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1 Justice Must Come. on Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:36 pm





   Task Name:Culling the herd
   Tier: 5
   NPC or PC:PC
   Location: Pirate's den
   Crew, Team, or Personal: (Crew Task must be done with one or more Crew Members.)
   Description: Marina Samarin is an fierce woman who has been known to leave corpses in her wake. Today she has decided that enough is enough. Pirate's den has always been in the back of her mind and now it's time to lay waste to such a location. The marines in general try to not deal with it because of the flack they'll get from involving the many towns full of civilians throughout the island. The pirates in her eyes are using these people as shields and the people themselves traitors for even thinking about co-existing with those dirty stinking pirates. So she has organized a small fleet and an army of 1,000 marines to take the island and lay waste to everyone. No pirate shall be spared. No mercy will be shown for any sympathizer who decides it's okay to live with these scum, for they have been tainted and warped beyond repair.

   There is someone though that has stopped her from reaching that place, and Old Man who calls himself Davy Jones. He doesn't want even one Marine to step foot at that place, and he plans to kill them all. He has amassed his own fleet of 2,000 Pirates to stop the Marines. This battle takes place around a many small, uninhabited islands (that are mainly flat and grassy).The being no island over 1 kilometer in perimeter. This place is similar to that of Las Camp. Battles will take place mainly on the Sea, but a few on Land.

   This conflict can only end with the annihilation of one side. During this conflict Davy jones and Marina Samarin will be having a grueling duel to the death, that no one will be able to interfere with unless they wish to die in the crossfire.
   Enemy Details: Twenty Pirate Ship varying in size and Tier, T1- T4. In total there are 100 pirate on each ship, T1-T4.

   Marine Force: Three T5 Warships & Seven t3 regular Marine Vessels. Each ship holds 100 Marines, T1-T4.

A single blade flew across the room, finding itself imbedded into the wooden walls. Two woman huffed and puffed. Sweat pouring from each other. Yet the older woman's weapon was still within her hand. the large greatsword being utilized as an arm rest. Cerulean Faith, the other female would plop her self down upon the ground. The pain in her chest, the exhaustion. This woman, Vice Admiral Marina was something else. Her style and technique, her over all power. Cerulean had managed to keep on her toes, her light weapon and speed were an advantage against those wielding large blades. Yet this womans power and agility even with the sword. It was terrifying. "You seem to have recovered. We set out in three days, You will head the land division. I know you where one of the voices whom were dead set against such an aggressive mission, these are your orders, will this be a problem"

Catching her breath, Cerulean looked to the female, the fatigue from moments ago, it seemed to have vanished. The Winged Crusador looked as though the hour long battle had not happened, yet Ceruleans chest still pounded. The strikes and cuts upon her body told the story of the battle. "I will not kill civilians, whether they are housing pirates of their own behalf or not" Cerulean uttered, standing up steadily. "I will cleave down any pirate whom stands in my way and any criminal whom intends to impede the marines actions with violence. Those civilians doing nothing but aiding pirates with shelter will not meet my blade. That is the system of justice, they will arrested and face trial." She uttered glaring in to the eyes of the Vice Admiral. "Hmph, So be it. As long as your prepared to kill all the pirate scum" She uttered as she heaved her blade upon her shoulder with little effort. The beautiful yet deadly woman walked from the ships room leaving the rear admiral to pry her own blade from the ships wall. It would seem they would be arriving soon and preperations where to be made. Resistance was to be expected so the ground crew wereto take the row boats and circle around the island, giving a wide bearth and come up from the south side. This meant there would be a time delay but the larger ships intentions where to distract the enemy and having them focus on them.

Sapphire eyes watched as the cannons fired, metallic balls fired through the air from both sides, marines and pirates engaging in a navel battle of heavy calibur. Cerulean stood, her hands upon the hilts of her blades, she should have been upon the ships battling. Though she knew her mission was a great one. She was to take out the island defences on each of the smaller islands that halted the marine ships from docking as well as cripple the fighting force of the foot soldiers before joining the navel battle upon the enemy ships. The ballista and canon defences of the island were stronger than those mounted upon the ships and where the main source of danger at this point in time. "Nianto, Sheena we should move faster, speed up" the young female uttered. She was of course speaking to her six man cell. Involved in her cell was Nianto and Sheena, Nianto a tiger shark fishman and Sheena a nurse shark mermaid. Both of whom were proficient in Fishman juijutsu while mermaid combat was Sheena's main style and the usual fishman karate was Niantos. "Trey, we should be out of the enemies view, take to the skies, scout out the islands and find those cannons" she ordered.

