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26 Re: EDGE OF GLORY on Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:43 pm

Great, you can advise me then. Me being Captain is non-negotiable. You dont want the position anyways. You're just being a pain in the ass as usual. or maybe he did. Not that his want for the position mattered all that much. Landru's opinions on his eligibility to lead where hardly his biggest concern. He was more annoyed at how much he deepthroated the World Governments johnson. First of all, no. The world doesnt need civilization. Not that i'de prefer if we didnt have it. I think what you meant to say was people will inevitably form a civilization. And that civilization needs rules to function properly. You are indeed correct in this regard. Vicktur wasnt against government because he was a libertarian. He was against it because it was corrupt and refused to change. You know, rules like no slavery, rape, or murder. though Vicktur was guilty of slavery in his past, he hadnt sold a slave in years. It was a family business at the time. Unfortunately these are all things your Marines turn a blind eye to. And infact engage in on occasion. I"m sure the innocence who are slaughtered in your righteous buster calls are happy that they'll never live to see another day. his tone was dripping with nust as much sarcasm as Landru's on that last part.

My issue isnt with the system itself as much as the Aristocracy that rules that system. That employ those sister fucking savages you admonish so, and allow them to do as they wish. the Shichibukai were probably a bad example to bring up. But it was a perfect example of the blatant hipocrisy that the World Government employed to keep the world under its thumb. Listen, pal. I dont pretend to have all the answers. Nor do I delude myself into thinking Pirates are any better or that a perfect system could ever exist. But the way things are working now isnt the answer. How does the fact that a single government with absolute power over the entire not scare you? Its too much power for anyone. Have you ever seen a Celestial Dragon? They literally do whatever they want whenever they want. They think your wife is pretty? Well she's their plaything now. You dont bow at their feet as they pass by? You're dead. Vicktur had seen ir first hand. His father being employed to get them what they wanted and all. Things need to change and the Marines see to it that they don't. There's a better way, there has to be. And we'll never find it if we just shrug our shoulders and go "Duuuur, its necessary though!"


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27 Re: EDGE OF GLORY on Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:44 pm

Landru's eyes glazed over, he couldn't help himself. There was no way anyone could in that situation. So much boring information being dumped all over him that he didn't care about in the fucking slightest, it was enough to drive any man to irritation, even if they were of the superior intellect. The sun was setting around them quickly, light being drawn back from the area as a whole, leaving them in the cold as their heat ebbed away. Finally, after what seemed like two or three minutes without taking a breath, his companion finished his ranting and raving. "Are you done? I wouldn't want to interrupt, god knows that's a speech to go down in history." His eyes peeled back, focusing on Vicktaur's once more. "The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter what I do. You're always going to perceive me as a threat and under your leadership, the chance of obtaining my dream is extremely low. I would be better off just waiting for someone with a bit more sense to come along, don't you think?" He stroked at his chin, pulling the skin down and then releasing it back to its original on repeat. "I'm not sayin' that I hate you or anything like that. I just don't think you can do it." With that he pushed off of the post, turned and began walking away, his soft feet slapping against the ground as he walked. Night was coming, he was going to be freezing his ass off soon enough. He wasn't going to wait for this guy to figure out if he wanted to aim the gun at himself or someone else. "Thanks for the meal, kid." He called over his shoulder, his hand raised in a motionless wave. "I hope you find your one piece, or whatever it was that you really wanted."

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28 Re: EDGE OF GLORY on Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:27 pm

Maybe the speech was a bit long winded, but he couldnt help it. Every asshole and their mom loved to use the "Society is necessary tho" excuse. They all totally missed the entire point. Which wasnt that society, or civilization, was unecessary. But rather that the current system, in its inner workings, was inherently flawed. You cant just hand the world to a bunch of aristocrats and expect them to handle that power with care. Even more so given how much power they truly held. It all seemed to bore the mink, though. Shame, he was the one who started the discussion in the first place. Vicktur was disappointed that he was so willing to give up. And this is a man who expected to accomplish something big? Someone who couldnt even finish an ideological debate? For someone who acted intellectually superior, he sure wasnt very impressive. Vicktur rolled his eyes at the minks reaction What a drama queen was all he could think as Landru began to walk away. What an utter fucking waste of his time. All that communication and compromise just to watch the bastard walk away like the shithead he was. Fuck that! They made a fucking deal!

