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1 Shocking Gem. on Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:07 am

Today was exciting, it was a day that would help empower her fighting style and her swords themselves. During her time within the Grandline, Cerulean Faith had become rather knowledgable with dials and how to craft and manipulate them to fit with other capabilities. Like implementing them within sword blades and so on. Ofcourse though to get it properly within the sword blade she needed to actually have a little help, such as having someone whom could actually take her blade apart and remake it with the exact same specefications that it already held. Perhaps also purchasing a rubber hilt would be an advantage, though Cerulean was confident she could set the dial in a way that the electricity would not come for her.

She also had a flame dial, and a light dial upon her, but with the light dials aspects she felt implementing it in to the swords would more than likely be an issue with releasing the light. In stead the light dial was simply attatched to the swords outside and kept on with sticky substance, you know like superglue and bam its now perfect. Of course that was her plan for after her sword was reforged with the Thunder Dial implemented in to the blade.

So there she met with the blacksmith. The two would get to work, with the decision being made to implement the Thunder Dial directly in to the pattern of Gem. Now, there had to be minor changes to the blade, allowing for small openings to be made to the swords design to allow for thunder to be absorbed and released, thankfully due to the metal blade it seemed that the over all design would have the thunder travel up and around the sword completely saving her from being touched or hindered by the own ability. Thank god for dials being awesome right. So as she worked on implementing the dial, attatching it to inside of the thicker emroidered design, the blacksmith would wipe down the removed blade, yes fully removed. Apparently he had some cpability of re-attatching it fully without causing hindrance in battle, being a Marine blacksmith Cerulean felt no need to be wary and trusted him.

The entire process took a good few hours, she could have crudely have donw it herself by just butchering the broidered design but she was glad she did not, for the dial looked completely hidden, their was no bulging what so ever. The greatest part was the hilt allowed her to trigger the thunder so she could activate it whenever she required, while the small holes around the embroidered design would allow for her to literally absorb thunder based attacks without taking damage to help continiously re-fill her thunder dial so that it was not a one trick pony.

She smiled as she picked up Mini and her gun, now her mind raced, she wasn't good with a gun but the seastone bullets helped in times of need, but what would make her gun even stronger? Dias and she had two in mind. The Flash Dial and Jet Dial. With her thunderous beauty now enhanced, Ceruean would sheath it, ready to utilize it in battle when needed.


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