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1 The Return of The Slasher on Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:38 pm

 Name: Asher Kringle
   Alias/Epithet: Slasher Kringle, Jolly, Klaus
   Race: Human
   Tier: 3
   Gender: Male
   Age: 27
   Mode: Hard

   Occupation: Scientist l Weapon Specialist
   Affiliation: Marine
   World Position: Commodore

   General Appearance:

Asher's look is unique to him. He has grey hair which is normally slicked back to look more professional but if not he normally lets it go back into a ponytail. His skin is very pale somewhat to the point people often assume him sick or diseased because of the unique pigmentation.  Along with that his eyes are an ocean blue with unusually dark irises. His height is roughly six foot six with two-hundred & thirty pounds of muscle. On his right shoulder throughout his back is a tattoo of a snake rapping itself around Asher as if it were going to commit suicide. His voice is very regal yet calm and collected (Think Mihawk in the dub). His attire normally consist of a black shirt under his trench coat which is fitted around his body with six buttons going down where it sits on the hip. On the backside of the coat it goes down to around Asher's shin. The sleeves of his coat normally go down to his hands which are covered by his white gloves. His pants are normally a darker shade of blue almost royal blue along with his black shoes which are more professional wear for his job. He usually wears a top hat when he isn't fighting as a means to keep his hair nice. On his left hand side he leaves his sword to sit.

   Height: 6'6
   Weight: 230
   Crew Tattoo Placement: If he was to have one it would be the back of his neck


The personality of Asher is a bit... Off to say the least. As a person Asher isn't very nice sometimes coming off as very rude and cold. His confidence in his ability often has him sounding very cocky even though he was just making a general statement. Along with his confidence Asher has a very high sense of honor with him which translate from his love for the swordsmen code and understanding of the battlefield.  His appreciation for battle is unmatched by none which shows during combat which  he is probably at his most serious. Speaking of which Asher isn't one who smiles much. He doesn't show much emotion unless someone says something completely idiotic or very funny. He rarely smiles but normally carries a blank expression on his face which leaves many to think he is coming to attack them. Even when bested in battle or surprised by new information the likely-hood you'll catch a facial expression on Asher is a bit surprising.

As a man Asher can be considered very vindictive going after men on a whim if they bother him and or disturb his alone time. His sense of code does and doesn't allow him to follow people he feels are beneath his scale of strength going as far as to attack people whom he feels are a physical threat just to gauge where his power lies compared to theirs. When it comes to his world government duties Asher is a very picky person in what jobs he'll take. Normally they have to pique his interest enough for him to take them and see them through. As for his relationship with his employers Asher sees the marines as a means for him to get put in the right positions in the world in terms with the people he'll meet and the ways he'll meet them. He is a very sadistic person once the battle is started normally wanting to draw final blood if the situation calls for it. He likes to break you mentally before doing so physically in his own special ways.

   Likes: Training, Mind-Games, Reading
   Dislikes: Failures, Weak People, Those who don't want better in life

   History: (Optional.)
   Face Claim: Vergil | DmC
   RP Sample: Revamp

   Bonus: All my shit~
   Location: Jaya Island

   Fate Point Allocation:

Cream of The Crop - 3
Devils Meddle - 2
Hawks Eye - 1

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2 Re: The Return of The Slasher on Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:07 pm



App roved

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