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1What makes us strong? pt.2 Empty What makes us strong? pt.2 on Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:11 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy



Task Name: What a time to be alive
Tier: 2
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal or Crew
Description: Well, after getting supplies, mainly a gun, Cappadonna boards the Sea train and heads out. Though, it seemed Marines new of this. Due to his actions at Impel Down, sneaking in and killing ex Rear Admiral Derous, he was a target. The Marines are able to stop the Sea Train and even board it, but due to Cappadonna killing many of them they end up blowing it up. Somehow he survives and they take him onto the Warship.
Enemy Details: ??? Amount of Marines
Note: Not all enemies will be fought.

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2What makes us strong? pt.2 Empty Re: What makes us strong? pt.2 on Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:17 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

What makes us strong? pt.2 Chihiro-train

'Brother! We all will get out of this! So have faith, we will go to that place soon.' A dark skinned teen would say to another, albeit younger, dark skinned boy. In total there were five boys and one girl.

'Yeah, keep your head up Big Brother! SMILE!' The only girl would say.

'You five come with us! Get up!' A man glad in white would say to the those minus the one that was having his hope srisen.

'Remember keep your head up Brother.' The girl will say again before the cell door would be closed behind her.

'I will.' The boy, who was a younger Cappadonna, would say faintly. Hours later they would come for him. And what was told, in the task prior to this one, would take place.

Currently, Cappadonna was just sitting in his seat on the Sea Train. The cart he was in was not that crowded, a few people heading from the others to his. He didn't pay them much attention, as they walked passed his seat for a brief second. It was a pretty chill environment, and Cappadonna was glad about that. He really did enjoy times of relaxation. Being on Jaya he had to look over his shoulder a lot. And that was somewhat strange and somewhat not. Jaya was a Island a lot of pirates went to without worry of Marines, and they for the most part got a long. But, there was a few people that hunted others for whatever reason. There was a couple reasons Cappadonna was hunted though. Some didn't believe him killing Derous, who not many pirates liked. So even wanted to take Cappadonna's place, by killing him and stealing his identity. And another reason to see who they stood up against others within this world. As Cappadonna killing Derous means, if he needed to, could've killed Sansom like Derous did. And the reputation Sanson got for participating in capturing Wallace made him not seem like a weak indivail.  

"Can I sit with you?" A sweet and kind voice would be heard and Cappadonna would immediately turn to it. She was a very beatiful woman that probably was sought after by many men, but not Cappadonna. From his past he really doesn't have any attraction to anyone but himself.

"Yeah, that is fine." He would tell her, though he didn't understand. He didn't get why she wanted to sit with him, with all the all open seat around.

"So how are you today?" She would ask him with a warm alluring smile.

'Ugh, one of those people.' Cappadonna wasn't a fan of small talk, but he also didn't like being rude unless he wasn't in the mood. "I'm fine, just enjoying the ride. How about you?" He felt obligated to ask a follow up question, as not doing so would make him seem like he was rude.


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3What makes us strong? pt.2 Empty Re: What makes us strong? pt.2 on Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:49 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

What makes us strong? pt.2 Chihiro-train

"Eh, I had to leave the cart I was in. Guys really don't know how to relax around pretty girls." She would say, she would say more things as well. But, Cappadonna would fade out. He really didn't care as he didn't know this lady, and she kinda ticked him off. From things he heard, from getting back into the conversation, he would talk badly about her. Such as her making a comment about how pretty she was, and him thinking she wasn't all that. And things along those lines. Her bullshit did take his attention away from what was going on around him though. This being how more people had gotten into this cart, and weren't your average civilian. Marines, the boys in blue, are the ones that came in. Positioning themselves in strategic places within the cart.

"You see that?" Cappadonna would say pointing outside of the window, and that would grab her attention. He would then be smooth and move out of his seat, grabbing his box and start walking down the aisle. And well he would stop in his tracks, as he didn't like this at all. Though they tried to hide it they surrounded him. His eyes were something else so not really being that good at hiding would eliminate any element of surprise you try to pull on him.

That didn't mean he wasn't in a pickle as he didn't know the exact number of Marines,the weapons they held, and if anyone were of a high level of combat strength. So Cappadonna would activate his haki, and push it to it's limit. 'Well, I really am in a pickle.'

"Hey, sit back down. I wasn't done talking with you, so getting away from me won't be that easy, Mr. Bloom." The Woman would say as he stood behind him, pressing something against his back. Which he presumed was a gun, which was trash. She really pulled a gun on him like she was about that life. Actually, she might be as Cappadonna has come across kill happy Marines. She didn't wear a Marine uniform though, so who was she. Was she just an undercover Marine or worse. Was she apart of a Cipher Pol.

"I haven't done anything wrong. You must have me mistaken for someone else, I don't know anyone named 'Bloom.'" Cappadonna would say, as he wanted to just be left alone. He needed to repay his debts, so he couldn't get arrested here.


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4What makes us strong? pt.2 Empty Re: What makes us strong? pt.2 on Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:04 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

What makes us strong? pt.2 Chihiro-train

"Why are you trying to lie? You match the description to a T, so sit down. I wanna continue talking before they pick us up. And you others, come out of cover. I didn't need you guys to tag along, but now that you are here make yourself of use. Some go disconnect this cart from the others, it should be fine we are in the last one. Others keep your guns ready, but don't aim them over here. Don't want you idiots shooting me on accident from getting jumpy. Didn't I say sit down?" Barking orders is all these World Government dogs did, but that could be said about all factions within this world. Cappadonna though wasn't a fan of being ordered around, as he answered to no one. He was his own man, he had no Master.

