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1Rock & Roll [Task] Empty Rock & Roll [Task] on Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:02 pm

Chapter 1: Rock & Roll


Task Name: Rock & Roll
Tier: 2
Location: Bateria Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Acting as a prologue to the stories to come, this is set when Jacky first ate his fruit and decided to venture out to sea about a year ago. Staring out into the sea one day, by the abandoned lighthouse. Vessel about the size of an ordinary rookie crew raids the island's peaceful and calm day. From there, Jacky must protect his home island and uncover the mysteries behind utilizing a mysterious fruit's power. Beginning the story of a bizarre venture into the world.

Enemy Details: 10 T1 Pirates & 5 T2 Pirates
Boss: Paul Stanley
Guitarist Paul:
Rock & Roll [Task] Latest?cb=20160408021340
Boss Name: Paul Stanley
Tier: 2
Description: Dressing as if he was a celebrity of the rock genre in music, Paul is very into the culture of rock and music in general. Purple locks reigning down to his chest, he suits himself with a purple jacket decorated with AC and DC on the jacket symbolizing his interest in electricity. Tight crimson red pants in which fit him tight in conjunction with his yellow and purple tipped boots.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: N/A
Equipment: N/A
Strength: 3
Durability: 1
Speed: 2
Perception: 1

Voltage Vault
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2Rock & Roll [Task] Empty Re: Rock & Roll [Task] on Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:46 am

Wavering amidst the huffing gusts of the morning waters, a flag sailed through against the ocean's forces toward an island; Bateria Island. Renowned for their once thriving knowledge of electricity's wonders, Bateria Island was previously home to dozens of genius scientists who wished to harvest electricity's potential for their own. Yet, they were never able to achieve their desired wishes, for they were swept away by a bizarre phenomenon; known as "Arco Iris". Speculated to arrive every century without warning, this storm appeared on the coasts of Bateria Island as a storm emitting various colors of the rainbow; a truly spectacle display of power and beauty it was said to be.

Gazing at the sun rising on tomorrow, without tomorrow ever appearing but today being brought anew, Jacky took up a gaping yawn whilst cuffing his right palm against his mouth. "This is boring... Why did I even bother waking up early! Damn... It must be fun out there.." Jacky mumbled to himself through his own yawn. Standing his right hand down behind him, holding his torso up as he continued laying his eyes on the refreshing though bland morning sunrise, Jacky heard a fruit drop by the tree that rested near his grandfather's laboratory. Everyone was asleep at this time, it was too early for anyone to hear it unless you were awake. Pouncing up from the spot in which he had been hanging out, Jacky tucked his hands inside his pockets and softly flung his head behind him with his gaze focusing on the recently fallen fruit.


Strolling up at the landing of the object in which gravity played its forces onto, Jacky's facial expression took on a curious tone. "What the-" Jacky exclaimed as he carefully observed the fruit in which had dropped down. Inspecting this fruit, Jacky came to the conclusion that this was certainly not an ordinary fruit; just what was it though he asked himself. Catching eye of a near by branch, Jacky snatches up the branch with his right hand and gently pokes the fruit whilst being cautious of the mysterious occurrence. "Doesn't seem to be dangerous..." Jacky trying to convince himself that it was a perfectly fine fruit... excluding its odd color variation. Decorated in odd golden paint patterns is how it appeared to be, with an abnormal shade of green for the stems of the fruit. "What an odd freak of nature this fruit is..." Whispering to himself as he crouched down to lift it up by it's stem just in case, raising it in the air, taking a quick second look. Truly bizarre.