Aye, where the hell do you think you're going? he sprang up from his seat to run the bastard down. In doing so he accidentally knocked down a man walking home with his wife and kids Watch it! normally he'd apologize but he was in a hurry and kinda pissed off. Were all minks this fucking stubborn? What was all that bullshit about shaking hands earlier? I dont really give a shit about the specifics of what your dream is! As long as you dont stab me in the back then theres no reason to assume i'll see you as a threat. he caught up and grabbed the mink by his shoulder. Stop being so goddamn difficult! We dont have to agree on everything, ya know. Thats a very stupid way of looking at things. You'll never inprove yourself if you're surrounded by assholes who agree with everything you say. it was all too easy for someone to get caught in an echo chamber. Even old men had room to grow. Or are you actually starting to miss that gutter of yours?


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29 Re: EDGE OF GLORY on Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:17 pm

He paused, forcefully as a hand was cupped over his shoulder, a hand that was almost the length of his forearm. "There's nothing I could learn from a person like you, thus there's no way to improve. I'm not gonna let my dream go to the wayside just because I don't want to hurt your feelings. I don't have faith in your abilities as a captain or your abilities as a human being, thus, I'll find someone who I can believe in instead." He could play the Marine's game till he climbed the ladder, it wasn't exactly something that was hard to do. God knows that they made a lot more sense than the rest of the world. Absolute justice, it was all they could rely on in the end of things. He could understand where Vicktaur was coming from, he really could. But people will always cause trouble, situations will always arise from their petty little lives. The Marine's were a solution that would rid the world of chaos. No system was perfect, but it was the best they had. They wouldn't approve of the exhibition, of course. He would have to figure out some way of pulling the rug out from under them. His mind wandered, theorizing and plotting, a million ideas forming and crumbling within the second.

His head turned slowly, watching Vicktaur's focus from the corner of his eye. "I wish you the best, Vicktaur, I say that honestly. But what you're trying to do, it's not for me. I refuse to be homogenized for a role I don't even want." He paused, wondering how to continue, how best to move on without becoming enemies. "I don't want my ideas polluted by mediocrity, want my sentiments diluted. This is important to me, so I would ask you to remove your hand from my shoulder."

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30 Re: EDGE OF GLORY on Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:42 pm

Homogenized? Like joining an organization, wearing the same shit as everyone else, and generally being just another cog in the system? It was painfully obvious that he and Vicktur had a totally different idea on what homogenization was....if that was even a word. Vicktur released his shoulder You're a fool, you know that? he considered cutting this idiots head off right now. After all, it would save him the trouble if potentially having to do so later. But there was no guarantee the cat would try to return. As if the Marines would accept him anyways. He was practically skin and bones. He couldnt run around a room let alone meet the physical requirements necessary. Landru would go back to where Vicktur found him and die there. If I ever see you out there flying one of their flags, im gonna chop you up and feed you to the dogs. Vicktur probably shouldve followed Landru's example and left on good terms. But he wasnt that kind of guy when dealong with people like Landru. So utterly convinced that the current system was the best they could have. If that was true then humans really were completely fucked.

Not getting his hands on a Navigator meanymt having to acquire another one somehow. He could pay some dirty scallywag to point them on the right direction but that was a hassle. Maybe it was time to suck it up and learn the skill for himself. He had a few of his Revolutionary comrades offer but he rejected them. Now he wished he hadnt.


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31 Re: EDGE OF GLORY on Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:59 pm

Well, it looked like one of them couldn't swallow their pride and get over themselves. Who would have guessed it was also the retard who liked to threaten people with a sword every ten minutes. He continued walking casually, hands in his pockets before he turned around the corner. As soon as he was out of earshot and the line of sight he collapsed against the wall, his body effectively going into shock from the confrontation. His heart pranged and his lungs burnt, begging for the air that they were being pumped full of. Standing on shaky legs, he pulled himself back to his feet, his arm still against the wall for support as he gasped for breath, steadily walking away. It sound seem that's what happened when you spent the last month eating mold and dirt then suddenly getting a full meal and into a fight, the rush of adrenaline had been too much for him. "Fascinating." He hissed, his hand clutched over his heart. This is why he couldn't bother waiting in Vicktaur's company, his life was coming to a close, he didn't have much time left. Under the bright stars and the reflection of the moon, the Mink searched out, looking for a place to set his head for the night, while he plotted over his next move. There's so much to do when it comes to the future, it was time to start taking it one day at a time.


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32 Re: EDGE OF GLORY on Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:32 am

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