This order was directed to a beautiful blond man whom was reminiscent of an angel, especially with his snow white angel wings. "Take Coco with you, we are hitting Island Delta 3 first, Coco set up somewhere safe, and await my signal" ordered the Rear Admiral. Yes Ma'am replied the blond man whom would stretch out his wings, at the same time a very petite young girl with a large case in her hands would stretch out her arms, the strong angel; would grasp her and shoot in to the air. A simple smile found its way to Ceruleans face, the "WEEEEEEEEE of the flying Coco reminded her of how fun some things can be. This left herself and Kelly. "When we arrive, we unleash Hell" Cerulean uttered, her eyes gently moving to look at Kelly who had a rather devious smirk upon her face. "Perfect" the weather manipulator said as she touched the three separated pieces of her unique weapon. The boat sped forth with the two water type experts pushing them forth through the raging ocean, the island they where to take out getting closer and closer, From the island something shot forth, something of immense power, a rocket, large in design burst through the air and collided with one of the marine ships....nothing but ash hit the water.

Upon The Island

"Ma'am, these pirates have high level technology, the weapon is some form of rocket fired with the ability to reduce all that is touched to ash. The release system is large with chances to miss close to zero, it seems it takes time to cool down prior to firing" The angel uttered, having rejoined the party after dropping Coco at her desired location and scouting the island. There seems to be minor bodies on the island, ten at my count, it would seem they believe the naval fleet would be unbeatable." "Perfect, Scout the other islands, if the numbers are the same return and take Sheena and Nianto to the others, Kelly, I assume you can handle a single island alone, break through as many as you can, if they have more rockets like this one then we can't afford to hit each island solo" The rear admiral uttered.

The island was small, her haki active she knew full well the dangers, though Cerulean was not someone who would back down. Coco's aura was detected a fair distance from the aura's of her enemies. The Rear Admiral moved through the island, not one to bother with keeping her presence unknown, the amount of enemies upon the island would not halt her. Her feet moved with surprising speed while her hands rested upon the hilt of both blades, ready to draw them at a moments notice. As she charged forth, the Rear admiral would vanish from sight, her blinding speed allowing those of a lesser capability to be completely blindsided by her presence. The downside of course was the tunnel vision, now her Haki kind of gave her an edge but the ground itself would prove to be her undoing, as she charged from the undergrowth, her foot caught upon a vine that had gently attempted to reach for the sun, only to snag her foot and cause the generally non-clumsy Rear Admiral to be sent flying face first across the dirt and skidding in to view of her enemies, naturally seeing such a sight they would look dumbfounded. The ones to regain their composure where the pirates, one of them recognising the attire the face planted marine was currently dawning. "ITS THE CRIMSON QUEEN, SHOOT HER BEFORE SHE GETS UP" one of them shouted. One did attempt to do so, pulling her flintlock from her holster and aiming it at the Rear Admiral whom now attempted to pull herself up.

The sound of a gun echoed, though it was one from a distance. The flintlock remained unshot, no smoke flew to join the air. The woman holding it looked dumbfounded, standing stationary as the blood trickled from her forehead. Eyes in shock as if her mind had had a split second to realise she could no longer stand, that in fact she was dead. The bullet hole in the centre of the woman's forehead. Cerulean had now returned to her feet, though mud and dirt caked her front, grass within her open maw. Spitting it out she grinned, her face somewhat red due to the embarassement from the fall while the rest reddened due to the sliding upon it. Her hands upon her blade, she would look to the remaining nine pirates whom also looked to her.


A computerised voice echoed from the large propulsion system that the unique disintegrating rockets came from, "HAHAH TOO LATE QUEEN, OUR SYSTEM WILL FIRE ONCE MOO AAHAAAAAAHAHAHA" the pirates voice was cut off, a wave of her blade had brought forth flames as bright as the sun itself, or so it seemed. Brilliant flames that with a single wave of her blade had burst forth igniting not only the speaking pirate and roughly four of his buddies, but had sliced through the mechanism that had spoken. "YOU IDIOT, THE EXPLOSION WILL KILL US ALL" one of the pirates screamed as he tried to run, yet true to his word the eruption of the machine was imminent. The Crimson Queen would surely perish in the explosion. It came, the island shook from its ferocity. Her blades were raised though, the eruption still echoed in her ear as the blades cut through the explosion with utter ease, her arms moving. She had no issue with the heat, nor the fire from the explosion, the force of the explosion dissipating as the blades shot forth until nothing but charred bodies of her foes, charred bits of metal and burnt land remained.