WC: 441
WC Total: 441
Required WC: 2000
Stamina: 310

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Voltage Vault
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3Rock & Roll [Task] Empty Re: Rock & Roll [Task] on Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:41 am

Character Designs:

Tesla Dynamo:
Rock & Roll [Task] 8693376_orig
Jacky's Outfit:
Rock & Roll [Task] Latest?cb=20151228213153&path-prefix=es
In the midst of taking a last glance at the fruit before asking his napping grandfather about the peculiar fruit; Tesla Dynamo, Jacky caught sight of an unfamiliar object on the waters within the corner of his left eye. "Hm? Don't tell me we have visitors already? Tourists are so annoying sometimes. Especially when they act like they know everything about our island's history..." Whispering under his breath as he flung the patterned fruit up into the air, shifting from his crouch to a stand, catching it in his right palm. "Guessing I should probably prepare for their arrival, better wake gramps and the rest of the folks..." Jacky thought during the whole situation, being still not yet aware of the true situation that was about to unfold. Skimming across the sea, with their flag raised high, their identity as Pirates could obviously be noticed if paid closely attention to. Nearing the shores of Bateria Island, the crew known as the "Kiss Wish Pirates" conversed among themselves about why their captain wished to raid this island in particular. "Heh... Soon... We'll bring you back to life Barbra! You'll be immortal! Ehehehe" Captain of the crew mumbled while his crew stalked him from behind, listening to his creepy words flee his mouth. "Bros.. You think our captain is alright?" One of the members told the rest of the stalking crew.

"Nauh bro... He must have went through some deep shit..."

Fruit in hand, thoughts of visitors lingering up in his noggin, Jacky went up to his grandfather's room. Knocking on the wooden slab of a door that aided his grandfather in keeping privacy and cancelling outside sound from interrupting his naps, Jacky awaited for a response from his grandfather. "Click.. Clack" Was the noise in which was produced from his gramps opening the door ajar. "Oh.. Its my grandson... What is it? I was resting in peace as if I was dead! Oh wait! I'm already dead! Yohohohoho! Just kidding!" Jacky's grandfather said while even throwing a joke at the end. "Enough with the bad jokes grandpa, we have visitors who will be here any second. We should probably prepare for their arrival and wake the other folks." Jacky let his grandfather know as he exited himself outside with the fruit still within his possession. Dynamo Tesla had a habit of dressing to impress for occasions when visitors set foot on the island for either research or simply a small tourist trip.

WC: 418
WC Total: 859
Required WC: 2000
Stamina: 310

Voltage Vault
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4Rock & Roll [Task] Empty Re: Rock & Roll [Task] on Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:34 pm

Reunion, is what it could have been referred to as, everyone uniting to greet their impending visitors. Prancing around door to door with a joyful spirit, Jacky's elderly grandfather woke each and every one of the island's inhabitants, everyone in their small yet quaint town. "Ethel! We have visitors! Bernie! Get your grandchildren!" Visitors will be here any second!" Tesla Dynamo rang throughout the bundles of little houses scattered across town, with Jacky trailing behind; knocking on doors. "Hm.. Yo Gramps.." Calling out for his grandfather as he trailed behind, playing catch with himself using the fruit he found from earlier morning. “Not now Jacky! Visitors are arriving at anytime now! It is important that we wake everyone!” Ignoring his grandson's call for his attention, Tesla continued where he left off, "Hurry along! Let us get going to welcome our visitors!". Blankly; watching the bulk of town scurry over to the docks, Jacky glanced over to the waters in which he first caught glimpse of the vessel. Taking note of the watercraft's image once more, utilizing his sharp eye, Jacky noticed a painted canvas hung high on the ship. Including their ship's sail being painted with similar colors that the hung up canvas owns, all of this being taken in at second glance, it flew through his mind "Pirates!".

"Gramps! Folks! Those aren't visitors! Their Pirates! Get out of here!"

