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1 [Flashback] The Truth Behind 'Von' Echo I on Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:42 am

'Without music, life would be a mistake.

"I don't remember much about my life before I arrived on Base #45. Honestly, I think those days were so horrid, my mind mentally blocked them. At times I'd have nightmares about my bare feet walking from coast to coast on an island, in search of life but all my eyes would be met with was sand and sea." Junbei recollected, his eyes jammed tightly aboard the Flying Dutchman, sleeping under the hue of the moonlit sky.

Tears steamed down the face of a younger auburn haired musician, sitting beachside, night after night as his body deteriorated from malnutrition. He was scrawny thing, no more than fifty pounds, if you poked him in his ribcage, his brittle bones would've probably collapsed. His sky blue eyes were mostly glazed, dreaming often of other places for his reality was much to cruel for him to handle. Three feet tall in height, his age only four more than his height and his nails, top to bottom dingy from the constant bitting his half rotten teeth had dug into. Shaking in the jungle, embowered beneath the flora for warmth, a futile request of mother nature, Junbei simply cried.

"In those times... I think I've shed all of my tears. So much so by the time I made it to that Hell... I had already lost my will to live."
Junbei recollected, as fresh tears would trickle down his face as he slept. "Then, one day a bunch of hunters came searching for game in the jungle and my half dead body was discovered. For moment, I thought I was saved." Junbei thought. For the first time in years, a smile stretched across my face but I was met with a few words from the hunters that to this day I would never forget. "Putrid little thing." the hunter announced.

"In retrospect, I probably was. Covered in my own urine and faeces. I hadn't showered in years, to be honest it was a miracle I was even alive." Junbei thought. "However these bounty hunters were also slavers in their free time and they knew the perfect place where they could sell someone like me once I was all cleaned up." Junbei thought. "They picked me up, wrapped me into a cloth or blanket of sorts, among them was a doctor, I can remember the pain expression on his face." Junbei concluded.


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2 Re: [Flashback] The Truth Behind 'Von' Echo I on Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:55 am

'Without music, life would be a mistake.

The explorers took the child, hooking Junbei's body up to a series of bags and parading his body with shots. The pain levels were immense, especially for a child and the primitive medical equipment they possessed. "I think it was around this time, I released I was a mute." Junbei stated. As the men would try to ask him a series of questions about his origins, he'd try to speak but no sound would come out. The food from the kitchen added insult to injury, after being starving from what seemed to be months on end. As the first bite into the lamb's mutton flushed through his mouth, it was like he was in heaven. A small bit of heaven it may be but as though the soup was a bit salty, the sides a bit spicy and the meat slightly overcooked, it didn't matter. As the boy scarfed down the food, several of his teeth fell onto the table, the child would pause, looking towards the hunters smiling.

He'd been mostly cleaned up now, fresh change of clothes, a long hot shower and albeit, the clothes were a tad bit baggy, the child's dingy auburn hair was no longer plastered with mud, ticks and plant residue. The men sat in a circle, their faces seemed quite, perplexed. "I can remember exactly what they said." Junbei thought. "What in the world are we gonna do with this kid?" one of the bounty hunters exclaimed. "We came to that island in search of a mark not some brat!?" the man shouted loudly. "Furthermore, a stupid mute!-" the man shouted as another man grabbed him by his collar, discarding him into the floor. "Like I said, I know a guy whose paying top dollar for orphans... It's not like we could've freaking killed our mark or let alone capture him. Look, he's paying 10,000,000 for kids with no records, basically orphans, that's 3 million a man." the man announced.

"I'm selling the kid. You guys can do whatever you want. Risk your life. I'm tired of this line of work, I can make much more selling this kid off."
the bounty hunter said grinning, snatching Junbei from the table. The child froze, almost like a mannequin in a display window, latching onto the last bit of meat on his plate. The angered bounty hunter picked up his Den Den Mushi, only to be met with two swords penetrating his back.


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3 Re: [Flashback] The Truth Behind 'Von' Echo I on Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:24 am

'Without music, life would be a mistake.

"The bounty hunter was a liar." Junbei thought recollecting the night. "He had no plans of selling me but the other two did. After nursing me back to health, I guess he had some kind of emotional connection to me. He was the doctor of the lot." Junbei concluded. "However, 'everyone whoever cared for me ends up dead eventually.' At least that's how I thought back then" Junbei's thought's wondered. As the man's blood filled the deck's cracks, the other two men placed a bag over Junbei's head. "I wasn't afraid at this stage. I couldn't be, the fact that I was still alive proved I meant something to them." Junbei thought. As the bag was lifted from his head several days later, the ropes which constrained his body was now removed, though, pointless as Junbei was completely submissive.

