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1 Thief's Blade: Gale W.I.P on Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:20 am

Priority: Primary
Fighting Style: Dagger/Short Sword
Skill Set Name: Thief's Blade: Gale
Skill Set Information: This style Thiefs Blade: Gale was created with the emphasis on the thief's speed and perception. This style deals with many feints and rapid attacks to get the jump on the opponent . Some defensive techniques are either evasion or redirecting the opponents blows.
Skillset Strengths:

  • - Speed Based

Skillset Weaknesses:

  • Smaller range of attack

Attribute Priorities:

  • Primary Attribute: Speed
  • Secondary Attribute: Perception
  • Non-Prioritized Attributes:Strength & Durability

Tier 1 Skills:
Skill Name: -
Tier: Side Cross
Type Offensive
Range: 1m
Speed: Own
Description: A simple technique where the user will dash forward  and spin slashing across the chest of the target.

Skill Name: Pouncing Spear
Type Offensive
Range: 3m
Speed: Own
Description: Jumping 2m in to the air the user will hold their blade in front of them as they dive towards the enemy to stab them.

Tier 2 Skills:

Skill Name: Dancing Cat
Tier: 2
Type Speed
Range: 5m
Speed: Own
Description: The user will immediately drop to the ground before exploding off their feet to jump backwards to create distance.

Skill Name: Shadow Strike
Tier: 2
Type Offensive
Range: 5m
Speed: Own
Description:  Running forward at full speed the user will go head on towards their opponent before instantly dropping to the ground before jumping in to the air slashing the target.

Skill Name: Swat
Tier: 2
Type Defensive
Range: 1m
Speed: Own
Description: The user will  parry a incoming attack by striking with the flat side of their blade with full force.

Tier 3 Skills:

Skill Name: Backstab
Tier: 3
Type Offensive
Range: 1m
Speed: Own
Description: The user will use this technique when they see a opening to dodge behind the opponent before jumping back to stab the opponent with their blade.

Skill Name: Swift Gale
Tier: 3
Type Offensive
Range: 3m
Speed: Own
Description: When close enough to the target they will charge from behind or from the side before jumping on to them entangling their body stabbing simultaneously.

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