Widening all of their eyes out due to unexpected news, fear overcame their former delighted faces. "Everyone! Take in shelter in the Island's Laboratory! They'll be firing cannons if their invading us! That is the farthest location from the sea!" Jacky howled over to the townspeople by the docks, sprinting over to his grandfather to find him shelter. Crying out of fret for their lives, they ran like their was no tomorrow, throwing their children up on their shoulders if must. "Jacky! Leave! You don't have time! They'll be here any second! Forget me! Go!" Yelling at Jacky to haul ass and to forget his old grandpa. Out of the crowd of the dozens, one of the town's men came to the rescue and decided to take Tesla Dynamo up on his back. "Jacky! Run! I have your gramps! Hurry and take shelter!" Townsmen Ablert told Jacky as he hurried over to safety. "I cant... It was my fault that I didn't recognize earlier... I'll be taking care of this gramps!" Instilling it within himself the mistake he has made, that he must now fix the issue. Jacky had whispered this to himself with everyone already long gone from the scene, while Tesla bawled his eyes out when he saw that Jacky was still standing there, waiting for the band of pirates to raid their island. "Too bad I wasn't able to ask him about this fruit. I'll ask him later..." Jacky let himself know, throwing in a "later" at the end as a way to convince himself he'll be safe at the end of all of this. "Time to work! They'll be firing cannonballs at anytime now unless their planning on raiding us on land of all our belongings. Which its looking like to be the second option." Constructing an elaborate scheme to conquer over this upcoming battle, Jacky takes action to defend the island in which he was raised on.

WC: 569
WC Total: 1428
Required WC: 2000
Stamina: 310

Voltage Vault
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5Rock & Roll [Task] Empty Re: Rock & Roll [Task] on Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:50 pm

Combating the punk forces whom will arrive at any time now, Jacky finally takes action. Treading over the waters toward Bateria Island are the band of misfit's leader whom appears to be seeking something located on the technological advanced isle of electrical engineering. "Boss! We'll be anchoring down in Bateria shortly!" Notifying his punk styled captain while he took control of the ship to set it down by the docks of the island. "Alright fellas! Once we hit land ahoy, I want you all to search for this island's renowned scientist! His name is... Dynamo Tesla! I want him alive! I don't care what you do with the rest! You can enslave them for all I care! But remember to always... ROCK AND ROLL!" Announcing what they'll be doing once they set foot on land, the captain sat back in his chair and smirked as they began to anchor down. Over at Jacky's side, he was entirely focused on taking down these intruders. Having a decent understanding of the art of battle, Jacky found himself a pair of kitchen knives from one of the empty houses and rushed back to the scene. "Eheh... They think they'll be raiding us!? I'll be raiding them!" Jacky whispered to himself as he grinned, ready to rob the men about to step foot onto his island. As he returned back to the scene, it was only briefly in order to plant bait. Dropping a trail of Beli he found within the same empty house he borrowed the pair of kitchen knives, Jacky created a trail in which lead all the way behind a colossal rock in which he would then dispose and take hostage of the pirates who were lured in. "Pirates are known to be greedy... They'll for sure follow this path thinking that the townspeople went to hide behind this damn thing." Jacky thought to himself as he placed the remaining props around the trail of beli, items in which appeared to be belongings that the townspeople dropped as they fled to safety. Few of the fake props placed along the trail were items like stuffed animals and jewelry. Entering Bateria Island's town at last, they scavenged around the area in search of the island's brilliant scientist and more importantly to the crew; valuables. "Tesla Dynamo is the priority objective of this mission! Hunt him down and bring him back to me alive! Those who harm him shall be tortured to the brim of death! Now find him!" Broadcasting his voice all over the town to his crew scrubs as he went around himself in search of this famous renowned professor he has heard so much about. Awaiting for his plan to be put into action, Jacky raises his pair of blades as he catches ear of the pirates approaching. "Oh crap! Look at all this money! Guys! Come over! These townsfolk must have dropped all this while they tried to make their escape. Looks like their hiding over behind that hunk of a rock, the scientist is probably behind there!" Pirates started to pick up on Jacky's elaborate plan, believing that the townspeople were all behind that rock Jacky is hiding behind, preparing to take on and take hostage pirates and a pirate.

