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1What makes us strong [Final]  Empty What makes us strong [Final] on Tue Nov 08, 2016 7:01 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Task Name:Runaway Love
Tier: 3
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal or Crew
Description: After the explosions he would be brought onto the Warship. On board there would be experiments done on Cappadonna, to save his life. But, also to make him into a secret weapon for the World Government. Not creatinging him into a Cyborg, as they don't possess that technology on board but brainwash him after fixing him up. During that time the box that Cappadonna held onto when brought on the ship will serve it's purpose. As a group of pirates would be after Cappadonna for it. For that treasure alone they will attack the Marine Warship and other ships to take it. Cappdonna wouldn't be fully down with his brainwashing when this happens and what happens isn't good.
Enemy Details: ??? Marines [Warship & Three other Marines ships. ??? Pirates Twelve Ships.

Boss: No [Two]

Marine Commodore:

Boss Name:
Tier: 3
Description: Your typical marine officer, nothing really outstanding about him. The type of justice his enforces is that of like Akainu.  
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: God of Haki
Equipment: Tier 3 Cutlass.
Strength: 2
Durability: 1
Speed: 1
Perception: 4

Paradise Pirate:

Boss Name: Captain James
Tier: 3
Description: He has been after what is with that box for such a long time, and he needs it. And he cares not who has it, even Marines. As he has the nerve to even attack a Marine Warship with his small fleet.
Devil Fruit: Bane Bane no Mi  
Haki: Ken
Strength: 4
Durability: 2
Speed: 1 [Boasts at times when DF is used]
Perception: 1

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2What makes us strong [Final]  Empty Re: What makes us strong [Final] on Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:38 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"Well, I think I've saved him." The Doctor/ Scientist would say as she would look at the unconscious Cappadonna. Her name was Dr. Calypso a magnificent asset to the World Government who takes care of many of their secret assignments. Todays, well her current one, was to turn Cappadonna into a weapon for the World Government. Though, due to her current facility on this Warship she couldn't turn him into a Pacifista. Something she wanted to do so that this wasn't so messy, as Cappadonna looked different. He was covered in stiches, as par of his body were gone. Honestly, he appeared to be like the fabled creature Frankenstein.

"Now while he recovers I can't reprogram him. But! I can work on opening this box." She would say as he sit down in a chair and pull herself up to the desk the box was sitting on. She had a few tools next to it that would aid her in opening the box. It had survived, just like Cappadonna, a large explosion. And that could only mean it was made out of some powerful substance.

Hours would pass by until finally she would get it to open. It seems the box was made of Seastone, which was strange. 'Who was able to construct such a powerful box. And for what reason, I guess I'll fine out by the contents of the box.' She would think to herself as she would pull the objects out of the box. First she would remove a note, following that would be a small piece of paper, a ring, and finally a strange fruit. Since the note was the first thing she pulled out that would be the first thing she would read.

'For whoever it may concern. I found one, another of the lost Slaves. I believe this may be the last one that Odin has been searching for. Regardless or not capture him, and change his marking. The new brand must be large and on the back of their skull, so that Odin knows which one it is. He is to not be killed, they need this one. Also, there is a ring make him wear it. That will neutralize him for travel. And finally let him know that he will never be able to escape the clutches of a Celestial Dragon. '

"Now, I am stuck. Should I show this to him, or just get rid of this stuff." She would mumble to herself, somewhat disturb by the note. But when she thought about just deyroing it all she felt a hand on her shoulder, and she would see it was the Commodore. And he would take the note and read it.

"Brand him, but don't give him the fruit. With this information there is a change in plans, as we will be returning him."

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3What makes us strong [Final]  Empty Re: What makes us strong [Final] on Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:07 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"AHH!" The screams of Cappadonna would be the first thing heard. After he was healed a bit more he wasn't even allowed to wake himself up. The pain of being braded was something he could never get used to. And being chained up in able to do nothing but clinch his teeth, fist, and feet to try and fight the pain didn't help.

"Why?! Not again! I don't want to go back!" The thoughts of his passed filled his mind. As they did this way back then. The process of being forced into slavery was one he didn't want to relieve, but he felt that was going to happen.

Throughout the whole ship the cries of Cappdonna would be heard.

"Man, what is she doing to the prisoner?"

"Serves him right."

"I don't think anyone should have to go through that, what he wasn't that bad. All he did was kill Derous. And it isn't like the guy is someone that we liked."

"You are wrong. Derous had many followers, believe it or not. I heard that a small group caused a bit of ruckus after they heard of his jailed, and even more of one after he was killed. Only reason you probably didn't hear about this is because they didn't attack Marines like Derous did. But what they did is considered harsh."

"What they d-" The Sounds of the screaming Cappadonna stop this Marine in his tracks. He couldn't focus on talking while he heard all of that, it was really too much for him. He wasn't the only one to have an disgusted look on his face, as he didn't get it. Yeah, Cappadonna broke into Impel Down but he killed a traitor. Many respected and admired Sanson, especially with him helping with capturing Wallace.  

