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1 Mobilise! - Mobuis Swan's Mission Statement on Wed Nov 30, 2016 3:07 pm

Task Name: Mobilise - Mobuis Swan's Mission Statement
Tier: 3
Location: Alabasta
Crew, Team, or Personal:Crew
The Songbird's arrive in Alabasta but their arrival isn't exactly a secret. Junbei's name has travelled across the seas and he's now a force the world has his eyes on. Marine Commodore Mobuis requests additional forces to intercept the pirates who've docked near Katorea, due to reports. After stalking the crew over the last fews days, Junbei and the gang are surrounded. Mobuis' mission statement is simple, 'Purify Alabasta of Pirate Activity' they already have enough trouble with the current Revolutionary taking charge on their turf.
Enemy Details:
200 T0 Grunts
100 T1 Marines (T2 in all specs.) (Half Marksmen, Half Swordsmen)
3 T2 Commanders (T3 in speed and strength.)
1 T3 Commodore
Boss: Yes
Boss - Commodore Mobuis Swan:

Boss Name: Commodore Mobuis Swan
Tier: 3

Mobuis is a proud man. His pride reflects in the fact that he now forever wears a mask after being scarred by a pirate who he personally after five years of chasing, has placed in Impel Down. He's given his life and time to Alabasta to ensure that what happened in his childhood, which was the murdering of his family, never happens to another citizen under the World Government's protection. He doesn't believe in the ideal of piracy and eliminates all targets regardless of their aggression levels because all pirates are scum. He absolutely abhors the fact that Alabasta is current under the control of a Revolutionary and is plotting to remove the man from power. Though, due to his affiliations with the Government, he's unable to interfere with civil issues. The man stand's at 7'1 and is around 180lbs in size, muscular in build.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: B Rank Busoshoku Haki
Equipment: T4 - 17inch Halberd
Strength: 4-7
Durability: 3-7
Speed: 3-7
Perception: 4-7


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