Coco would soon join her, the young looking child grinning as she held her sniper rifle. "Can you set up near here and begin helping weed out the pirates from the ships, the others have gone to clear off the other islands so after this all we will have is the naval fleet to worry about." Cerulean ordered. "WOOOHOOO, DID YOU SEE THE WAY HER FACE CHANGED, SHE WAS ALL LIKE IMA SHOOT THE CRIMSON QUEEN AND THEN BBBBBAAAAMM SHE WAS LIKE OH NO IM DEAD HAHAHAHA" shouted Coco, somehow getting the BAM even louder than she was previously already talking. Yet as she shouted she took up position and in mere seconds began unloading rounds towards the ships, not even her Haki spread far enough to detect if she hit anyone, but the running commentary from Coco made her assume so. Coco was a strange one. Looking up she would see the angel once more return to her. "Job complete ma'am, from my recon, all islands have been taken down, it would seem Vice Admiral has engaged Davy Jones on Island Alpha, the battle field looks terrible yet they seem to be on even terms. From my deduction only those two are upon the island." The angel said in his formal tone. "Perfect!" exclaimed Rear Admiral Cerulean. "Now, the others, inform each of them to get to the boats, our ships need protecting, Coco will remain here and pick off enemies, You can drop me off at the nearest enemy ship, return here and take Kelly to another, leave us there and get back here, while Coco's shooting i need someone to defend her just in case" Cerulean uttered, Coco was oblivious to the plans they had just laid out, still whooping and shooting enemies.


She felt the wind soar through her as the angel let go. Her feet connecting with one of the enemy's gunners upon the crows nest, pushing him from his position over the nest, screaming as he fell to the deck head first. Landing perfectly the young woman would jump from the nest, and land upon the ground, bending her knees to absorb the impact, a quick spin would allow her to draw her blades as she was surrounded. The usual jaunts and cheers. The sole marine on board a ship with what was estimated to about a hundred pirates. "Sorry boys, but I don't think there's enough of you here to take me down" She said, placing a fake voice on filled with sadness. Of course this brought a laugh, she was a bit of a small girl anyway and now here she was surrounded by pirates. Naturally her statement was met with incredibly cocky and confident gloats and threats about how they where going to abuse her and use her. One asked the question she actually hoped for. "What can you do all alone", This brought a grin to her face. "Who said I came alone" she uttered. Then the one whom asked the question fell to the ground, a clear bullet hole in the back of his head. This surprised Cerulean for a second, Coco wasn't within her haki range, and though the timing was somewhat perfect, she wasn't exactly what Cerulean had met by not being alone.

Of course the death of their fellow pirate brought the anger from the mangy lot to boiling point and the angry screeches soon filled the boat. Cerulean would quickly through Mini above thier heads with as much force as she could, the point landing perfectly upon the ship as the pirates had been careful to avoid her. They laughed. Why wouldnt they, she threw one of her weapons away leaving her less able to defend herself. Yet both hands now held Gem. Her seastone enhanced blade. "You fucked up girl, your supposed to be a Rear Admiral aint ya, you that cocky ya throwing away a blade" "Oh come now, I didn't throw her away, i just gave her space to breath" Cerulean said. A smile so evil, so devilish crept upon her face as her eyes looked to the sword which shuddered. Its form changed quickly, enlarging to its natural size. Its appearance a silvery hue, yet it also towered over the pirates. She was in between groups, so as she grew she pushed them aside, her blade like limbs slicing in to them, her tail flowing with its devilish edges carving foes up whom where in its way. Her blade had eaten a devil fruit, more importantly an ancient zoan type fruit in which allowed her blade to become a T-rex. Her ability to manipulate her sword and animal body as one allowed her to be a dangerous force especially on board ships and an even greater threat against those. She roared alerting everyone to her, the scaly steel skin shimmering in the light of the sun. Her large tail thrashing as he maw snapped up the nearest pirate. Blood spluttered from the wounds yet Mini continued to devour. She was not a delicate nor clean eater. In the confusion and surprise, the Crimson queen decided to bring some mayhem of her own. Her blade raised she soon darted in to the crowd of pirates and began to hack and slash away, it was obvious that those outside at this point in time where something of the amateurs. They could not match her speed, nor her skill with a flame less blade. Need not worry about releasing her fiery power.