"ALL HANDS ON DECK! ENEMY VESSELS!" The sound of the Marine within the Crow's nest would announce, which would be shortly followed by the sound of cannon fire. The scrambling of footsteps on the deck of the ship would then occur, everyone rushing to their battle stations. The message would be passed on to the other two Marine escort Ships. No one would see this coming at all. Lucky for the Marine they had at one Warship that could take care of some of the manpower, but twelve was still a large number.

"Tch, prepare to annihilate these Pirates. No one will stand in my way when it comes to turning this bastard in." The Commodore would say, not caring for their reason for wanting to attack them. He didn't care nor would he, as he had one thing in mind.

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4What makes us strong [Final]  Empty Re: What makes us strong [Final] on Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:27 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN! That is a warship! A MARINE WARSHIP! Do you really think it is okay to take it on?!" The First Mate would say to the Captain of the Vessel.

"Shut up Bippo! They have my treasure!" The Captain would say as he continued to stare outward, his eyes on his prize.

"I thought it was your Father" Bippo would say, but would get a sharp glare. And that look alone would make Bippo shiver in terror.

"No, that fuck wanted to give it up as an offering to some Celestials! But it is mine! Grand Father wanted me to have it, dammit! But my fucking Dad wants to appease some rich shits!" The Captain would say.

'Didn't ask for your life story Boss, I just don't want to die.' Bippo would think to himself as he look outward, all of their ships attacking in unison in hopes of damaging the ships so it would be easier to board.

These Pirate went by the Long Beard Pirates. As their Captain, James, simply had a really long beard. The Beard going all the way down to his waist. That wasn't the only thing long about him, not talking about his package, but the feats he and his crew had weren't something to look over. In his career as a Pirate he was able to gain a large fleet, the twelve ships he has now, that have served him well when it came to fighting on the seas. Along with his crew that even tough had may scrubs the pure quantity was overwhelming. Speaking truly bluntly taking out these ships here and also killing Cappadonna could really boast his fame. Though he was going to be facing of against not your average Marine Commodore.

He is average but holds the same ambition for greatness just as Captain James, and he doesn't play any games. He is truly a ruthless Marine that will take care of any Pirate that he comes across, even if they are children. Pirates disgust him greatly and he will never let one get out from his clutches.

Three forces in total were about to clash. The one that hasn't really been talked about was Cappadonna, a Revolutionary. At this time he had not recovered from his brand, but he wasn't screaming in pain any longer. Not at all. He was pissed, which came rarely. He didn't want to go back, he couldn't go back. And then it hit him hard. All the faces of the people who caused him great pain. The Celestial Dragon, Odin, and Cervantes. They wronged him, those three bastards caused all of this.

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5What makes us strong [Final]  Empty Re: What makes us strong [Final] on Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:50 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

What makes us strong [Final]

"Relax! Is that cannon fire? HEY! Bloom! Relax, please. They told me to. I was only doing what I was told!" Dr. Calypso would say as Cappadonna was getting out of control, and it was scaring her. So much was going on and it was overwhelming, and she didn't know what to do. "Hungry!?! I can give you food? Would that calm you?"

"HURRY UP AND BRING IT!" Cappadonna would yell, as he was hungry. But he hoped she brought him something that had seeds, or bones. Anything with a hard substance within it. He would kill her with that. Yes, he would kill her with a seed or piece of bone. She would quickly reach and grab the fruit of the table and rush it over to him, and Cappadonna would take a large bite from it.

He would stop his little tantrum, as he was disgusted. Unable to spit it out in time the soreness and bitterness of the fruit twisted his face, but that wasn't the only thing. He began to feel extremely weird.

"Shit!" It hit Dr. Calypso hard, as she gave him the Devil Fruit. But she had a chance, as she would rush over to the ring. With that she could subdue him, and not die. A Seastone ring will be enough to take care of any Devil Fruit user.

Quickly she would rush over to the table and reach for the ring, and once she got it she would turn to Cappadonna. But, in horror she dropped the ring onto the ground. "I'm sorry." She would say as she looked at him, he breaking from his restraints. The rest of the fruit in his hand now, as he wanted to finish it. Something within him telling him he had to finish it.

"From how strange it is, this must be a Devil Fruit. Thanks, idiot. Now I can't go swimming anymore, and I have to be really careful. But, I want to thank you. As now I know who I must go after. " Cappadonna would tell her as he began to slowly walk toward her. In her eyes he looked like a monster, as he gripped her throat.

"COMMODORE! THEY SNUCK THE OTHER TWO SHIPS!" One of the Grunts would yell out as the enemy vessels drew closer.

"I don't care, they are only down to a few. We will have casualties, but we will not lose to them. Marines will never be defeated to any Pirate Scum, understand that. And someone do down and check up on the Doctor, and make sure the Prisoner hasn't been killed either. I care not for the Doctor, but I need the Prisoner alive." The Commodore would tell one of the grunts.

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6What makes us strong [Final]  Empty Re: What makes us strong [Final] on Thu Nov 17, 2016 3:48 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

What makes us strong [Final]  Tumblr_static_1z4b7scmmskk004occsccg88w

"CAPTAIN! WE LOST SEVEN SHIPS!" Bippo would scream as he didn't like this. It was a amazing that they haven't had their ship sunk yet, and he was scared.

