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15[Event] Treasure island? - Page 2 Empty Re: [Event] Treasure island? on Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:22 pm



Auburn Songbird
As the ocean air blew over the stolen vessel, the cloud's blocked the sun's beating radiance on the two treasure thieves laying on the ship's deck. Well, specifically Elena was laying, Junbei was sitting up, pressed against the deck cabin's wall. "There once was a monk. He loved God more than anyone else." Junbei narrated, as he watched Elena, sweat profusely. "He went on a journey and traded his love for God for a women who showed him true love. With the woman, he had four children. The Earth, The Sun, The Moon and The Sky." Junbei continued on narrating. "The story continues... much like life does. We're all children of the Sky, Elena. Our being's aren't as finite as the planet siblings we have in this journey of ours. It's infinite." Junbei concluded. The woman's body began to seize slightly, her breathing becoming more and more erratic. Her movements reminded him of his own, during his nights on Base #45. Sliding slightly towards the woman, Junbei placed Elena's head in his lap. Humming slightly, he began to pat his hand against the woman's head. It was a role reversal for him, usually it was Isabella who'd comfort him in his youth, mimicking her every action, Junbei began to hum a comforting melody. In her sleep, the woman exclaimed several names which made no sense to him. 'Rokuju', 'Shichiji' and 'Goji' to name a few.

Walking over to the man's knelt position, Charlotte rested her hand on his shoulder. "Captain... I found the map paper." Charlotte informed. "Also, we're on track. We should be approaching the Dutchman in a few minutes." Charlotte stated. "Alright. Have a seat, I'll whole the map open." Junbei said, signalling Charlotte sit to down next to him. "Will she be okay?" Charlotte asked, as she began to sketch the map. "It all depends on her. Cursed items can sometimes show people visions. My master once used to have a cursed blade. Until I broke it that is."Junbei said chuckling slightly. Charlotte wanted Junbei to reveal more about his past but now wasn't the time to be reminiscing. However, it now became a personal goal of hers to learn more. The woman's fingers move along the map paper, her hands firmly grasped on the pen and within moments, she'd finished the map. Finishing off the map, she recorded the co-ordinates place on the map's contents. "Got it." Charlotte said grinning.

Moments after, the ship pulled against the Flying Dutchman. "Captain. This ship is filled with treasure chests... Hehe..." Caprice said laughing creepily in joy. As Elena awoke, she mumbled utterances about the map and pirates, turning her head towards Junbei the woman exclaimed, for the first time what felt like a genuine gesture towards Junbei. Grinning back, Junbei shot opened his not so pearly whites, with immense definition showing in his face as to show, he too was glad to help. Falling to their feet, Hennessy, Jacob and Iley broke into tears. Bust and Hiro were dead. "I was so weak..." Jacob uttered with tears in his eyes. Iley and Hennessy tried their hardest to stay strong for their captain, but it wasn't too long until they to started to cry. Gently resting Elena's head onto the deck of the ship, Junbei rose, walking over to the trio, wrapping his hands around them with tears too in his eyes. "How did they die?" Junbei asked with tortured eyes. "They fell into the sea during the scuffles... I should've done-" Iley exclaimed, only to be stopped by the ruffling of his head by his Captain. "I'm sorry. If I wasn't so busy going crazy... They'd probably still be with us." Junbei said saddened. "Captain it's not your-" Jacob shouted only to be quelled by Junbei's smile. "Hiro and Bust's dreams will live with us forever." Junbei said, retaining to an upright stance. "Where to next then, Captain?" Iley said wiping his tears. "Who knows? Any ideas, Elena? I think we have a treasure to hunt." Junbei said grinning.