Approaching Jacky's location, they unknowingly fell into Jacky's trap and were swung up by a pair of kitchen knives. Two of the idiots who fell into the boy's trap had instead been knocked out by Jacky's fists, as Jacky threw a left and right for each man entering his domain. It would be better to silence them by knocking them down unconscious instead of cutting them up and the men screaming in which would ruin his plan. "Are those townsfolk there!? Let us know guys!" Seven other pirates awaited for the confirmation on if the people of the island were hiding behind there. "Uhh... No but there is a shit ton of cash behind here!" Jacky shouted out to the remaining pirates, acting as if he was one of the men. "Oh snap! Well you heard it guys! Lets get that cash!" Their little team's leader let his comrades know as they ran behind the rock unguarded and not expecting an ambush in the slightest. Wielding the pair of knives from earlier, Jacky flung a knife into the next two men who were caught into the trap. Sent into the two pirate's shoulders, Jacky rushed up to them and retrieved the knives again. Smacking them down with his fists once he had the knives back in his possession, Jacky ran up to the next five victims. Having them being unaware of the ambush, they slung down their swords in sudden fret. Maneuvering around the suddenly surging blades, Jacky received a minor cut to his shoulder. Inserting the the kitchen knives once again into another two pirate's shoulders, taking back another knife as he approached his hostage target. With a slightly bloody knife, Jacky held it up against his target's throat and pounced backwards. Dashing over to Jacky without concern for their comrade's life, Jacky blocks the slash from one of the other pirates by shielding himself with his hostage's body; having the hostage's arm being gashed. Laying down the injured pirate, Jacky stepped to the right of the next incoming attack and rocketed his fist into the attacker's forehead; another one biting the dust. With only a sole remaining survivor left, Jacky runs up toward the last one and is cut by the survivor's dagger on the arm. Lending him a piece of his fist as a thanks for the light cut on his arm, Jacky finished off all eight pirates.

Questioning the injured and still conscious pirates, Jacky obtains valuable information about the whereabouts of the others on the island. "Aye! Uhm.. Pass me that fruit please!" In the process of exiting the scene, the pirate whom gave Jacky the information called out to him. "Huh? This fruit here?" Fruit in hand, Jacky rose it into the air, wanting him to confirm that he wanted the fruit he found from earlier this morning. "Yeah! Gimme that please! I'm hungry!" Lying to Jacky as he made a face a false face and impression that he was truly hungry. "What you want it for? You cant really believe that I'll just hand it over willy nilly!? This is special? Isn't it? Tell me everything you know about this fruit! Or I'll maybe cut a leg or an arm... Or maybe even... an eye!" Bluffing and blackmailing the injured pirate to the pirate lying against a tree with his arm bleeding. "Fine! Fine! Listen up! Cause I wont be repeating this! That fruit there is known as a Devil Fruit! Its a fruit that'll grant the user unimaginable powers! Though... At the cost of your ability to swim!" Revealing the identity of the peculiar patterned fruit that Jacky held within the grasp. "Then... Ahoy oh boy!" Jacky exclaimed as he shoved the fruit inside his mouth, saying the last part very muffled as his mouth was filled. Biting chunks off the fruit as he held the fruit's stem, trying not to eat the stem. "Auh! This tastes horrible!" Jacky told the pirate as he ate it with his mouth completely filled to the brim with the fruit. Gulping it down, Jacky's face turned blue as he stuck his tongue out from disgust. After learning of the mysteries of the odd fruit from earlier morning and taking on whatever power was held within it, Jacky set off to the lighthouse where the main group and captain suspected the townspeople were hiding out.

