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26 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:08 am

Things had gotten incredibly weird all at once, something that was pretty impressive considering just how stupid things had been just a moment ago. Still, they had seemingly split off into two separate groups, himself and the insane girl with the racist facial makeup being one group with Senior Asshole and Tipsy Tots in the other. It wasn't exactly the kind of situation that he found himself stomaching easily at all. "Landru, I'm Landru Nomad." He replied politely pushing himself to his feet. After all, even if he was planning to leave he should had least give his name to the girl who most certainly saved his life. "Thank you again. My dream would have been ruined had I been arrested, so my life is in your debt. If you ever need a favor, don't hesitate to ask." He was deadly serious in comparison to how he had been just a few moments ago. He didn't make promises often, in fact he made a habit of avoiding them. Whether she remembered once she sobered up or not, it was a promise that the young woman could count on entirely. "I hope next time we meet it's under better circumstances, now if you'll excuse me." With that he pushes his chair in, his body turning on its side as he slid through a tight fit in the tables. Well, it wasn't a complete waste of time, at least he knew now never to come to a Marine party.


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27 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:22 pm




With a smile upon her face, she would look around, it seemed everything had gone to plan. Except for one thing, Reina obviously had had to much to drink. "it's nothing Landru, I believe the marines to be a family, families bicker, some people just need to learn not to be such ass holes about it. Born with golden blood, bah, their blood is dirtier than most, inbreds probably" she said not realizing that Landy had actually skulked off. With a smile, it would seem as though she was going to be forced to miss Karaoke. "Fellow marines, money is behind the bar, party on. It seems as though little Reina has succumbed to the drink. I'll escort her back to the barracks and then return. Upon my return i shall sing for you all" she said with such conviction.

Picking up Reina it was impressive to see the rear admiral whom was tiny do such a thing. The chilly night time walk would bring her back to her senses even more, washing off the effect the drink had had on her. A small buzzing in her head turned to a minor pounding as the early signs of a hangover preceded to show itself. Putting her new friend to bed was simple. Just plopping her down. A bit of water and she was ready to head back out, it had taken roughly 20 minutes. As she got to the tavern she would open the door, returning with a cheery. "HELLLOOO"

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28 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:47 pm



,"It is time to go I have what I need." Emperor Star would mumble to himself he would talk loud of enough for his guard to hear him. As he stood up, and attempt to made his exit out the pub his guard surround him as they carefully escort Emperor Star out the area entirely. This would happen after the cat have left the building about 10 minutes after of whatever he didn't want to give Rear Admiral Faith the idea that he was following the marine out the bar.

I bet you wondering what he had wanted well that was name of the officer who disrespected his rank, and title. He will forever remember the cat name because he had plan for him, and it only require time soon that marine would wish he never pissed off Emperor Star so help him god. It didn't take long for the group of peoples to leave Emperor Star had took note of what Rear Admiral Faith had said after all it was some hint of truth to her words. But he didn't care enough to reply to her because he didn't want to be bother with this issue again. Besides he had more important things to do, and that was to protect his island from danger. Not a easy job to begin with, and a very costly one to if he may added. As he left the pub he had said,"Until next time ladies, and gentleman it have been a pleasure."


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29 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:24 am




Upon her return to the bar, she was pleased to see that the douche had taken the hint and vacated the premise, the atmosphere once again returned to the joyful occasion. The young blond would be singing, dancing and more singing much to the dismay of everyone else. Karaoke lasted well and truly in to the night, drinks flew and money was drained. That hot marine boy everyone had been eyeing up. Well he could now officially brag about getting it on with one of the Rear Admiral. Hey every now and again Faith loves to give to charity. She isn't the girly girl everyone expects, shes a down right filthy animal who likes to prove she aint got nothing to prove. If that makes remotely any sense.

The night wained, the clubs shut and wallets dried up, all but her own which seemed to be briming with Beli, perhaps people were a bit to silly when drinking and she now held most of the change when asked to go get the booze. Hey a girls gotta eat right and a marine salary is nice but it dont pay for diamonds and this girl needs diamonds. Of course sleezy as she is she did not return to her barracks alone. In fact she was accompanied by hot marine boy and hot marine boys somewhat hot but not as hot friend. The action was steamy and she was barely involved, turns out ot marine boy and his friend were wayyy mor ein to each other than they were her, last thing she recalled was em snogging each others face off before she passed out.

What a night


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30 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:59 am



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