this morning. I have managed to infiltrate their base camp and gathered full information on the enemy’s movements. Here, I have documents to and from the general himself.” She reached into her bag and produced a small stack of parchment which she tossed at his feet. She had managed to take a few as she had left. They were day old den den mushi comms records, and they wouldn’t be missed in the Hamilton camp but here, they were quite valuable.


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3{1 - 7} Saviour or Extortionist? Empty Re: {1 - 7} Saviour or Extortionist? on Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:00 am

To Rokuju, they were a valuable chip that showed her authenticity. Yanus had stopped whispering to the king halfway through his sentence and his eyes twitched back to Rokuju. Both he and Ro could see that the king was now interested in what Miss Elena Veil had to say. Regardless of what he suggested, King Joro would not get rid of her until he had heard her out.
“Someone check those papers.” A scribe hurried forward and bent over the parchment who after a moment, would confirm that they did match previously intercepted documents.
“Go on then, out with it.” He spat at Ro. The king was no fool, he knew Elena wasn’t just here to drop off a few papers.
“You know enough to realise that you are outmatched in this coming war. Even Alabasta’s great walls will fall in due time. The only one that knows their strategies and plans is me. The only one who can stop them is me.” Ro couldn’t help but twitch a smile. Yes, she had them right where she wanted them.
“What do you want.” His eyes darkened.
“Let me lead the preparations and give me executive power over the Alabastian military.” A grin slowly grew. It was a tall order for sure, and the king reacted about as well as she thought he would. But the thing was, Ro knew this game well. She had not spoke to the king with that last sentence, but to the man to his right. Her eyes focussed on Yanus and watched as the cogs slowly clacked together behind his eyes. The king spun off, but Yanus interrupted him.
“Well, let’s not be too hasty here, Your Highness.” Yes, that’s right. He had realised that if Elena Veil, aka his pawn could gain a position such as this, his plan would be an almost assured success. Ro stood and waited, watching the back and forth between the two men. Finally, King Joro had taken his advisor’s advice.
“Fine. I will give you what you ask, temporary leadership of the military. On one condition. Yanus has offered to oversee your work and make sure you don’t try anything funny.” The king closed his eyes and sighed. “My people and I are counting on you, Miss Veil.” Ro bowed, feeling the exhilaration of victory, with the thumping pressure of blood around her body. She was one step closer. Now, it was time for the next stage.

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4{1 - 7} Saviour or Extortionist? Empty Re: {1 - 7} Saviour or Extortionist? on Wed Dec 28, 2016 6:51 am



100,000 Beli
250,000 Bounty
7,000 EP

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