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1Enter the PINK Empty Enter the PINK on Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:06 am

Task Name:Enter the Pink
Location:Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Reina goes from the lead Hattah gave her for her efforts. She comes across a chamber which seems to be a child's playground. There's toys scattered all over the play, cookies strewn about and bouncy area right before a seastone door. The keeper of the room is The pink and he wants to play with her.
Enemy Details: Robotic nutcrackers ranging from tier 1 to 4. The bigger the toy, the greater the tier. They are slow lumbering giants. The smallest are 6 feet tall and the biggest are 20 feet tall. They are robotic in nature and in disrepair, so their joints are weak. They however pack a passive punch if they connect. 4 level 1.4 level 2. 5 level 3.1 level 4
Boss: Yes

Boss 3:
Boss Name:The Pink
Tier: 4
The pink:

Enter the PINK Majin-Boo

The pink is a fat tub of lard who loves eating sweets and playing games. When he loses, he flies into a rage and kills his playmates.
Devil Fruit: Candy candy fruit(logia): This fruit turns him into candy which allows him to get harder or become sticky like taffy. He can also turn people into candy and they can only be cured when exposed to seastone.
Haki: None
Strength: 3
Durability: 7
Speed: 2
Perception: 1

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
Enter the PINK Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra
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2Enter the PINK Empty Re: Enter the PINK on Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:55 am

As Reina started to leave she heard the rubble behind her twitch. She quickly drew reaper only to find a battered and bloody hattah emerge limply from the debris. His gun was bent out of shape and was crushed beneath the rubble. He breathed heavily and propped himself up against a wall holding while holding onto his wound. " it's been a while since someone else's justice so beat my own...poppet". Reina glared at him,but knew there was no more harm a dying man could do. Slowly she slipped her blade back into its sheath and turned to face him. " Humans tend to do that". Hattah tried to laugh,but the pain ringing from his wound made him grimace as he settled back down into a relaxed position. " So I assume you believe you're doing good"?

Reina nodded, " I'm freeing the people you've forced into subservience. People should be able to choose what they do with their lives". Hattah's grin became wider, " Again poppet, that is a mere illusion. Those people only have an illusion of control, which makes it easy for someone like you to preach. But let me ask you girl, have you ever considered the dangers of forcing freedom onto others? What if the dog would rather be fed knowing he'll be fed, rather than being forced to scour the land for its own sustenance"? Reina went to retort, but she could not bring forth the words to rebuke him. " What's wrong girl? Were those dock workers not jumping for joy when you saved them? This will only continue Miss lynhart, for you see these people don't want to be rescued. As long as the public stands behind the government, They Don't Want Liberty". Reina sighed and walked off with her back turned to him. " Those in power got there by crushing everything that stood before them. Had they resigned themselves like you have, they too would not be in control. Mark my words hattah, I will crush this world's justice and I will bring down the dreams of this pirates. The world will end by my hand or I'll die trying".

Hattah fought the pain and sat upright. He filled his lungs despite the searing pain, " I will be watching you POPPET. MAKE NO MISTAKE. I WILL BE WATCHING YOU". Reina never heard from him again after that. What followed was a loud thud and an eery silence. The lights went off a she left, leaving nothing more than an dark abyss in her wake.


My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
Enter the PINK Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra
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3Enter the PINK Empty Re: Enter the PINK on Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:11 am

Reina lit her sword with fire as she traveled up the slope and deeper into the mountainous island's interior. The light was faint, maybe only illuminating three or four feet in front of her. The darkness now that she got to really take a look at it was oppressive. What lied in her path were scattered bones and skulls of the dead. It really looked like hattah had a good time messing with his victims, for there were many who didn't even make it to the table. Faint bloody prints and intermittent blotches of red decorated the path before her. Slowly but surely the music from hattah's domain was fading and the light from something else started to come into view. Taking this as a cue to undue her sword's light, she crept up slowly to the exit and found a color fun house built into the mountain itself. " No way", she uttered to herself as she slowly approached what looked to be candy. The door itself was made of gingerbread and the arc was made of white chocolate. The door was almost unreal, it smelled like the real thing, fresh and still warm. She grasped the peppermint handle and felt its syrupy exterior grip her too. The sound of its mechanations were like grinding two graham crackers together.

