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1 The No. 13 Baby on Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:57 am

Civilian resistance was never fun. You could go through hell and back, see the worst of the worst and get completely fucked up because of it, but as soon as you stepped back into modern society the world's against you. Out on there field there's a code of honor, 'you watch my back, I'll watch yours' but there it was completely different, as if they were fighting a war within their own society. In the military he was trusted with thousand dollar equipment, trusted, respected but then as soon as he walked out of there he couldn't even be trusted to enjoy a meal in peace. He'd caught them looking his direction as soon as he walked into the door, their gaze heavy on his mind, sinking into him like fangs. He had seen their sort before, the kind who believed in the freedom to do whatever they damn pleased and were more than happy to complain till they could. It had taken a total of three minutes before the accusations had began, calling him a child killer and the such, the kinds of things only an idiot would believe in. Still, his silence only seemed to encourage them, eventually causing him to be forced from the cafe by them and the owner, his sandwich spread over the concrete outside, a perfectly good meal ruined based on political opinion. The oriental scuffed his shoe on the pathway, kicking a chunk of mayo covered lettuce at the closed door, leaving an ugly smear behind. "Yeah, fuck you too!" A lame comeback and way too late, he had already been outside for far too long. Patting down his loose white dress shirt and making he didn't have any significant food marks on him, he turned to walk down the street, hands in his pocket with a growl of hunger around him, his eyes filled with confusion and anger.

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3 Re: The No. 13 Baby on Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:02 am

He was starstruck, how could he not be? It was as if the pages in his text books were coming to life, stepping before him and offering a sandwich. He know exactly who she was, obviously. There wasn't a Marine who didn't at this point. A living legend in her own right, the kind that would go down in the history books with the greats. He slowly took the sandwich from her, doing his best not to act like an over excited idiot. The cogs in his brain turned, trying to formulate a response that wouldn't make him look like a complete fucking tool. "The Cerulean Faith who had a bounty higher than I can count before she could even drink?" He asked with a cock brow, mentally wanting to kill himself for even bringing it up. You didn't bring up the sins of ones past, especially not to a woman of her stature. Even when he stood over her, he felt minor in comparison, like a child stepping into the world of adults. Completely ridiculous considering that he was no doubt around twice her age, but, sometimes you can't control the way your emotions work. "I would love that, thank you very much. Dave's is nice, but I would like some better hospitality next time, huh?" He let out a sharp laugh that rocked through his whole body, his hands moving to the back of his head, resting it in place as he did so. "You'll have to excuse me, young lady. It's not every day I get to meet someone like you, I'm honestly not sure how I should be behaving. I meant no offense."

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5 Re: The No. 13 Baby on Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:06 pm

"It's like I'm in some movie. I almost feel like I should ask for your autograph..." He trailed off, watching as she was allowed into a building that would put him on a week long waiting list. Letting out a low whistle, he trailed behind, peering this way and that, breathing in the sights. The sandwich was still in his hand, something that was probably a little rude considering that they were going to get food, but it wasn't like he could just eat it. It was filled with meat, something he wouldn't allow himself to slip up on. Quickly looking around to make sure no one was focusing on him, he stuffed the food into the pocket of his pants, immediately feeling the mayo dampen his leg. Hurrying into the other side of the booth, he started scanning over the menu, looking for something that wouldn't cost too much. It was a free meal, sure, but you didn't abuse that kind of thing. "Do you mind if I ask, if it's not too rude, what someone like you is doing in little ol' Logue? There isn't exactly a whole lot going on down here, almost exactly the opposite. It seems kind of over the top to have someone of, uhh, your caliber down here." You had to tread lightly when talking about that kind of stuff, it wasn't the kind of thing you could just blurt out for the world to see. Luckily, his face was blocked off by the menu, otherwise she would be able to see the giant dorky grin spread over his face. "I'll have the Caesar Salad if you don't mind?" His tone was polite, but it was still damn obvious that there was an intense sense of admiration behind it.

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7 Re: The No. 13 Baby on Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:27 am

"I don't know if that many fizzy drinks are good for you." He called out, laying his menu out flat in front of him as his superior officer began a sugar-high beyond what any normal human should attempt. He let out a laugh, vibrating through his whole fram through his chest at the girls comment on her job. Why he did it he would never know, it wasn't funny nor was it the kind of thing you would laugh at someone for. The nerves were getting too him, closing around him like a vice. "I'm sorry, but that sounds really fucking boring. How does it work, anyway? You just go around handing out flyers, or what?" His eyes steadily narrowed at her series of questions as he slowly chewed on a mouthful of salad, grinding it away while giving himself excess time to think of an appropriate reply. "I really hate questions like that. The answer never works with a girl. Either you lie and say she looks amazing and suddenly you'll settle for anything, or you go too low and you've offended her. So I'm going to have to refuse on that last one. On a moral standpoint, of course." He leaned forward over his dish, his loose shirt threatening to dip into the oiled salad. "My name is Landru Nomad, I'm thirty-two years old, my favorite color is pink, I prefer cats to dogs, my hobbies include sailing and poetry, I've been an ensign on and off for the last five years, with two years of inactive duty and I've only been in serving in Logue Town since I reapplied, which was just under a month ago." He was beginning to feel himself more as he spurted out information, his brain becoming stable enough to realize his previous mistake. "Not that I think that it's a bad dress or anything, I, just. Hmm..." His voice trailed off as he searched for a suitable out for the problem he had created. Pulling back in his seat he continued,"It looks lovely?"