At this point in time she oozed her epitaph,  the crimson queen, stated for the colour of her fire in reality, the orange and red hue of her flames giving her a crimson glow, but many of her enemies believed it to be that in battles like this, her entire body was stained with blood. That could be said to be true at this point. Her blade dripped with blood, body parts were being sliced from their hosts, spluttering blood all over her, the blond hair upon her head a scarlet colour, her clothing absorbing the red liquid. The screams of the boat would be hard to miss, for they were louder than even the cannon fire. How many had her and mini dispatched together, thirty, forty? It was about that number that her blade was finally halted, so far none of the enemies had yet to manage to do so, yet one did. His hand black as night,. the power of Busoshuko haki. "MINI BACK UP" Cerulean shouted as she pulled her blade from the hand of the man. The T-rex would do as commanded, putting herself away from her owner while at the same time keeping a fierce look at all the foes whom were in front of her, they held their weapons yet they were terrified, of course a steel monster like Mini now also dowsed in her dinner. Yet the T-rex stayed still while the remaining foes once again surrounded Cerulean. Ceruleans eyes were upon the haki user's. Her haki allowing her to keep track of the ships movements. She had spent too much time here, Sure the marine boats where helping keep the other pirates at bay but they had the numbers and she needed to put these boats out of commission. She had been overtaken by her joy of battle on this mission, something she rarely allowed to happen. "The Crimson Queen, it's never looked so appropriate. Sorry babe, but that look dun fly with me, yer wearing the blood of my men and that means yer gonna have tae get a spanking" The man said in some strange accent. "Ugh.......hold up, you wanna spank me.......because im wearing the blood of your men.......ew" Cerulean said with a shudder, though her smile had yet to falter. "Mini, i think its time to end this, lets bring the fire" Cerulean said. Though she would continue to fight, her blade carving through men after men until she and the buso user began to battle. She would dive, move underneath his attacks all the while slaying more and more enemies. "Your t-rex wont help ya now" "She's more of a dragon" Cerulean countered as the brilliant flames spewed from her mouth, an unsuspecting trick. Yet the man would cover his entirety in haki. "Then you'll burn too" he said laughing, grasping her wrist as the flames enveloped what was rest of his crew whom would scream like before. The flames enveloped the haki user the heat beginning to bother him yet his armour protected him. "NOW YOU DIE CRIMSON QUEEN" He shouted as the flames enveloped Cerulean who let out a blood curling scream.


The scream had turned from that of a fear and pain to laughter as the flames fully enveloped the ship, Cerulean's free hand moved pulling herself free from the grip of buso users grip, even now the intense flames licked at the duo, the buso user was ofcourse feeling the heat yet not even Cerulean's hair began to frizzle. She spoke as if the flames were not there at all. as if they did not try to come through her. How was she immune to the fire? Immunity to her own flames, the flames that had been expelled from the dial belonged to herself. Now her blade moved, striking it upon the metal clip to hold the sails down creating sparks. Now, you'll feel true heat" she uttered as she shot the sparks forth. "YOU CANT PENE" yet another warrior cut off with shock. The sparks burst through the black armour, through his entire body burning him up with the intense heat. He screamed like a child. A smile upon Ceruleans face. She was enjoying this more than she ever did. She was never usually one for such destruction....but since Jaya something had changed. Since dispatching the snow boy she felt as though this may be one of the only ways to get through to pirates. She still held her beliefs that Civilians shouldnt be harmed....but pirates....those who kill, pillage and rape like many of these scum had should be burned. Who else deserved treatment like this, those who took innocent life because they felt it....the way she felt....she wanted to see the scum of the high life also burn. The nobles....