What lied before her was a sweet smelling chamber with toys lying about and sweets of all kinds. It was almost redundant because there were sweets in a chamber made of the stuff. She ventured within and found a large cylindrical chamber with a pink tub of lard playing with a bunch of kids. Reina almost smiled back until she got a closer look at them. Their lips were held in black by a thick pink substances left at the ends of her lips, locking their them into a smile. Their eyes were filled with tears as they played ring around the rosey with the pink bastard. He'd be clapping his hands and laugh rambunctiously as the rest of his play mates were scared of their minds.

Then came the moment when he lost. The pink blob was left out of the sitting down part of the game and he threw a fit. The kids screamed and ran in terror as he began stamping his feet, causing the chamber to tremble. His arm stretched like a giant roll of taffy writhing as it flew at a girl in the group. But before he could grab her Reina leaped before her and slashed his hand down the middle, sending it flying on either side of them.

Activated intangible to tangible

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
Enter the PINK Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra
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4Enter the PINK Empty Re: Enter the PINK on Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:15 pm

The pink tub of lard retracted his hand with a scowl, while holding onto one child in the other. He looked at this arm which was cut in half,but did not heal right away. He waved it about and the two ends simply swayed with his movement. He growled and started to flail his hand around in an annoyed fashion. " Why won't you fix? y u do dis to pink? HAND FIX HAND FIX FIX FIX", he would roar in a repetitive fashion. All the while the boy would be crying in his grasp. Reina not wanting to wait for the bastard to recover charged forth with the intent to cut him down a notch once more,but the pink was ready this time. He became a puddle of melted ooze which too had a sugary sweet scent and dragged the boy against the ground. Reina sprinted even harder trying to save the boy whose back was now bloodied and battered. He instinctively reached for her with tears screaming down his cheek,but right as she was about to save him he turned into a cookie. A puff of smoke enveloped her her as she coughed out the sugary cloud. Taking a step back and using her hand to disperse the cloud, she saw his silhouette standing proudly in the distance with his hands at his hips.

With his newly healed hand he started to wag it at her, " Pink no like you. you stupid head. cutting pinks' hand like a meanie meanie willie feenie". Reina feared what was going on here, her eyes once more taking on a faint glow which resonated like the glow of embers on a grill. She whipped her sword to make the dust disperse to find pink was healed, with a boy shaped graham cracker in his mouth. As he crunched it the wound in his bubble gum like fist began to reform and take shape.
Reina turned to the kids with a dire expression. " Run while you can, run as far away from here as possible".

The kids backed away to the stairs leading up to where she came from,but they froze in their place. Blocking the entrance was a giant nutcracker soldier, it creaked with each movement. Reina without reservation slashed the air with tremendous strength, a thunderous air blade flying toward the toy(T2). The blade around 5 meters long crashed into it and carved a path for the kids to flee. " Now flee, run for your lives and don't look back"!

The children just stood there, almost as if they were under a spell. It was as hattah said, not everyone wants to be free. Before she could become furious, pink started to bounce. " hey you big dummy fight me"! Suddenly his movements became faster and his weight larger, causing tremors in the chamber. Then with one big bounce toys were thrown up into her path. Toy soldiers of different heights creaked and stood in her path, letting out loud groans. They vaguely sounded human,but they were now beyond operational. They crawled and stumble forth toward the red head.

She closed her eyes for a moment, a sinister aura enveloped her sword(executioner's calling). They were slow,but large creatures. As the first one tried to grab for her, she leapt onto the back of its hand and sprinted up its arm. At its shoulder she sliced into its joint to cause the toy to topple over. Right as it fell over she slid momentarily before giant toy, bigger than the rest came crashing down upon her.