"When that blindfold came off and I saw that man's smiling face. I swore it was one of welcome, however, I would soon find out later that this would be the place... That'd forever break me mentally." Junbei stated. Walking off the deck of the ship, climbing down the stepcase towards the deck, the bounty hunters walked towards the marine guarded facility, knocking on the door, they were prompted to enter. "Great." a man wearing decorated marine uniform would step forward, he hand quite the blank look in his eyes and his blonde hair was shiny, as if he'd placed a thousand jars of gel into it. "We're did you guys stumble across this one?" the marine Captain said, inspecting the product, Junbei.

"We were bounty hunting on an island and stumbled across the kid, malnourished and trembling. We fed him somewhat, I know you've been looking for new prospects like himself with no record or whatever." one of the bounty hunters stated, picking his nose. "Indeed. I'll take him." the marine Captain said smiling towards Junbei as to which the child replied by grinning back with his missing tooth. "He can't speak by the way, he's a mute." the other bounty hunter declared. A smile shot from ear to ear on the man's face, "That's perfect. I have a few experiments I want to run on someone with his rare condition. From this day, you'll be known as Echo. Since I'll be using experiments from the Echo Project on you. Follow me." the Captain said smiling ending his hand to Junbei. "It was at this point, I knew for the first time what the Devil's hand feels like. It's actually quite warm." Junbei declared.


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4 Re: [Flashback] The Truth Behind 'Von' Echo I on Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:48 pm

Auburn Songbird

Screaming out in excruciating pain, Junbei's body began to convulse due to the large volume of electricity that was being pumped through his body. "Interesting..." the marine Captain announced, checking Junbei's vital's and heart rate. "No matter how much volts I go up by or how many times I electrocute you... You haven't been able to scream in agony once. Is it a physiological problem or maybe a brain defect..." the man said pondering to himself. "Have you ever read the story about the Goddess of Sound called Echo?" the man inquired smiling eerily. "She was alluring... Everything about her personality was truly riveting.  However, she'd often distract the other gods with her promiscuous nature... Is this really a story I should be tell kids..." the man stopped puzzling his moral ethics. "Oh well. Echo's beauty captivated Jupiter and his wife Juno became jealous of their lengthy interactions. Juno cursed the nymph. She was forced to echo the last sounds she heard for all eternity... Tragic isn't it?" the marine inquired checking Junbei's pupils. "In many ways your a lot like Echo... You're body is so intriguing... It's reaction to stimuli is so delayed and it's healing properties so privy, with a few modifications, I can turn you into the perfect super solider." the man said, resting his cheek against Junbei's. "However, alas. No one's ever survived project Echo... It's the project were we send all the duds like yourself." the man said, gently kissing Junbei on his cheek. "Now then!" the man exclaimed clapping his hands. "Experiment number two!" the man shouted, picking up a gigantic butcher knife, about thirteen inches in length off the operation room's table. It was dimly lit, at least from Junbei's perspective but the room's were sound proof and padded with a variety of noise cancelling materials. It was a small 10 x 10 room, equipped with a variety of sterile operating materials, desks, chest and drawers.  Passing out from the sight of the knife, Junbei woke up hours later, which his chest patched back together with precise stitching.

Groggy from the series of drugs and the large volumes of blood he had lost, Junbei couldn't actually move for the first few days. Several days later, Junbei was ushered into a recreational room, filled with various books, games and memory puzzle tools. However, his eyes were glued onto a machine, no a fixture much more alluring to him, even before he could name the monster that bellowed so loudly as a piano. Sitting on the chair behind the grand piano, a woman's hands elegantly danced against it's piano's keys. She was slightly older than Junbei, about fifteen years of age from the looks of her skin, free of ageing or unnecessary looseness in the skin. Her rosary plump lips almost glossed in the sunlight that peered through the glass ceiling room, as her body jotted around from side to side like a madman, moving to the rhythm of the composition she played. It got loud at times, at other times it was soft, sometimes the notes sounded angry but almost in a passive aggressive manner, she couldn't seem to mask in the scuttling notes. He'd never seen something more beautiful in his life, it was as if God had sent him an angel, as her wings fluttered outwards, flapping at every tangent of a changing progression. Her smile was as smooth as honey trickling from a worker bee's stinger into the queen's hive. Her crimson red eyes seemingly glowed from the angle he was watching from as she played. Suddenly, the notes were about to fade, not abruptly but gradually. It hurt almost a little more, or so Junbei figured, for the music to smoothly fade than to have an abrasive ending.  