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16[Event] Treasure island? - Page 2 Empty Re: [Event] Treasure island? on Sun Dec 11, 2016 6:34 pm

[Event] Treasure island? - Page 2 17UMk5T

One long inhale of the salty air. At the present time, she was content. Worrying about the future or stressing about her situation could always come later, but at this point, she was carefree. Like a weight had been lifted that she hadn’t even known was there. The sea breeze felt good. Looking around, surrounded by faces with an array of emotions. Some happy and laughing because of their victory and gain, some mourning and tearing up for their lost brethren.
So this is the human experience… Is it?
Having lived a detached life for so long, something about this intrigued her. Ro’s initial plan was to leave before this point, but after all that had happened, maybe she should stick around. Just for a little bit longer. But she also knew that Junbei did not owe her a thing, especially since he had saved her from the sinking ship, which would have surely been a death sentence, given her devil fruit. She had tricked them intentionally for her own gain, and yet, there was not any bitterness when the Songbird addressed her. After all the trouble she had caused, she should definitely leave them to it, to go after the treasure like any good pirate should. But despite all that, she was curious, she wanted to see for herself what adventure this map had in store for those that followed it. She also wanted to know more about this lifestyle, that had so little in common with her own. Ro responded to Junbei with a cheeky smile. “Let me get another look at that map.”

Before she could, a buzzing appeared overhead. Looking up, she realised it was the drone that she had called in. She had totally forgot about it, during all of the excitement. It was a little machine that hovered and flew thanks to four spinning blades attached to an x on the drone’s back. The specially shaped blades created lift when spun by the small electric motor. What it was holding was a little crate that it soon dropped on the deck of the ship. It was the Blitz Sticks that Junbei had ordered from the underground Germa company. She had managed to set the drone to find her while they were travelling through the desert hours earlier. “Oh, what’s this?” She would exclaim in half amusement, still not ready to reveal her true identity. She couldn’t, after all, it would put all of her current plans in jeopardy. Maybe another time, circumstances would be different.

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17[Event] Treasure island? - Page 2 Empty Re: [Event] Treasure island? on Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:58 am

Rokujo, The strengths you had were laying out the big things and your character development. There were a few moments during the dream sequence that were a bit odd to me in that I mistaken your waking up to actually speaking your brother I think. There were a few technology parts, like when you described a cloud firing at what? yea that was weird and I didn't understand what you were shooting at or what you were shooting. This was around the time that you took flight after laz did.

But the dream sequence, really well done. Uncovering development about how Ro feels about herself, namely this darkness she has. Which is ironic considering your fruit lol. The first time you destroyed the ship and disguised yourself was really cool. The careful planning and going through documents really show me what a careful and tactical person she is.

Laz, I'm gonna be honest when I say the flashback sequence was rather odd. I assume his wounds were brought on because he was over using his powers,but it seemed like I missed something I guess. There were also a lot of people talking and it became a little hard to keep track of at times. Definitely you're better at the micro stuff but when it comes to the big picture I had to work a little bit to get the relative position of charlotte and the caprice. This was mostly towards the end though, when things were getting hectic.

You're a freaking knight in shining armor lol. Also I loved how junbei's like, Oh she be a lying trick? Makes it interesting.


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Laz gets 35 million. 17.5 x 2
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18[Event] Treasure island? - Page 2 Empty Re: [Event] Treasure island? on Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:17 am



It was a pretty weird post but just to clarify!

Exert wrote:

However, it was the Curse of Gravitas that truly caught Junbei off guard, four of those strikes were detrimental. In making it to the navigation room, the floor collapsed from Junbei's immense weight, sinking himself and the treasure chest, one level below the current vessel."What in the world..." Junbei queried.

Lazarus King wrote:
Auburn Songbird
The man's undershirt was filled with sweat, his body scratched and tattered from the shards of the flooring that now plastered his body from the collapsing flooring. Junbei never in his life had every experience his body feeling so sluggish and battered. The additional weight, combined with the exhaustion from using his Sea Devil's abilities left the man in a state that could only leaving him wheezing."Fuck. Is this how I'm going to die?" Junbei thought panicking. Usually, Junbei had most things under control, he wasn't often afraid to die, but as the pool of his blood grew bigger from his abdomen, seeping into the second floor's wooden lining, he flashed back to the days when he was back in Base #45. It's the dingy smell of sanitising fluids and bleach, plastered across the floors to mask the scent of blood and secretions from scared fragile youth; whose bodies were used for nothing more but playthings of their master. The true warden of his former hell, appeared before him, looming over the man's body. "You thought you could escape me, huh, Mr.Echo?"the hallucination leaned over whispering into his ear. His blonde wavy hair, piercing emerald eyes and almost default smile created all the features of his tormentor. "No. Your not real..." Junbei said, bringing to tremble releasing his clutch on his tonfa. As Gravitas fell from his hand, his body began to feel lighter but only gradually.