Using her kami haki in tandem with her natural skill for mobility, she thrust herself off the toy and out of the path of the giant toy. She landed safely on a wall before kicking back off onto the crashing toy who rolled over after diving forth. As its lumbering arms came crashing down she easily dodged by swaying to the sides and slashing through its limb. As its other arm frantically came down as it started to sit upright slowly, she used it as a boost to get onto its shoulder.

With a grin she teased its neck with her blade. Pink on the other hand was frantically eating graham crackers, " hey hey you stop that idiot girl. thats my friend billy bob". Reina eyed him with furrowed brows as her blade as she began cock her arm with the katana. " STUPID HEAD YOU STOP NOW", said the now flailing wad of bubblegum. Without remorse she sliced its giant head cleanly, sending it careening over the edge and onto his other toys. Like a giant boulder it crushed everything in its wake. Leaving him with a few damage toys lying about.

The kids on the other hand, started to cheer reina on as the giant toy started to fall backward. As if their spirit had been restored, they ran back up the steps to avoid the crash. Reina on the other hand stepped forward with ease and slid down its falling body until she was standing only a few feet away from pink." Now children, if you've time to cheer me on. then you have time to run! Tell the world about this place"!

As if something clicked with them, they all fled into the darkness. Looking back upon the red head who saved em." I guess it's children who need to carry us into the future, because we adults are useless", she said, brandishing her blade.

The pink on the other hand was not in a very good mood. He stared her down with a frown, punching his palm as if he were gesturing things were now serious.

WC: 955
-50 sky splitter
-28 dragon flight
-28 Executioner's calling
Haki: 110/150
activated kenbusho - 15
had busho still on -10

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
Enter the PINK Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra
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5Enter the PINK Empty Re: Enter the PINK on Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:16 pm

The pink shook his fist at Reina, " You you stupid head I'm gonna punch you in the face with a KNIFE". Reina grinned at the pinked who was starting to wind up his fist, the tension in his limb was starting to get audible. The danger signs from the limb were sounds all sorts of bad warning bells in her head. Her torso was coated with jetblack, along with his arms and head in preparation for his attack. Precisely a millisecond before it stopped winding she charged forward. The pink launched a blazingly fast punch which she dodged by preemptively dodging to the right.  At the same time she sliced him arm cleanly off, causing a loud crash behind her to resound throughout the area and completely demolishing his toy soldiers.

The pink roared as his body expanded, as if he was trying to envelop her in his stomach. But she ran away and slashed at the outer edge trying to surround her(executioner's calling). Pink complained and roared, turning his arms into drills. He then frantically started to punch the ground around her with his stretchy bubble gum arms. " Y u escape pink no get stuck on his body die"? But with each strike her stone stone blade sheered arms off, leaving bubble gum behind her.

"ROAR SUPER MEGA CAGE", said pink as his body behind her started to stretch and form a cage around her. Pink's head appeared at the zenith of the dome's cieling, sticking his tongue at her as spikes started to form around her. Reina grunted, cocking her arm back as he yelled at her. " Now DIE POOPY MONSTER",but before he could attack her she slashed the air in an arc above her to send a crimson air blade hurling up at the pink(sky splitter). The force of the blade crashed into the cieling and sent the pink flying all over. But with her enhance perception she was able to see his face as his body began to reform his body once more.

Immediately she saw began to sprint to the side which confused the pink. Using the rubble around them, she began to leap from tip to tip on her tippy toes(Dragon flight x 2). Pink wasn't the most adept at his power as reina would find out. He didn't know how to properly even heal himself after the first cut, or so she assumed as she dove toward him. Now planted on his body, shifting her coated arms to her legs. She kicked the blob down who coughed up blood as he crashed into the earth. Her blade started to surge with electricity(electric shock). Still situated on top of him, she drove it into his chest.