WC: 1302
WC Total: 2730
Required WC: 2000
Stamina: 310
Electrical Energy 0/20

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6Rock & Roll [Task] Empty Re: Rock & Roll [Task] on Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:16 am

As the approach toward the house of light arrived, Jacky was luckily able to distinguish two figures entering the lighthouse. Fact that the two grunts were entering the building proved Jacky's hunch that they were currently searching the lighthouse for his grandfather; Tesla Dynamo. Chasing after the two spotted pirates whom entered the lighthouse, Jacky sprinted with all his might to hurry and beat each and everyone's ass down. "They'll regret fucking with this town!" Bellowing from the bottom of his stomach, Jacky swore that they would regret even stepping foot onto this island. Over on the Kiss Wish Pirate's half, they had just begun rummaging around the pitch-black unbridled lighthouse off on the west coast of the island. "Yo! Yo! Boss! Look what I found! Its a neat little anchor pin! Nifty huh? Maybe I should wear this while I navigate us out at sea and all." Navigator of the Kiss Wish Pirates asked his captain while observing the items scattered all across the walls of the lighthouse's stairs. "Don't think nobody is up there boss! Not a person in sight! Lets check out the island's laboratory!" An experienced member of the crew suggested to Paul Stanley; leader and captain of the Kiss Wish Pirates. "Alright! Lets leave this garbage pla-" Being interrupted by Jacky's suddenly roaring outburst in which left the whole remaining crew appalled that there is actually a person crazy enough to challenge them. Meanwhile, over on Jacky's half, his assault on the intruders continued. Attention of the two pirates whom entered inside the lighthouse quite recently was acquired as both men caught ear of what Jacky had said. "Huh!? What was that punk!?" They told Jacky as they set themselves in an offensive stance, ready to lash their cutlasses out at him. "I said... You'll regret coming to this town!" Howling out at the two men, dancing out of harm's way when it came and swung itself down into Jacky's path. Prancing over to the left and ducking down, Jacky launched a pair of knuckles into each of their faces, slamming them into the wall in which in turn caused them to fall over. "Welp.. No sign of any powers yet. Should of asked him what kind of abilities the fruit grants the consumer before I left, I could have probably had an idea on what type of ability this fruit in particular cursed me with." Regretting not asking the pirate from previously, Jacky takes a deep breath and sighs. "No matter now, I'll just figure it out while I beat the living shit out of these guys!" Whispering to himself as he; Jacky entered the lighthouse. "Boss! Its a kid! Don't worry! We got this little punk bitch!" Declaring, as they assaulted Jacky head on; coming one by one down the stairs of the lighthouse. Placing a sole palm on the railing of the stairs as he awaited for one of the pirates to throw a punch, Jacky felt a tiny shock. "Huh!?" Exclaiming as he wondered why the railing had just now shocked him, Jacky set himself into an offensive stance. Running up on Jacky, one of the men threw a skillful slash of a cutlass, causing Jacky to stumble back and touch a wire sticking out of the lighthouse's wall. All of a sudden, a surge of lightning and electricity poured out of the electrical wire and into Jacky; not even shocking the young boy. Absorbing every ounce of the lighthouse's battery, Jacky unknowingly reached the max amount of electrical energy that is capable for a boy like himself; being capped up at twenty points of energy. Unaware on what exactly happened, Jacky continued on the fight. Taking a pipe from the lighthouse floor, Jacky threw it behind the pirate; towards another pirate behind him who dodged it. Yet Jacky's little throw ended up being revealed as just one of his tactics to catch the man off guard. Catapulting his rage filled clenched fist into the pirate's cheek, Jacky knocked him off the stairs which caused him to fall a couple feet down. Flinging another swing of a cutlass, another pirate attempts to take Jacky on. Attempting to dodge a swing from another cutlass, Jacky has his shoulder cut once again. Smacking the pirate in the nose, Jacky wields the pipe from earlier and shoves it into the man's face. Tripping the man, Jacky pounces and kicks the man's face in.

