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1Help that guy stole my purse! Empty Help that guy stole my purse! on Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:50 pm

It was a normal brisk day on the docks of water for the most part. The winds blew something fierce and the ocean reeked of salt and fish as usual. Reina for the most part was going about her business as usual, well as usual as a new set of tasks could be. To her right was her right hand girl Lana, who was keeping her on task. As an Ensign Reina spent most of her time doing grunt work or goofing off. Now she was expected to do all sorts of nasty supervision type jobs, the sort of normal stuff that comes with being higher rank. " Hey missy, don't you be getting down on me! There's work to be done before the shipments from surrounding islands come in. Then you have to find the docks manager and direct traffic. Then you have to inspect the places where our merchants will be setting up shop".

Reina during this barrage of stuff to do had her hands on her temple, teeth clenched and eyes shut tightly. She shook her head vehemently and shouted at her subordinate, " No no no no, sheesh for god's sake Lana. Give me two seconds to process these things. ONE ITEM AT A TIME"! Lana went silent for a moment and Reina got nervous, she looked up to see her friend with her middle finger and thumb in a loop, flicking her in the forehead. " You gotta get yer butt in gear missy. These things ain't gonna get done on their own". The redhead nodded with tears welling in her eyes and kept walking to her first destination.

During this men and women dressed in different attire were keeping tabs on the newly promoted officer. From the rooftops men with binoculars spied on her movements. In surrounding parks and shops, people in seemingly harmless roles were giving the two girls subtle glances. Since Reina was too busy complaining and her friend too busy trying to keep her in line, there was not much they could do to actually notice these behaviors. A man in the shadows lifted a baby den den mushi to his lips, " The fly has buzzed into the honey pot, I repeat the fly has buzzed into the honey pot".

With that a gang of men and women started to move in on them. Some changed outfits, others were following the duo in the back alleyways. All the while, a massive fleet of ships was closing in on Water 7's docks. They came in all shapes in sizes, some big and others towering like skyscrapers.

Reina could only fall to her knees, with tears flowing down her cheeks. " Why lana! WHY DO I HAVE TO HANDLE THIS"?

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2Help that guy stole my purse! Empty Re: Help that guy stole my purse! on Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:27 am

Baz didn't really want to walk around Water 7 today but he thought it was in his best interest to do so. He had nothing on this Kiretsu guy and he hopefully could find some knowledge if he patrolled the streets and observed this island along with the people on it. That's what he did normally when he couldn't find someone, eventually something would turn a stone. "This is a drag, why the hell am I stuck in Water 7. If Ellie could have just been smarter with her gun she probably could have taken that guy out" said Bazel as he continued to walk down the streets of water 7. People here were riding bulls and enjoying the scenery but something was off about this.. There were people on the roofs scattered around water 7 and they looked as if they were going to be doing something really stupid soon, however Bazel tried to refrain from getting himself involved, he needed not get in any trouble, especially before he found Kiretsu as he didn't want to alarm the man that he was indeed here. "Hmm, they don't look like they'd be that much of a problem if they got out of line, until then.. I'll let them be" thought Bazel.

Around this time Bazel had began to make his way to the docks as he did indeed plan on informing his crew that he couldn't get eyes on Kiretsu or his men. While approaching the docks Bazel noticed the woman he met at the bar earlier, she was here and it looked like she was the target of the attack due to the men's coordination of their plans. At the same time people began to scream as a fleet of small ships began to approach the island also with men on them "hmm said Bazel as at the same time, various men started advancing forward towards the docks from alleyways and rooftops towards the woman who looked annoyed by all of this. "She can't be the brightest, giving up at a time like this" joked Bazel. He however wouldn't get involved at first. He wanted to see what this woman was made of, made him wonder if she could actually help him find his sister and Kiretsu. Hopefully she didn't get herself killed here and proved she was useful.

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3Help that guy stole my purse! Empty Re: Help that guy stole my purse! on Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:11 am

Without much of an after thought Lana grabbed her by the ear and dropped the Reina without a second thought. " You can't change the world if you're stuck being useless outside of combat. Now get to it". Reina nodded her head and began to follow her friend's lead reluctantly. Her posture was all out of whack and her pace was barely keeping up with Lana's relatively normal stride. " I--just don't like this stuff", she whimpered with a defeated look on her face. Lana just shook her head and continued to move toward the docks with her check list in hand.

It was around half way toward the docks that a woman with her child were minding their own business when a young turk in his late teens sprinted out of the blue and snatched her purse. The man grinned at Reina and Lana who blankly stared at him for a moment, in awe of his audacity. " What are you doing? Stop him"!

Reina snapped out of it, instantly freeing herself from the blonde girl's grip and began bolting after the ruffian. The man was surprisingly quick on his feet, knocking apples and oranges from nearby street stands to try and slow Reina down. However, she simply vaulted over them as easily as breathing due to her fighting style. Everything she'd make progress, he'd thrown something in her way or try to disappear into an alleyway. But as a former street rat herself, she made quick work of any obstacle he tried to use on her.

Slowly but surely what started off as a simple chase was turning into a suspicious one that even got reina thinking. Nonetheless no matter how long it took, she would ignore her burning sides and sprint forward after the man. The chase lead them into the slums, where the place was not dominated by giant buildings and mechanizations using seawater. But rather it was filled with drugs, violence and unscrupulous characters looking onward at the chase. Every now and then a mother would throw a pot at her or a man would jeer at the marine, telling her take her "phony" ass of there. Indeed she was not welcome here,but this chase was based on principle. After a series of twists and turns, the man no longer had anywhere to run. Before him was an angry Reina, cracking her knuckles with a smile on her face. " End of the line kid".

Just then footsteps in the distance started to converge on them. The kid smirked back, " yea maybe for you stupid bitch".

My character sheet:Link
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