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1 {1 - 6} Catalyst of War on Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:53 am

Task Name: Rokuju Vinsmoke, the Catalyst of War
Tier: 1
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: An invading force has landed on the shores of Sandy Island, with intentions to march on Alabasta in two days time. Go meet them and provide them with the information and gear that they desire.
Enemy Details: -
Boss: No

Items: Central System, 2 x Energy Pistol (2 upgrades), EDI

Sandy Island’s eastern port. Definitely an amazing sight to behold, One of the great ports of the world, all large ships that landed here would go through this port. Huge containers loaded on and off, which are then broken into and the contents distributed to all of the different regions on this summer island. Ro hadn’t had an excuse to come out here recently, and she was sad about that. She had always admired operations and logistics on the international scale, there was something that just made her shiver about the industrial size of business. Maybe it was because she was also a tradesman, she could appreciate the amount of work and achievement that lead up to this point.

But today, the port was looking a little different. Yes, the smell of ash and gunpowder filled her nose long before she had arrived. I guess that means that her visitors had indeed arrived. Making it to the top of the last dune she cast her eyes down on the scene below. A small fleet of foreign ships were docked in the harbour, with a dozen other wrecked Alabastian vessels in the waters behind them. Smoke billowed from the defensive structures on the water’s edge. The surrounding area had cannon ball filled craters and chunks stone missing. Far below she could hear shouts and moans, but other than that, it was surprisingly quiet. It seemed last night’s battle had ended and this here today was the aftermath. Hamilton’s superior fleet had won the sea battle, as was to be expected, and were now beginning to unload onto land. Phew, she had missed the fighting, she was glad to see that she wouldn’t be caught up in all that drama. Now all she had to do was find the man in charge and meet him. She strode down the dunes towards them with her hands in front of her, clearly showing that she meant no harm.

A few soldiers noticed her and ran up to meet her, holding Ro at gunpoint. There she exchanged a few words, asking them to send a message to the man known as General Danon. They were shocked to hear this coming from some random desert wandering lady as well as a bit skeptical. Rokuju said she would wait here while they were delivering the message and that he would be expecting her. They agreed and lead her down to the wharf where she may wait for them.


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2 Re: {1 - 6} Catalyst of War on Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:56 am

She walked past a few soldiers who had been unloaded first, their injuries looked quite severe. With munted limbs and mutilated faces, they would not be able to recover from those serious injuries, they will debilitated for the rest of their lives. Supplies had begun to be unloaded, she could see rifles and swords alongside vegetables and water reserves. Ro felt a little tingling in her stomach, taking a moment to realise that she was actually becoming excited. It had been a long time since she had seen a war.

All in all it was an impressive first battle but would they really be able to assault the capital with this sized army? It wasn’t exactly the size she was expecting from Hamilton. She was distracted from her thought when she heard a voice next to her. “Ahh so this is the woman that I have heard so much about!” Ro turned to see a man in his late twenties stood before her. While not tall, he was in very good physical condition. His facial features were worn but two light blue eyes poked from the back of his head. Ro felt as though these eyes could pierce through her with their icy stare. Probably the most recognisable thing about him though was his uniform, which had stripes of purple and red on his shoulders. This made him stand out from the rest of the soldiers who lacked these decorations. This man was clearly the General Danon that she had set out to meet.

Ro bowed and then addressed the general. “It is a pleasure to finally meet you general. My name is Elena Veil and as you know, I have come to assist you and Hamilton with your endeavors here on Sandy Island.
“I’m glad to hear that, before we begin, let us retire to somewhere out of the sun. No matter how many times I come back here I never seem to get used to the heat.” His smile was thin as he ushered her back to a large tent in the middle of the port. There they entered the cool shade and she was met with a large map of Sandy Island, with little figures placed on them in various formations. So this looked like the briefing area that officers would come to to have the plan of attack explained to them. But at the moment it was just the pair. It was a good thing that everyone here knew her as Elena Veil and not Rokuju Vinsmoke otherwise she doubted she would be allowed a personal conference with such an important man.


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3 Re: {1 - 6} Catalyst of War on Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:56 am

From there, the pair exchanged a few more pleasantries and then got to work. Ro provided a password that she had been told to give to assure that she was who she claimed to be. Ro would point out several of her bunkers littered throughout the island. These bunkers had been stocked up with her supplies and tech, all of which would be given to the Hamilton force so that they may take advantage of them. As well as weapons, she had made a heap of ear buds that could be given to officers. These would serve as an effective way for squads to communicate with each other so that full army cohesion will be achievable. Danon looked fairly impressed when he was shown an example weapon Ro had brought out from her backpack, he poured over the detail and made comments here and there. But when she brought out the buds and explained how they worked, his eyebrows raised and he exclaimed. This was a man that recognised the value of a cohesive force and a clean communication channel. Ro couldn’t help but grin. Her pride was massaged when she found someone who acknowledged her craft.

Ro and Danon discussed the Hamilton’s plans for the invasion. Apparently, this was only the forward force, put together only to smash through the naval defences and set up an access point by land. The main force would be arriving tonight. This made sense to Ro, as the majority of their forces would still have to be land based because the city of Alabasta was landlocked, and have a sizeable military to boot. Apparently, Danon was the head strategist and in charge of pulling the strings, this was an interesting point and the job seemed to fit him well. He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. Joedat was the name of the man who would lead the Hamilton force into battle, Danon even going as far as to describe him as ‘fearsome’.

Ro would take note of all of the details that she had been provided. Paths, procedures, supply lines, formations, tactics. Ro would never discard knowledge given so freely. She of all people knew how powerful, or dangerous, such details could be in the right hands. And she intended to be those right hands. Thankfully, she was just little Elena Veil, modest woman under the thumb of the traitors Yanus and Uron. Or that is what Danon thought. Wrapping up the meeting, Ro thanked him for his time, mentioning that her masters would be pleased that things were going according to plan. She had promised to keep in touch and updated as things proceeded. Ro left the port, on her merry way back to the capital, pleased at how recent events were evolving.

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4 Re: {1 - 6} Catalyst of War on Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:30 pm

Post 1: Okay, good set up. Didn't like the summary of the convo again,but I could picture the battlefield well.

Post 2:Good good, seeing the side of one piece that isn't all super powers. Like the after math of a ww2 movie.

Post 3: Very well executed

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