Back to her senses as the body hit the floor, the large shape burst through the fire, a head now scaley touched upon her chest, the giant t-rex nudging her gently before returning to her sword form. Mini returning to her hilt. Cerulean would look around as flames licked at the boat. This ship would be sunk especially when the barrels of gun powder ignited. With grace and poise the Crimson Queen, now covered in flaky dried blood would jump from the ship, diving through the air and breaking in to the icy cold water. The chill almost took her breath away but she held strong as she began to swim with all her might. Something wasn't right though, things moved towards her. HOW COULD SHE HAVE BEEN SO FOOLISH. Her aura sensory kicked in having been so focused on embarrassing the buso user she had lost her focus. She should have been smart enough to know that the pirate side with its vast numbers probably had fishmen on their side. Before she could react an invisable force struck in to her, pushing her through the water, another struck her back, then another. She was like a pinball, being pushed back forth, to the sides over and over. Her body aching, she was losing breath and all she could hear was voices laughing within the murky water. Anger coursed through her as she held on to her blade. Another force came for her, yet with all her might she sliced in to it. Smoke began to flow from her sword as an eery green glow flickered around the sword before igniting. She wasted no time in allowing her fire to burst forth enveloping the creatures. Of course fire did not have effect in the water, how were they to know that the end of their lives would begin with their flesh burning off under water. The green fire raging forth around the Crimson Queen. Her own blood mixing with the water. Pain shooting through her body from the playful assaults of the fishman. Then an aura she recalled, Nianto was coming, he would escort her to the next enemy ship, though she would not climb up, the wooden bottom would be her target and her blade would ignite the ship, the green flames undeterred by the water. Rippling up the wood as if it were hundreds of little snakes attempting to devour prey. People jumped over board. The marine ships would fire cannons and even in mid air shots from Coco would take out fleeing pirates.

Nianto using the water would lift Cerulean in to the air to the next ship, "This isn't working, theres too many.", It would seem the marine ships were down to their final three while the pirates still held a whopping ten ships. Yes all their forces where on them, but the fact that ten of them remained had sever issues. Thankfully her crew had joined her, fishmen were working and in one fell swoop a tidal wave took out four of the smaller ships. "YEAH GO GUYS" she shouted accidentally alerting the pirates on board this ship to her location. "Mini, this ones all yours" she said once more throwing Mini in to the enemy. Though this time she managed to impale one of the soliders. Cannonballs came towards her ship imbedding in to their hull. "Roar for me when ya need rescued Mini" shouted Cerulean as she shot through the air with the use of her jet dial, her free hand outstretched, her faith in the team she had been given winning out as the hand of the angel grasped hers, pushing her forward. As she landed another two ships concave downwards as Kelly and her powerful moves crushed them. So Kelly was just crushing the ships instead of the enemys, Probably a good idea, halting the ships, causing damage to the point there was no way they could do anything. With a swing of her blade, blood would fly from bodies but her intention was to strike down the mast. Her swordsman capability granting her the power to slice through things with utter ease including half of the ship she was on......and the one next to it. As if the ship knew it was a target one of the pirate ships released a volley of cannonballs towards its ally ship. Cannonballs now flew towards Cerulean. Her blade moved beautifully as the gust of wind surrounded her pulling the cannonballs upwards and over allowing them to collide with another ally ship.

Time passed, pirate bodies, burned ships........marine bodies littered the ocean. Nianto had perished.....The 6 man cell held a small bout of silence as they stood upon the sole remaining marine ship to have survived. Two thousand pirates, two thousand pirates had perished while 900 marines had lost their lives in this bout. "Angel, take me to the Vice Admiral, this day has went on long enough" Cerulean uttered. This was why she did not wish to come....the mass loss of marine life was difficult. They needed to make sure Davy Jones was put down though. Soaring through the air, they saw the duo fighting. Both looked exhausted and the island they where on was completely destroyed. Yet it was her haki aura that detected it. A lone pirate with a sniper rifle beginning to take aim. "DROP ME" she shouted to Angel who shockingly complied. With the use of the jet dial to enhance her speed through the air she shot through the sky. Mini in her hands would again for the third time today be thrown though this time her transformation happened in mid air, and at the end her powerful jaws would snap around the sniper and devour him before catching the rear admiral in her full form. As she looked Vice Admiral Marina's blade made way, penetrating the neck of Davy Jones. The woman was tough, like Cerulean littered in wounds from todays battle, but today it would seem that it was indeed the marines whom had come out victorious......though with the numbers they also lost today, could that be seen as a victory. Then from no where, with her haki having depleted after its constant use. The sound of a gun echoed through the island. Pain shot through the abdomen of Rear Admiral Faith. She saw Marina react, her own gun shooting the assailant. A pirate, scorched the high heavens fell to the ground, as did Cerulean whom fell to her knees. Blood flowing between her fingers. "Ugh, really, when its all over, i get shot. This sucks" she said though her vision began to falter and soon darkness took her.



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