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1 Dynamo Products Registry on Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:37 pm

Dynamo Products Registry

Name: Imbue Capsule
Description: Series of tiny gelatin capsules produced by Dynamo Laboratories. These petite capsules contain substances that increase the voltage of the electrons within the user's body in which would otherwise send an internal violent shock to normal humans, possibly resulting in death. (If PCs or NPCs consume the capsule then they will suffer a slight internal shock that they will only barely notice. Regular NPC grunts however die from the shock.)
Effects: Once consumed, this capsule grants Jacky an extra five EE points.
Servings: 3
Units per Slot: 3
Upgrade Points: 3 (Wish to have it up to 6 once I specialize)

Name: Revitalize Capsule
Description: Series of tiny gelatin capsules produced by Dynamo Laboratories. These petite capsules contain high doses of caffeine in which stimulates the user.
Effects: Once consumed, tis capsul
Range: (Mostly in regards to music and poisons)
Servings: (How many servings are made with one usage of the creation Skill? Mostly in regards to food, drugs, poisons, etc.)
Units per Slot: (How many of this item takes up a single slot.)
Upgrade Points: (Starts at 0 and goes up by one every time the Upgrade Skill is used.)

Voltage Vault
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