"Okay, I'm moving." Cappadonna didn't have his hands up but at his side one had on his box and another with the coin bag. He would reach into the coin bag fully now, slowly doing this once he found out he was surrounded. And when she finally gave her final order to Cappadonna he would act. Flicking two coin of beli outward having both bounce off of the back of the cart. Then they would begin to bounce around the cart. The amount of power and speed he had put into it caused this. Everyone, but Cappadonna, would be confused at the sudden sound of the two coins bouncing around and finally when one would hit the Female int he side of the head.

Cappadonna knew he wouldn't be able to kill her or even knock her out from this, but that wasn't the reason for this. He would reach around him and wrap his hand around the guy, not snatching it away but just moving it so when she fired, which she would when he grabbed it, he could make her miss. Simutally he would back elbow her, which would make her lose her grip on the gun.

She would stumble backwards, holding her now broken nose. "Don't shoot." She would say as the other Marines would begin aiming their guns at Cappadonna, she still felt they might hit her. Showing that she valued her life greatly.

Cappadonna had held the gun correctly now, and held it in the direction at the female. "Can we just forget all of this? I don't want to fight, you guys out number me." Cappadonna would tell her.

She continued to hold her nose and Cappadonna could just tell she was pissed, just from her eyes. Oh, how she looked at him like he disgusted her. As if he was the devil himself, which to her he probably was. She didn't love her looks.


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5What makes us strong? pt.2 Empty Re: What makes us strong? pt.2 on Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:32 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

What makes us strong? pt.2 68348466b7c0cdcd1c5ac628314a4020

" You dare strike a woman? No, a Female CP officer!?! Do you think I, forget about everyone else, would allow you to just leave now!? You will die here, damn the mission. Cappadonna...Daniels Bloom, whatever your damn name is. You will die in this shitty cart!." The CP agent would declare as she would reach to her side, and draw her cutlas.

"Bringing a knife to a gunfight, won't do you any good. Just give up, cause I don't feel like killing." Cappadonna would tell her, trying to speak with reason. His bounty should be enough to swayed anyone that wants to fight him away, that are ill prepared. But, this anger this lady held was too much, it clouded her judgement.

"I am one of the deadliest with a blade within this damn world, bastard! Now DIE!" She would thrust her blade forward. And Cappadonna had to give her props, as she was fast. As he had to jump backwards. She wouldn't stop though and she forced Cappadonna's hand, so he would fire at her from point blank range. Surprisingly she would avoid the bullet, and with grace and skill.

'I really am in a pickle. She is limiting me from firing a good shot, and ones that I do take she avoids. Ugh, bitch move!' Cappadonna seemed to be getting pressed hard, and the CP agent wasn't holding back at all. She was really vicious, but fatigue was starting to show. She seemed to be pushing herself to the limit at the very start of this fight, and was giving her all to defeat Cappadonna. Finally she would slip up and Cappadonna would move, pushing the tip of the gun at her side and shooting. This was his last shot, as he ran out of bullets, everyone didn't know that though. He was the only one counting his shots.

'Shit, they have me surrounded. WHERE DID THOSE SHIPS COME FROM! And they disconnect the damn cart, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!' Cappadonna was trapped and couldn't do anything. He would keep the gun on the CP Agent, "Drop your guns your she dies." They would do so, as even though she was a bitch she was thier superior. Cappadonna would kick her sword away and reach down to grab his box.

"I know you have a Den Den Mushi, pull it out! And tell them I want safe passage out of here, or you all die." In Cappadonna's mind it was time to bargain, and get the hell out of here. He was really banking on her life being of great value, being a CP agent.

Cappadonna didn't shoot her in a vital area, but there was a pool of blood. She would slow remove her Den Den Mushi, "Fuck you!" Cappadonna would cock the gun, and then she would begin to talk into the Den Den Mushi.

"This is Claire. My attempt at capturing him failed, go with plan B."

"What?" Cappadonna didn't like the sound of that, or the one that followed. Cannon fire would be heard and on instinct Cappadonna would rush to the window and force himself out. But, he only avoided death. As the explosion and scrap metal would tear him asunder, whilst killing the others.


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6What makes us strong? pt.2 Empty Re: What makes us strong? pt.2 on Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:53 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


It didn't take long for them to recover Cappadonna; but many were saddened that was all they recover. Quickly, the Pirate on Death's door would be treated by the Doctor/Scientist on board. She being able to save his life, though not really saving his looks. The man covered in stitches just to make him look whole again, though that didn't mean she could make him work. There was a lot of damage.

"Sir, I don't think I can treat him anymore than this. We need to take him back to the Base, and start the program. If I am to make him into a real weapon for us, we need to make it there by tonight."

"I already know. Just focus on keeping him alive for now, and don't forget to extract the information we need. This Revolutionary not be allowed to hold any more secrets.  And what is that?"

"I understand, Sir. Oh, and that is the box he held onto when we got him. I only got it away from him when I fixed him up. I'll check it out after I finish the task you just gave me."

Cappadonna would hear thier conversation but he couldn't speak, nor move at all. 'Who are these people? I know I didn't die, but why can't I move anything? Why can't I even open my eyes? WHY THE FUCK DID THE FIRE ON THE CART LIKE THAT!' He was so confused and afraid. He never expected marines to do such a thing, as they killed thier own men from the looks of it.

wc- 263

TWC- 2,163/2,000

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7What makes us strong? pt.2 Empty Re: What makes us strong? pt.2 on Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:18 pm

Meh. Wasn't much but u did fight some Cps so gotta give u credit for that

100k Beli
3 mil bounty

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