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1 Meaning of an Encounter. on Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:41 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa and Magi continued to dance and spin with the violin melody playing in the background as a young lady begun to sing “Iddd have to playyyyy…..oh just come along da da. The lighting in the room was raining down as the moon gazed through the diamond engraved  w dancers thus glazing the floor in a white moon lit light.
She was starting to love this with the pressure of a warm hand on her back and the feeling of her small agile feet gliding along the floor as if she was flying. Elisa more innocent self had always felt like a small bird learning how to fly, flailing around and finally taking off with outstretched wings and wind swept feathers. While her innocent side was slowly being lost after meeting this man called magi she had found a way in order to hold onto herself with a tighter grib; such a simple answer “Enjoy Life”.
Elisa would remember the dream world she dreamt while relaxing in a bath house and that a bird will fly across a field and raise up high and without a second thought as to why, they just did and thus this is what Elisa needed to do with her life.
Magi was a tall guy reaching in at 6 foot tall and 7 inchs, a scruffy beard as if he still had seeds with his youth. Middle Aged yet clearly a strong fighter with no signs of time sinking into his body. He was wearing a blue suit with a full metal plate underneath, strange but to each his own; he had somewhat swept the lost Elisa off his feet.
Later on in the evening the two would spar as despite both really enjoying each others company neither was their for companionship and in fact is was their. “Thank you lass, your actions really helped me see the sun again, I hadn’t had a positive thought in days nor have i seen the sun in 5 damn days”. Elise simply smiled and nod as they started to engage in conflict. “We both got scars from the hells we been through but one has to win and the other has to lose”.

1 hour later; the two of them had been fighting with pure respect and for fun without a winner at which point both bowed and went their own ways gaining a very important lesson and experience about life; both hearing a whisper on the wind as they walked away from each other in gratitude “Remember why you chose this path”.


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