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1 Slavers Ring: Cut the chain! on Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:42 pm

Task Name: Slaver Circle
Tier: 4
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: Rumour has it that many are going mission in strange locations in Water 7. It is believed to be the work of the mysterious Star gang who are notorious in trading. It would seem that right now, their main targets are those whom have Giant heritage. Your jobs are to infilitrate the slavers ring and shut them down. Be careful as the Star gang are incredibly powerful and have been wanted for some time.
Enemy Details: 100 fodder enemies who control guns and shit in the guy.
Boss: Yes



   Boss Name: Kyo
   Tier: 1
   Description: Kyo is a rather large guy who has a long mane of orange hair. He's not much of a fighter on his own armed generally wit ha 6 shot pistol in each hand. His real use comes from the fact that he ate a unique devil fruit that turns his body in to a fortress which the slave traders use to move around in.
   Devil Fruit: Fortress fruit
   Strength: (1-7)
   Durability: (2-7)
   Speed: (1-7)
   Perception: (1-7)


   Boss Name: Cecelia
   Tier: Tier 2
   Description: Cecelia is a tall slender woman who has little to no physical strength, her wicked tongue is where her heart lies and her swamp swamp fruit makes up for her lack of physical strength
   Devil Fruit: Swamp Swamp
   Haki: N/A
   Equipment: -
   Strength: (1-7)
   Durability: (1-7)
   Speed: (3-7)
   Perception: (2-7)


   Boss Name: Rave
   Tier: 3
   Description: Rave has eaten the neko neko no mi model black cat and has superior agility and cat like reflexes. He is not to be trifled with and is known for his sword style.
   Devil Fruit: (If they have one what is it.)
   Haki: Ken
   Equipment: Steel katana
   Strength: (3-7)
   Durability: (1-7)
   Speed: (2-7)
   Perception: (2-7)


   Boss Name: Yoshika
   Tier: 5
   Description: Yoshika is the most dangerous of all and his power over his fruit is unparralleled, he also seems to have powerful haki capabilities. He also carries a gun around
   Devil Fruit: Pamu Pamu No Mi
   Haki: Buso and Ken [S]
   Strength: (5-7)
   Durability: (3-7)
   Speed: (5-7)
   Perception: (4-7)

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2 Re: Slavers Ring: Cut the chain! on Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:15 pm


Revolutionary Leader
Revolutionary Leader

Hmm I'd say more enemies or bump up the tiers of 1 or 2 of them but you gave these guys some powerful fruits so as long as you promise to make it a half interesting read I say go for it

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