"Am I not really here... Probably not. But your afraid aren't you Junbei? That one day, your false sense of freedom will end. The marines will ship your body back to me... And I'll do all sorts of lovely things to it." the hallucination said licking his lips."It's okay Junbei." the silhouette shouted. "BAHAHAHA! Your safe with me lovie!" the ghost shouted, leaning over to Junbei, as his hand inched closer and closer to the man's mouth. At this point, Junbei was weakened from the blood lost, his breathing entered into a panting state and his body was frozen. Around him the bodies of the children he murdered, danced. There ring formation skipped circularly, almost in beckoning of his arrival to the other realm. "Ring Around the Devil..." the children sung. "Ashes... Ashes... He's coming down." the children playfully sung.

Meanwhile, the second ship was heading head first towards the vessel Junbei and Elena was aboard. Crashing the ship's keel into the hull of the flagship vessel, it sent a shockwave which spread through the flagship. From the crash, the lock on the box or treasure chest, which Junbei sought out had cracked. As the second vessel bumped into the ship, the chest cracked open, flinging it's contents onto Junbei's chest. The gold tonfa began to glow in the small crevice that was the food storage room, which Junbei had no clue of the slightest on where he was, currently being haunted by his own past and demons. The darkness made it's glow intensify, merging with the only shimmer of sunlight that oozed from the hole in the upper navigation room's contents.

It was if an angel had descended from heaven, the shine so bright that had Junbei opened his eyes at this point, he'd probably be blind from the loud pulsation of golden hue. The light sucked inward, towards and surrounding the wound on Junbei's abdomen. Closing the external wound shut, patching up his flesh second by second as the light absorbed inward. Junbei, who'd clutched his eyes tight from the fear and frustration of his hallucinations opened his eyes, to find his head nested into the lap of a beautiful woman, whose face was all too familiar to him. However, this too was a hallucination. His head was elevated from a piece of timber from the debris. However, this woman, was the love of his life. Her current whereabouts was farther above any clouds Skypeia could hoist, and even further than planets that orbited inside the various solar systems.

Explanation for Future Readers wrote:Right, the wounds Junbei got in the thread were from the shards of the flooring. He started to hallucinate, due to the shock of being injured and his exhaustion. However one could argue he is a Logia but since it caught him off guard, he wasn't able to enter his Logia state, hence the wooden object that pierced his stomach(Was trying to play-off that whole Logia's ain't invincible and surprise attacks can work). Since he was covered by the debris, combined by Gravitas curse, he was literally pinned to the ground, combined by his exhaustion, he literally couldn't move. As such, this was suppose to reveal in near death situations, he starts to see glimpses of his handler from Base #45 i.e. hallucinate. The healing sequence was due to Vitas's curse, which fell on the wound he healed shut. The light Vitas is so bright, it made him believe that his deceased friend, Isabella(Wormwell her experiment name was literally 'saving' him because Junbei has an active imagination and he didn't know of Vitas curse at the time. All of which are side-effects from his experiments, the hallucinations due to repressed trauma.  

For those who care lolol. I could've made the shard piercing a little more clearer, gave it much more definition than I did. I'm coolio with my grade just wanted to explain a little.

[Event] Treasure island? - Page 2 UIrxeeW
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19[Event] Treasure island? - Page 2 Empty Re: [Event] Treasure island? on Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:58 am



awarding both an additional 30.000.000 beli

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