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1Power of Destruction: Kuja Slice WIP Empty Power of Destruction: Kuja Slice WIP on Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:38 pm

Priority: Primary
Fighting Style: Sword Style
Skill Set Name: Power of Destruction: Kuja Slice
Skill Set Information: 

Nearly every crew and organization has a swordsman in it. A skilled swordsman is a valuable asset to a crew, and swordsmen are often found in positions of high respect, such as a first mate or even the captain. Swordsmen from Wano Country are referred as "Samurai" (侍 samurai?). Participants of Corrida Colosseum are known as Gladiators (剣闘士 kentōshi?), warriors trained in shields and swords. Of the swordsmen there are two types, speed types and power types, while someone like Brook is a speed type, Zoro is classified as a power type.

Certain swordsmen possess the ability to channel their energy through their swords, with a number of applications:

[*]Cutting things that are usually harder than the sword itself, such as certain types of stone or even steel. The substance usually splits apart a few moments after being cut.

[*]Transferring the force of a cut over a distance by swinging the sword at high speed, creating a "vacuum blade" of compressed air; or by simply creating strong winds with sword blows. This is known as a Flying Slash Attack (飛ぶ斬撃 Tobu Zangeki?). The color of these attacks varies between users such as blue, green, purple etc.

[*]Cutting objects that are thicker than the length of the sword, such as buildings or ships.

[*]Channeling elemental power into sword slashes, such as fire or electricity.

[*]Imbuing the swords with Busoshoku Haki to increase slicing power, as well as protect the blade from chipping.


Only when you reach Tier 2 with your Skills may you use any of these traits and even then only 2 are at your disposal. Then at Tier 3 the rest come into your hands. One should specify in the note section of their Skill Set what two traits they take at Tier 2. Until then you are a typical swordsman when it comes to your swordplay. Even then when it comes to channeling elements, either fire or electricity, a person may only choose one and it should be noted this is not to an extreme degree, but a simple augmentation.


  • -
  • -
  • -

Skillset Strengths:

Skillset Weaknesses:

  • Mainly a close combat type of fighting so it has little to no use in ranged fighting.

At T2 the user can use Electricity with skills and create vacuum waves. At T3 the user obtains all other abilities of Power of Destruction.
Attribute Priorities:

  • Primary Attribute
  • Secondary Attribute
  • Non-Prioritized Attributes

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