"Stop yelling Bippo, we are about to board them. What we lost we will gain, as I've decided to also take the Warship as well." Captain James would say as their ship finally had gotten close enough so that hey could use the boards. Well so that his grunts could use them.  

"B-but." Bippo still was afraid and he didn't want to board the Warship, as he didn't know who owned it. Maybe it was a some type of Admiral, and they couldn't fight one of those.

"Shut the hell up crying, and let's move. BOARD THE WARSHIP. Bippo, shoulder now." Captain James would say as he would crouch. Not so that Bippo would get on his shoulder but to get ready and use his technique. His legs turning into springs. Bippo was a dwarf and he would simply jump up to land on his Captain's shoulder. He would seem to vanish in the eyes of the grunts that had been watching the Pirates, firing upon them and preparing for them to board. A dent would be in the wood of the deck of Captain James' deck. Just at the spot he was standing at.

"Who do you think you are?" The Commodore would ask as he looked down at Captain James. The Pirate was crouching on a dead marine. But that wasn't what angered the Commodore. The fact that this Pirate thought he was touch enough to board his ship pissed him off.

"Well, I am Captain James. Who the fuck do you think you are?" Captain James would say as he would stand all the way up. Now looking eye to eye with the Commodore. He also angry at being even talked to by the a Marine.

"Your executioner!" The Commodore would declare as he would unsheathe his weapon and lash out. He held his cutlas tight within his right hand. The Commodore would also step backwards as he did this, to give himself a bit of more distance. Allow his Cutlass to determine the distance he would keep between the Pirate. As he has this strange natural ability he gained form years of experience that allows him to gauge the ability of his foe. And from what he could tell from Captain James, the guy would be a bit of a handful.


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7What makes us strong [Final]  Empty Re: What makes us strong [Final] on Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:16 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

What makes us strong [Final]  Tumblr_static_1z4b7scmmskk004occsccg88w

The grunt assigned to go check up on the Doctor and Cappadonna would finally make it down to the place they were, and he would be shocked. They were gone and the place was trashed, and this wasn't good at all. "Shit....this isn't good at all...NOT AT ALL"

What happened

"P...p-please..." She would barely be able to make out that one word, but when she did it got to Cappadonna. And he would let her go, dropping her to the ground. He could've killed her, but he thought about it. He needed this woman. He didn't feel like fighting all that much, even though he could. He wanted to get back to Jaya, as his target was there. Also he would need help getting off of this Boat.

"I won't kill you. But you work for me now, got that?" Cappadonna would tell her as he would tell her as he would look around. Right now, he was naked. Yup, been naked the whole damn time. But, he would find a nice white outfit hanging up. From the size of it the outfit was his, he just wanted put in it yet. "Also, don't pick that ring back up, or I will kill you." Cappadonna would add.

Dr. Calypso had finally regained her breather, "Okay...follow me." She wasn't going to lie to him. She didn't know exactly what Devil Fruit he had just eaten, and didn't want to be the first to have to take the pain from it. She loved her life and was only working with the World Government to fund her own projects, they didn't own her. And she did plan to leave, but not like this obviously.


The Battle between the Commodore and Captain James raged on, but at the end Captain James will be slain. But the mast of the ship was damaged, from the fight. "Damn Pirates." The Commodore would say as he would sever the head of Captain james. The dwarf also had died, crushed under the foot of the Commodore. How long this battle had been going on was about five hours, but the Marines came out on top. Killing a majority of the pirate and taking the rest that surrender into custody.

"COMMODORE! THEY ARE GONE!" The Grunt form earlier would say. He had gotten into a skirmish when he got back on the deck, so he couldn't immediately tell the Commodore this.

"WHAT!" The Commodore was more angrier than when Captain James boarded his ship. He lost his ticket to a higher rank, but he wouldn't sit idly by. "Head in the direction of Jaya, that is where he is headed. I just know."  

"We can't." Someone would say.

"WHY?" The Commodore would snap.

"The mast has suffered damaged and we have too many injured to pursue." The First mate would tell the Commodore.Arguing between those two on what to do would ensue. To cut to the point they wouldn't chase after Cappadonna, but they will be back for him.

"Why do I have to row? You are a big guy, why can't you?" Dr. Calypso would say.

"Oh, shut up. I had to keep my eye out to make sure we aren't followed." Cappadonna would say as he would switch places with her and begin to row. Cappadonna and Calypso stole a rowboat during the fighting, not being paid much mind to. This being because Cappadonna had Calypso lower it. And with his haki activated and he was able to know the position of every eh would only move when he wouldn't be seen, aided with his speed he wouldn't be seen. The only two that might be able to see him being engaged in combat. hey would then begin to row, both at first to get a large gap of distance between them. Cappdonna would then stop and only have Calypso do it, so he can watch for any danger. But there wouldn't be any. And they did make it out scot free, though Cappadonna would be more wanted. And he didn't get any wealth from this little thing, besides a fruit.

wc- 685

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8What makes us strong [Final]  Empty Re: What makes us strong [Final] on Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:20 pm

bout time I get some action

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