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1{1 - 1} Another Pirate, Another Paycheck Empty {1 - 1} Another Pirate, Another Paycheck on Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:26 pm

Task Name: Another Pirate, Another Paycheck.
Tier: 1
Location: Alabasta
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Pretty simple, A pirate captain has ordered some of your stock. Go make the transaction with him.
Enemy Details: -
Boss: No

Gear: Energy pistol (2 upgrades), Energy pistol (0 upgrades), EDI, Central System.

“Alright, get this stuff loaded up, I want to move out in fifteen” Ro called over to her assistant. She was meeting with the captain of the Mongrel Pirates this afternoon, and she had a weapons shipment to drop off for them. It was a decent order and would keep her operations going for a good month or so. These pirates would no doubt be making quite the kerfuffle with what she was giving them, but that was none of her business. Was dealing arms to pirates illegal? Yes, but that was the world governments’ law, and who’s to say that they could make the rules for her? That being said, she still had to make these sort of deals under the counter. She was still at the mercy of the marines should they decide to come marching in and stop her. It was simply the fact that her existence was hidden and her dealings were insignificant enough not to be noticed or even investigated much.

The shipment wasn’t much more than a few guns and swords, basic pirates having basic tastes. She had given up in convincing their like that she had so much more to offer, they just never seemed to appreciate her craft as much as she thought it deserved. Oh well, it was just another paycheck at the end of the day, and one that she wouldn’t turn her nose up at. When the young lad had secured the crate to the trolley, the pair set off for the agreed rendezvou. Their storage warehouse was little more than a bunker tucked away under the countryside but it served it’s purpose. It was a small operation she was working, but at least she now had enough beli flowing to employ a bit of labour to help her with the heavy lifting. Before she left, Ro set up EDI so that it would craft another version of itself.

The sun was as hot as ever, the long dirt road stretched out ahead of them for a good couple of hours. Upon reaching their destination, a few settlements were barely visible from the roadside. Directing the assistant down the hill, the pair descended down to the hideout. Making sure to make herself seen, Ro stepped into the courtyard with her hands up, hoping none of the dopey pirates would let off led in her direction. Soon enough, some haggard middle aged man would toddle on out of one of the houses to come and greet her.

using EDI (20% crafting discount) and the Automated Systems skill with Make Gadget to make another EDI: 421/400

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2{1 - 1} Another Pirate, Another Paycheck Empty Re: {1 - 1} Another Pirate, Another Paycheck on Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:10 pm

After short conversation and a rude eyeballing courtesy of the old man, she was invited in to see the captain. She told her assistant to wait outside and that she would call to him when the transaction had been made. She had a pair of energy pistols strapped to her side in case the outlaws wanted to try something funny. She doubted they would though, there was a strange respect among people dealing with each other. It had something to do with the base human instinct that was bred into people. Strive for a mutually beneficial arrangement and don’t screw each other over… or something like that. Still, there was always those who were whacked out enough to try something. But that was just a danger of the job. She was more than capable of defending herself.

Rokuju sauntered on into the rickety old residence, displaying a cool confidence. Upon entering, she passed a couple of boozed up pirate folk playing cards over a measly pile of beli, their eyes darting up from their cards in an inebriated half-focus. She progressed further into the den, walking into a dark room with half a dozen souls scattered throughout it. At the end of the room sat a mountain of a man, his nose deformed into a snout by some past injury. He sat there in wait for Rokuju, his beady little yellow eyes focussing on the newcomer. Ro approached, unperturbed by the daunting situation. “You got the shit?” The brute called from the other side of the room. Ro cringed inwardly, bracing herself for an elegantless exchange. Bringing herself up within a few metres, she met his eyes with her own, making sure to express an assertive yet non-confronting presence. “Yes, It is all there, as we agreed. Ten pistols, ten rifles and twenty cutlasses. You may have at them as soon as I have my money.” There was no point in being anything less than straight to the point with this man.

A deep grumble came from his throat, as if he was thinking it through. There should have been nothing left to discuss, the order had already been confirmed to. He stood and slowly stomped over to Ro, towering over the young woman. She didn’t budge an inch, but couldn’t help fluttering an eyebrow when she felt his hot smelly breath flow onto her face. Stripes of light fell across his face from the gaps in the wooden walls, dividing and bordering his disfigured features. The tension had rose with this act of aggression. Ro wasn’t too worried yet, brutes such as the one in front of her often liked to resort to intimidation tactics to get what they wanted.

using EDI with Automated Systems and Create Weapon to make an energy pistol 478/400

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3{1 - 1} Another Pirate, Another Paycheck Empty Re: {1 - 1} Another Pirate, Another Paycheck on Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:47 pm

After the captain was done with his little stand off, he pushed past her and wandered a few metres. “It better all work”. He bent down to rummage through some trash.
“I can assure you that all of my goods are of the highest grade, you will be well equipped for whatever endeavors you attempt.” Ro’s eyes followed the man as he produced a sack that jingled with the sound of glorious gold. Her ears perked up at the sound, the young Vinsmoke always delighted by the metallic currency. It looked like she would be payed in the form of raw loot. Usually people used noted beli as currency, but for pirates, treasure often came in the form of gold. She didn’t mind at all, she could always melt down these stolen pieces into something of indiscriminate worth. It was another advantage of being her customer, the origin of the payment had little consequence to her.

He threw the booty at her which she caught, stumbling back with it’s sheer weight. She always forgot how heavy gold was. Opening the sack she could see a few things here and there, rings and goblets and candlestick holders. These pirates had been busy, it looked like they had been quite the menace to the people of Sandy Island. Satisfied that what she was after was all there, she indicated to the door. “Now, if you will accompany me, I will show you to your weapons. The other pirates that littered the room perked their heads up like dogs when their owner presents a treat. It was time for them to get more hurty toys. The captain made for the door, his hulking body barely making it through the fram. The rest of the crew were at his heels, eager to see what Mrs Claus at brought them this year.

The pirates had already swamped the crate when Ro exited into the full sunlight. She threw the sack of gold at her assistant much the same was as she had received it. Unfortunately for the boy, it caught him on the shoulder and sent him tumbling over himself. The merchandise was already out in the scruffy crew’s hands, their fingers tracing over the delicate workmanship. It looked like they were happy with their end of the deal, as they should be, Rokuju after all was one of a kind when it came to her art. She bid them farewell and headed back off down the road, with her assistant in tow. Today was a success, and she now had a bit of breathing room when it came to budgeting. Together with the transaction that she had completed with the marines, it looked like she may finally start being able to expand. Things were starting to look on the up and up.

"Come on, hurry up. We aren't done for today. We have preparations to make!" She was almost skipping with anticipation, the designs for the future beginning to brew in her mind. The young assistant didn't even bother to filter out the loud groan as he tugged on the trolley mounted with the booty bag.

using EDI with Automated Systems and Upgrade and Refined Smith to upgrade a 0 upgrade energy pistol to 2 upgrades 606/600
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4{1 - 1} Another Pirate, Another Paycheck Empty Re: {1 - 1} Another Pirate, Another Paycheck on Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:32 am



250,000 Beli
200,000 Bounty
6,000 EP

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