Almost everything in his life ended abruptly. He found comfort in that reality. Never getting attached to humanly things such as joy, passion or pain. To be passionate about food for example brought about hunger, a mechanism he had abandoned, as an orphan couldn't fund it being a pauper. However, this poverty was a perverse joke passed down through his family's bloodline, so much so, the prude universe punished all of his lineage for it. Obviously, Junbei's to was no different, simple things such as attachment, to reiterate never resonated very long in his mind or soul. On this day, at this moment, he'd forsaken the creed that kept him sane. Even at the tender age of seven, the butterflies he felt in his stomach, the tears that welled in his eyes and the steady prickling in his heart from the ending piece, revealed a truth neither his mind nor heart was able to recognise in his purity. Standing up from the piano, the woman smiled, closing it's lid. Walking over to the handlers, who had escorted him into the room, who were also stunned by the woman, no the teenager's beauty and poise. "Wormwood! It's time for your treatment." the guard shouted. The woman looked towards the guards with a great sorrow in her eyes, they looked drained, as if she stayed up all night dreading this moment. It was the slowest, he'd come to recognise in retrospect, she'd ever walked in all of his existence knowing her.  

Much like everything in his life, their first encounter too, was very abrupt. The woman shot the child a smile, retracting her wings as she went with the guards. The children murmured among themselves, some even began to cry at the woman's absence but he had no idea what was going on. He was an outsider who had only had a subtle taste of the cruelty this organisation was attached to. What hurt Junbei even more was his inability to speak. He'd always been a good listener, so he tried to zero into the conversations, picking up bits and pieces of words which were gibberish to him at first but soon he came to recognise the jargon and syntax. Like clockwork, his muscle memory connected the mumbling sounds, to words, from words, he constructed sentences, from sentences, he formed reasoning. The speck of reasoning finally released the welled tears from his eyes like a geyser shooting up towards the heavens. "I can't believe it's time already... Today's the day they cut off Worm's wings." one of the children said, muffled in tears and uncontrollable crying.

Running towards the guarded door, Junbei began to throw a tantrum. He tried screaming but no words would come out. Of course, he was a mute, why would they now? Now of all times? Over a complete stranger? Shouting, another foreign concept in his arsenal, didn't exist. As the cold iron fixture of the guard's gun broke against the child's face and the scent of the guards freshly polished shoes, mixed in with aroma of smelly socks and ageing leather, thumped against his head. His resistance was short lived and denied. Dragging his trampled body from the guard's position, the inmates laid him on the bed to sleep. The tremendous pang from his wounds, soothed his anger and brought about slumber. Before tomorrow, which was in a few hours, a repeat of his first several days would become like a routine. This time, a cold water bath awaited him.

Tomorrow brought, electro-therapy again, the day after, combat training, the day after hypnotherapy and similar treatments of these variety. However, neither his brain nor body was responsive to these treatments, making the intensity increase. Bringing nothing but a broader smile on the face of his buyer and master. Chattel can only cry if his master spills water on it's person. Either way, how could objects cry. Therefore, Junbei's tears were nothing but his masters will, a will that was law and therefore, within the walls of Base #45, king. "I began to learn that this was hell. The afterlife was just a concept fed to kids to make them behave appropriately. Earth was hell. This existence was our punishment. I never thought I'd find a reality I'd rather not live in aside from my days on that island, walking all alone. It seemed like that was heaven and I was casted out to this hell for my sins. It lead me to one conclusion, I could only be the devil." Junbei thoughts trailed and narrated.




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5 Re: [Flashback] The Truth Behind 'Von' Echo I on Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:05 pm