Task Track

Pouncing off of the man's face, Jacky leaves the grunt's nose jacked up; no pun intended. As he jumped right off and kept climbing the stairs, three more men came Jacky's way. Wielding the recently mentioned pipe, Jacky swiftly smacks the next man in his temple as the next man tried to punch Jacky off the railing. In which the pirate succeeded in doing so, though Jacky grasped the pirate's hand and flung him down as he fell. Picking himself up again, Jacky hurled the pipe at the fallen pirate. "Stay down! Hmph!" Jacky told the man as he glared at him, while Jacky's back was turned though. Resulting in an injury to Jacky's own back due to not paying attention. It was the Kiss Wish Pirate's prized navigator, the pirate whom delivered a fatal blow to Jacky's backside. Stumbling as he turned himself around, Jacky glared at the navigator will a fearsome stare; that of a killer. Letting off an extremely dangerous wave of electrical energy in the process, sparks flying onto the skin of the two pirates whom's jobs are to rid of Jacky and protect their captain. "Huh!? Your a devil fruit user now, are you? I haven't seen one of those in a while!" Captain Paul let Jacky know as he finished off the two remaining pirates. "These chumps are useless! Know what kid!? I like you! Consider this a gift, how bout you come join my crew?" Inviting Jacky over to join his crew of rock and roll punks, Paul smirked and opened a hand out to Jacky. "Fuck your crew! I'm here to rob you of all your beli! That is the price you'll have to pay for stepping foot on my gramp's island!" Gales of shouting directed toward the purple haired guitarist, Jacky had roared as he climbed the stairs further into the direction of the man. "Hmph! So be it! I'll smash your head in with my electric guitar; Barbra! I was planning on capturing the great scientist of this island to bring her to life but it seems you want to rock and roll first! Then let us rock and roll!" Announcing the start of their battle, Paul rushes at Jacky with a swinging guitar; aimed for Jacky's face. Concentration on speed and power, Jacky builds up a highly dangerous electrical energy within his legs unknowingly as he focused hard on his target; his prey. Ducking down as if he was lightning itself, Jacky steps into close range and flings his arm back. Then hurdling his electricity filled clenched fist right into Paul's stomach, shocking Kiss Wish's captain in the process. "Damn... Kid!" Paul exclaimed as he rose his fist and punched Jacky in his face. With that type of force put in, Jacky tumbled over and almost fell down the multiple of stairs below him. Setting himself in an offensive stance, Jacky blew off at max speed and threw a barrage of thunderous punches capable of rocking anyone. "How about this... ROLL AND POWER!" Jacky shouted as he rocketed punches toward Paul as if he was a Gatling gun, having his fists roll over and over at the captain's body. Eventually, halting his assault as the electricity built up within his fists wore off. Fried and beaten from all those punches that Jacky sent his way, Paul Stanley; captain of the Kiss Wish Pirates fell face first down the silver stairs within the lighthouse. It was the first victory ever for Jacky as he had never actually fought toe to toe with anybody ever before this event even occurred. That was the story on how Jacky ate his battery battery fruit and defended his home island; Bateria. Now you may be asking "Did Jacky ever actually take beli from the invading pirates? What happened to the pirates? Did they get arrested or drowned to death?". Pondering on about what to do with these pirates, Jacky decided to simply kidnap them up, steal their beli, take their ship, let his grandfather know of his departure, and sail off into the sea known as Paradise; becoming a pirate seeking friends, riches, and freedom.

Burst: 1 Point
Taser: 1 Point
Zip: 5 Point
Roll & Power: 10 Points

Total - 17 Points Spent Volume I: Tesla

WC: 1423
WC Total: 4153
Required WC: 2000
Stamina: 220
Electrical Energy: 3/20

Task End

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7Rock & Roll [Task] Empty Re: Rock & Roll [Task] on Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:10 pm



Other than wanting to remind you that the "enter" button for paragraph spacing is a friend you should visit more often, this was a fun read.

2 story points
250,000 Beli
450,000 Bounty
9,000 EP

All payments applied

Accidentally graded this as a T1 task. Updated numbers:

600,000 Beli
4,450,000 Bounty
14,000 EP

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