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1 {1 - 5} Snakes of a Feather, Slither Together on Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:34 pm

Task Name: Snakes of a Feather, Slither Together
Tier: 1
Location: Alabasta
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: You are approached by two mysterious men in a position of power within the Alabasta court. He is bent on removing the king from power. They seem like useful allies for now.
Enemy Details: -
Boss: No

Items: Central System, 2 x Energy Pistols (2 upgrades), EDI

Ro’s gun still held at point blank range at the palace guard. It wasn’t like she hadn’t just murdered a team of his coworkers, but if someone had turned up here looking for her, it was likely that they knew about that anyway. Her eyes twitched over and behind the man to peer at the owner of the voice. Why the hell was he here? And if he was here, why hadn’t she been arrested yet? He had asked to come in. Should she make a run for it? She quickly decided that she didn’t need to run just yet, she should see what this all was about first. After all, if there was some vital piece of information that she is missing then it would be in her best interests to find out. Of course, she could always run away at any time she wanted too. Ro dropped her pistol and stood to the side, ushering them in with a flick of her arm. It was the king’s advisor and the king’s own cousin, as well as a pair of guards. What the hell were they doing here of all places. It was clear that they were from the inner palace, their creamy skin never having to bare the sun for long and their eyes filled with disdain for everything around them. Their expensive silk shoes scuffed across the grubby floor and came to a halt just before the garbage pile. “Ugg, gross!” The king’s cousin muttered before they both turned to Rokuju.

“My name is Yanus and this here is Uron, as you well know, I am chief advisor for the king and this man here is his cousin. Now I am sure that you are going crazy trying to work out why we are here ahahaha.” He let out an obviously ingenuine laugh. This exchange was already getting on the young woman’s nerves. She did not like being in the dark. “We have both come to bare witness to your talents when it comes to setting up a battle. Your war technologies are like things from the distant future, we have never seen anything like it! The king may not appreciate your efforts, but we certainly do.” The advisor’s penetrating stare felt cold. Contrastingly, Uron was unfocused, shuffling on the spot, apparently uncomfortable with his surroundings.
“Get to the point.” Ro muttered under her breath.


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“Well you see, we want to elicit your help. You see, the conflict with Hamilton happens to be of our manufacture. And as it happens, Uron here has a certain lust for the crown.” Her eyes widened as she processed this new development. If this was true, then well, the whole game had changed. Was it true though? They did not have any motive to lie at least, and they could trust her with the knowledge because she didn’t have any place to give it.
“How so? How is it your doing?” Ro questioned. The advisor looked a little miffed, unused to being interrupted by commoners.
“We will spare you the details, but just know that the men who lead Hamilton are allies of ours. They want our plans to succeed just as much as we do.” This plan, it must have been years in the making. Ro looked at the two men before her in a different light. They weren’t men, no.. They were snakes. Their beady eyes hiding vicious fangs.

“I see.. So why should I help you?” Ro could see the implications of the situations clearly, but she did not like being forced down one particular path.
“Of course, if we should be able to seize power, there would be great reward for those who aid us. No doubt a commoner like yourself will enjoy the luxuries of palace life!” Yanus spoke as though this was the gift from the heavens and that she should be gracious that he was even offering such a thing to someone like her. Little did he know that she herself had royal blood in her veins, and had at one point in time, was part of a family that had access to wealth and power beyond anything Alabasta was capable of. “Although, we could just have you thrown executed instead for your crimes.” There was a twinkle in his eye, like he enjoyed the chess match. This was definitely getting dangerous, but it was also interesting to learn that there was another power that opposed the king. Ro stood there and considered her options. Yes, she could make this work, she decided.

Ro nodded slowly and crossed her arms. “So, what will you have me do?”
“Excellent! I am glad to see you are on board, I am sure we will make an incredible team-” He was off again, this man’s gob kept running away with the conversation.
“Cut the crap, just tell me what the job is.” Ro interjected.


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“Very well then. I would like you to meet with Hamilton when they land on Sandy Island. There you will deliver all the information that I give you. You will work as our intermediary as well as supplying them with whatever they require. I assume that you already have all of the necessary channels set up to deal with their demand? You will be provided with whatever else you need.” He rattled off the main points of the job while Ro listened intently. So Hamilton already planned on landing on Sandy Island. That was probably why the king was so anxious this morning. Yes, she could see how this would go ahead, two forces who despised each other, it was just her job to guide them together. But now, she would have someone watching her. She wasn’t the only one with a finger in this pie.

“I’ll do it.” she nodded in affirmation. Yanus and Uron smiled at each other.
“I told you she would do it.”
“You were right as always, Yanus.” The king’s cousin seemed to be glad that they had gained another pawn. Ro looked at the pair. It was a strange relationship that brought traitors together. They could seemingly trust each other because their goals required cooperation. She knew that things would not stay that way, as soon as things started going pear shaped or someone had outlived their usefulness, they would soon be thrown under the bus. Ro would have to tread carefully with these two to make sure that she wasn’t one of those casualties.

“You have about a week to prepare, we will contact you closer to the time with further details. Don’t screw this up, you hear?” Yanus took an intimidating step towards the young woman. “Don’t think you can screw us over or jump ship now, because there will be dire consequences.” The threat was ominous enough, though it more or less rolled of Ro’s hide. “I believe our business here is done, Uron. Shall we take our leave?” His tone changed back into it’s cheery assertiveness.
“Yes, let’s leave before this wretched smell clings to me. Good luck, Elena Veil.” The pair left, their guards eyeballing her one last time before following her out the door.

Ro was left there in her dark room, contemplating the future. “EDI, pull records for me. I want all the info you can find on Yanus and Uron, as well as the current situation of Hamilton and their leaders. Everything you can find, I want it. We have a few sleepless nights ahead of us. Let’s get to work.”

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Post 1: You shoot their gaurd, there's no reaction. You decide to hear them out, then get annoyed at the slightest of utterances. There wasn't a build up as to why anyone would be upset, considering you were the trigger happy one in this instance.

Post 2: Spare you the details...Guess that's sleezy. Wish the story was told to make it their claims legit.

Post 3:Where is EDI Supposed to draw this info from? Was an okay post, showed a little bit of what makes the nobles bad people. They don't have to be subtle or anything,but it was the first time they actually seemed tangibly untrustworthy

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