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1 Where it all begins on Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:06 pm

Azure skies were casted above with a partly cloudy forecast. The day was relatively warm and the people were out in full fore about Logue Town. People from all over the world had gathered here at one point of time to see the execution of the legendary pirate, Rodger. Orion heard these tales over and over as a kid, but as he sought to avenge his orphanage destruction; although he knew at his current level of skill that he wasn’t ready to obtain that goal. He knew time would be the catalyst of his growth, but today was different. He was admiring his home town before he decided on his next move.

Orion’s blue hair would flow with the light breeze giving off an very majestic aura this day. His high collared black cloak catching the wind as well, but his visage was fierce. It resembled something of a wild animal awaiting to let loose it’s primal fury on the world or should one say the World Government. However, he hadn’t decided his course. He’ll bring up his left hand and wipe the beads of sweat off of his brow as he’ll continue to walk along the stone cobble pathway towards one of the local taverns.

Hudson would approach the doors to the tavern and place his right hand on the door and with a slight push the doors would open. The place was packed as usual with locals and even some other aspiring sailors, but today Orion would seek a drink to quell his rising anger towards the Marines. He’ll immediately head towards the bar and take a seat upon one of the bar stools. The brawler turned slightly to the left and placed one of his left elbow up on the bar. His hand cuffing his chin with a apathetic look as if he was mulling over his decision, before tapping his right index finger on the bar signaling for his usual drink.

The bartender looked at him with an casual look and then a sly smile came across his face. His crew cut and pipe pouring smoke up towards the ceilings, he’ll grasp a mug and begin to pour the contents of a sailor’s favorite drink, booze. He’ll slide the mug to Orion, who wouldn’t even turn his sights on the man and merely held out his right hand halting the momentum of the mug as it rested in his hand. He’ll bring it up to his mouth as he’ll begin to consume the alcohol given to him. That’s when the bartender began to speak, “ long has it been and what brought you here? You never really come in and let alone have that lost look on your face.”

Orion looked up at him devoid of any emotion and merely took another swig of his beloved drink before he placed the mug on the bar. He took a minute to gather his words as he was deep in his own thoughts. He often found himself lost in thought lately since that tragic day. It was then, that he began to part his lips to respond, but halted for a split second. At a glance it seemed he would abandon what he had in mind, but then he would go on to speak, “’s been quite some time indeed. Just needed to have a few drinks to drown away that night. As for this lost look on my face...I’m kinda at a lost to what I should do next. Hence, why I’m here now thinking over what I should do next.”

The bartender smiled at that answer as they had known each other for quite a long time, and his response was one that seem to hint towards some past events that transpired in this bar. “Don’t tell me...You came in here to vent to me or….NO,” the bartender then realized what that possibly meant for his establishment. He’ll quickly recover from his words as some of patrons eyes fell on the two and their conversations. Wes, who was the bartender would lean forward so that the customer’s eavesdropping wouldn’t catch his words. “Please don’t cause trouble here...I can’t count on my hands and feet how many times you have raised hell in here.” However, as Wes looked into the eyes of Orion it seems that his honorable request was a bit too late as there was beast whose fangs were sharp sitting across from him.

“Heheh...I can’t guarantee that, but if no one decides to push my buttons then things will be fine, right” mused Orion with a sadistic smile that crept on his face.

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