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9 Re: The No. 13 Baby on Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:42 am

"Eighteen cats, huh? I knew you looked like a bit of a crazy, I think it's the eyes, or maybe that dress. Who knows." He paused to stuff his face once more, his stomach which screamed out for food only minutes ago loving every bite. "You've probably got me confused for someone else. I know there's another Marine called Andrew Dubad, people often get the two of us mixed up. It's an easy mistake to make, I won't hold it against you." He teased, of course. He didn't know where the girl had gotten her name from, but it probably wasn't anything good, certainly not the kind of thing that he wanted her to dig back up. Best to let sleeping dogs lie. "Yeah, I've been to through the Grandline before, it isn't exactly an easy journey, but I'm sure with the Marine vessel they're handing out to you it should be a total breeze. I used to travel a lot when I was younger, I've been planning out another journey, but it might have to wait awhile still." On the mention of the world 'Devil Fruit' his right eye twitched slightly, but aside from that he gave no reaction to the comment, letting it pass over him like water. "Maybe if I was a bit richer." He lied easily, tossing the subject aside. "Us Ensigns don't exactly get paid the big bucks, you know? I did eat a Patté once, however. Do you know what that is? It's like meat and fat all mushed together till you can spread it, it's absolutely vile. I would not recommend the stuff in the slightest." His fork scraped at the bottom of his plate, skewering the last free leaf before he continued. "How long do you think you'll be staying with us mortals in little ol' Logue? I can't imagine it's the most interesting place in the world for you."

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11 Re: The No. 13 Baby on Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:13 pm

He shot her a dirty look on the topic of pay. People always wanted more, but that was kinda ridiculous. Landru would be making more money working in a place like this and he wouldn't have to put his life on the line every day. "How would you feed a fruit to a weapon? They don't have mouths or anything, it sounds kinda wacky. I think they would freak me out more than anything else." He flashed a toothy grin before putting his cutlery over his plate, signifying to the floor staff that he was finished. "Honestly, it's a very tempting offer. The biggest complaint I have working with the Marine's is that I get stuck in one place, I feel like a bird in a cage, you know?" His head turned, gazing out the window, thinking over her offer. It was a dicey one. On one hand he would finally be getting out of Logue, which was basically a pool of tar when it came to furthering his ambition but attaching himself under the girls order was a damn good way to get sucked in to her own desires. There was no room to shine when placed next to the sun. His hand ran through his hair, letting out a deep sigh that he wasn't aware he was holding.

"I'm not sure, Miss Faith. I don't exactly have the liberty to just drop everything and ignore my orders, even if it would mean going on an adventure. I'm honored that you would offer, but I still have another two months of service penciled in for this town before I'm up for transfer." He turned back to face her, still undecided on which he would ultimately prefer. His mind still battling with itself. It was a big commitment to make, the Grandline wasn't exactly easy to get into, but that probably meant that he would have a better chance of advancing there, but it would always be under Cerulean's shadow, a solid ceiling over head.

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13 Re: The No. 13 Baby on Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:46 am

He pulled one of the napkins closer to himself, giving him time to mull over her question while he fished around in his pocket for something to write with. His hand first went into his right pocket, meeting with the gooey white mess that was the sandwich he had pocketed earlier from Cerulean. Bless her heart. He wiped off the mixture of mayo, bread and dead animals on the base of the chair before pulling the pencil from his left. "And here I was thinking I was special." He joked at her comment that she did this with all the guys. There was no reason to lie to her, ultimately. Either she understood and became an acceptable out for his current situation, or she was against it and he was stuck where he was now. 'Meeting with bossy blonde at 4pm Saturday' was etched into the napkin before he looked up, meeting her intense gaze. "It's really not that interesting, you've built it up pretty well however." He gave another grin, this one a lot faker than the previous, falling quickly. "In all honesty, the Marine's are the fastest way I see to achieve my dream. The resources they have available are unmatched as a collective unit, I wouldn't be able to do what it is that I want to do anywhere else." His head turned, gazing out the window into the cloudless sky above, the moon barely visible among the ocean of blue. "I don't want you to think that I'm disloyal, or anything. It's not that, I stick to my word and all, but I'm thinking you wanted an honest answer, no?" His voice was slow and deep, a lot calmer than the way he spoke before, as if he had moved beyond the star struck phase.

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