Auburn Songbird

"The next day, Izzy didn't even breakdown. She returned to the small recreational area we'd all gather in with her normal cheerful smile." Junbei recollected, as his eyes slowly opened from his deep slumber. "It was raining that day." Junbei concluded. As the rain poured on Base #45, the marines stationed there took a day off on Sunday's, letting the experiments spend most of the day in the recreational room. His legs shook as he approached the seated woman, who'd been sitting in front of the piano for hours, with her fingers ominously frozen over the keyboard. None of the other patients wanted to interfere with Wormwood, 'W' as they'd affectionately call her. As the red head inched closer and closer, he'd shoot a smile towards the woman. However, the woman's cold eyes responding with nothing but a force smile, it was as if she didn't really see Junbei, his appearance maybe but she was looking much further, into a place or realm that was neither of this world or the next. This continued for days, everyday, Junbei would attempt to approach the woman but with no avail. One day, the woman broke from her trance, staring once more at the man, almost seven days later, "You keep staring at me? What do you want, kid? You expect me to act like your momma or something?" W commented. "Kiss your boboo's or tell you it's okay. If that's what you seek, I can't help you." W said coldly. "Eh... He's set her off. When she's quiet like that, it's best to leave her alone." one of the patients commented, onlooking the conflict. Shaking his head vigorously in the motion of no, Junbei pointed towards the piano. Smiling, he moved his hands against the air, almost a piano players would against the keyboard. Approaching from behind W, another child approached tugging on the woman's patient cloak. "He can't speak W. He's a mute. He hasn't spoken a word to any of the handlers or us since being here. It's not like he doesn't want to, every time he tries to speak nothing comes out." the patient commented, almost brought to tears by the comical appearance of Junbei's attempt to 'play' piano.

"I have no charity for anyone whose been broken by our conditions." W said coldly to the patient's comment. Turning back towards Junbei, "If you wanna learn how to play from me, you'll have to speak to me." W said grinning. Junbei's fingers stopped moving, his eyes frozen and sweat began to permeate from the child's pores, Junbei's face simply sullen, walking away he'd sit in the corner of the room, shaking slightly. Turning back to the piano, the woman's hands froze above the keyboard once again. Walking over from guarding the door, a marine approached the woman. "Eh! If your not going to play, get off the seat Wormwood. Lemme play for a little bit." the marine guard said rolling up his sleeves. "I'm pretty sure these guys would rather her silence than your crappy attempt of Mary Had A Little Lamb, Kilt-chan?" W said coldly, mocking the guard. As the marine's hand swung violently against the woman's face, her titanium shackles jangled from the force of her body hitting against the floor. "Just because your Marshal's favourite plaything, don't get cocky with me you little bitch!" the marine exclaimed. Launching from the corner, Junbei lunged at the marines hand, sinking his canine teeth into the man's fingers. From the shock, the man fell to the ground, shaking rabidly in attempts to make the child release. The other guards came storming into the room, finally managing to rip Junbei away from the marine, but it came at a cost. The guard had lost his pinky at the grip of the male's teeth.

As Junbei sat before the Warden of Base #45 and Chief Scientist, Marshal, the name of his torturer had finally been revealed. Strapped to a wooden chain with rubber shackles and leather straps, the Warden sunk into his gigantic chair, scratching at the stubble of his beard which grew unruly. "I heard you bit off one of the guards fingers, Mr.Echo Eleven. Though, I'm not sure if I should punish you or pamper you for his disrespect to Wormwood One. I mean, she's an important test patient to this organisation. And by the looks of your face" the man commented, staring at Junbei with immense pity, his sentence stopped momentarily. "It seems my men went a tad bit too far. I mean, I'd beat the shit out of you too, especially since you can't feel anything. Congratulations Echo Eleven, after ten failures before you, I've actually managed to make the Echo Experiment, successfully." the man said grinning, walking over to Junbei caressing his spiky red hair. Junbei's left eye was closed shut from the horrid beating, his jaw bruised, several of his teeth missing and blood trickled from his insides but yet, the child felt nothing. "There's a rare gene called, PRDM12, or what we call in the medical field, the 'Echo' gene. Pain is absorbed but not perceived by those who possess this gene. Weird, ain't it?" Marshal commented, grinning, walking back over to his seat. "I'm glad you were looking out for Wormwood. Her and several other experiments here are part of our Super Soldier Project. It's to help combat the increase of the Revolutionary's Power and the Pirates on these seas. Wormwood's power, is the power of music. She's able to transfer emotions into her playing, she's a very talented musician but she got a little big for her britches in one of our experiments and hurt a chief inspector. With him dead, I had to find someone to replace him. Which took time away from me finding more ways to torture you... Because your 'Echo' gene, much like all the priors before you isn't fully mutated as yet. Evolution can only occur through repetition... So I'm going to torture til you not only not feel pain but.... nothing. Not even the burn of acid or the feeling of missing a limb. I'll break you, Echo." the Warden said smiling. "Now! It's lunchtime! I made sure to have your meal blended, you can't possible eat in your shape!" Marshal exclaimed happily, clapping his hands for the guards to escort him back to his room. Junbei was placed under twenty-four hour watch for the next week, separated from the inmates and guilt filled Wormwood who now sat everyday by the piano in the recreational room, staring at the door, awaiting Junbei's return.



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