The pink started to yell in a childish manner, his skin being seared by the electric shock. The pink started to cough up blood, which even that too had a sweet scent.Despite the blow, he was still able to move. Despite the seastone sword he began to stand once more. Danger signals were ringing all over once more, causing reina to slash up in an arc and back away.The pink grew and his eyes a shade of jet black.

He started to the pound the earth,but was having trouble lifting his hardened arms. " Yo---u-y---ou stupid face"! Reina grimaced as the power of his poundings, the force making it hard to hold her ground. " Shut the hell up you pink poopoo head"! The pink hearing her insult growled at her and roared, sending a strong gust her way and making her shield herself with her arms.

At full size Pink was now 30 feet high and his arms 9 feet in circumference. Starting to throw rapid fire punches. Reina only survived by hacking the edge of his limbs off to avoid being hit like a truck. The pink starting to grow tired as well, was panting along side Reina. " DIE YOU POOPOOFACE"!

Reina noticing his slowed pace charged forth. He tried to hit her, but she was able to dodge at the last moment. With legs that were still jetblack she dug into his gooey inflexible skin and mounted his arm. She'd drive her blade into his arm and run up his arm with the blade seering his body with electricity. The pink now infuriated as blood was starting to splatter his arm, he tried to smash her with his other arm. But right at the moment of impact she flipped backward with a aerial somersault to avoid the attack, then lobbed off half his blocky hand.

The pink cried in agony,but reina didn't cease her assault. As she charged forth he tried to stab her with spikes using his malleable skin,but each attempt was either sliced in half or blocked by her busho haki covering her torso. The two met face to face as she made it to the half way point of his arm using it like a bridge. " This is the end doo doo head"!

Reina sprinted toward his shoulder and sliced into his neck. Because of the seastone sword, the pink's wound didn't heal properly. Now switching her coating from her torso to her right hand, she grabbed his pink fat and drove her blade into him over and over. Hack and slashing bits of his off as his sweet smelling blood drenched her. The pink cried as he tried to forcefully shake her off. But her iron grip was too much for the pink, whose strength was being drained by the blade. Stepping back, she lifted her blade once more and cleared her mind. The pink turned to her. His body starting to become spikes as her charged from toward her like a snake ready to lash at its prey. Reina slashed down sending a wind blade(sky splitter) at the pink, while simultaneously using the slash's momentum to cut through him as well. The combination of both attacks weakened the pink, sending blood flying everywhere.

As his body started to lose shape, she ran to the wall and kicked off of it and out of the way of his deflating body. Now nothing more than a puddle of sugar and gum, pink's top half was sprawled out on the floor before reina. He was black and bloodied as he breathed heavily. The red head approached him, but didn't feel good about what had happened. She lifted her blade solemnly, poised to strike him down. But the kids came from the tunnel. She knew they were there the whole time. " What are you still doing here kids"?

The cried out to her, " Please don't kill pink. he saved us"! Reina turned to them, with a spark of rage in her eyes. " What do you mean saved you? HE JUST KILLED YOUR FRIEND"! her voice was crackily and laced with rage and bloodlust. The kids silently pointed behind. Reina turned to see the boy, no a group of them lying in his bubble gum body. One coughed, then another. " Please don't kill him miss marine! He protected us against the mad hattah and his friends! We want to go home,but not without pink! He was nice in his own way", they cried out.

Reina grabbed his neck and lifted the bubblegum man up. " Pink didn't say a word as his form started to dissipate, leaving only a bubble gum child in her grasp. Reina fought every ounce of her being to strike the pink boy down,but every time she tried to move her blade, her body just wouldn't respond. " hey you brats, come scoop pink and your friends up"!  The children with renewed joy ran to get their friends and began in pairs,bringing them out together.

-28 executioner's calling
-100 total Sky splitter x 2
Electric shock - 50
-56 dragon flight x2

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
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