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1 The Invasion of Alabasta (Flashback) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:30 pm



Sinclair stood at the bow of his vessel, his bronzed eyeglass held against his face as he scanned the dunes of Alabasta some several hundred meters ahead of him. It was a clear day, lofty white clouds floated here and there but they were few and far between as the hot sun beat down on Sinclair and his Dark Moon Pirates. Ironic really, their name coupled with the idea of invading a dessert-like country to claim as their own. The universe always had a funny take on irony. We're about ten minutes out Captain. Ivan, his first mate, spoke from behind Sinclair. Sinclair lowered the spyglass from his eye and folded it back into its carry position before tucking it into the inside pocket of his coat. A warm breeze blue across the blue-green sea, scattering his unnaturally silver hair to the wind. Sinclair turned to his first mate and smiled, Excellent my friend, simply excellent. The bay seems relatively empty for the time being, which will make our initial approach that much easier. Once we've entered the bay, we begin shelling the docks immediately. I don't want anyone able to engage us on the water. From there we'll begin sending out boarding skiffs and our men will lay siege to the city under the ship's cover fire.

As Sinclair spoke he had begun to walk the deck of his ship. Men and women from different, shady walks of life busied themselves with preparations for the ensuing battle. Cannonballs were stacked, weapons were sharpened and cleaned. Bullets were passed around and various other measures were all taken into consideration. Sinclair smiled as he looked down at the main deck of his ship. He had a formidable crew, only the nastiest of the nasties were allowed on his ship. These people wouldn't think twice if ordered to kill a child or woman. It didn't hurt that they numbered well over a hundred. Most crews wouldn't dream of taking on Alabasta, but Sinclair had a plan, he had a bloodthirsty crew, and he had a burning desire to show this country what for. You'll be leading the first few boats onto land and commanding our merry little crew until I arrive. Once the area is secure and I feel assured that the crew can handle the shelling of Alabasta on their own, I will take my own boat out and meet you on dry land where the real fun will begin. Sinclair said to Ivan, laying out the plan once more. Understood sir, I'm looking forward to it. Sinclair smiled, a mixture of mischief and excitement in his eyes, Oh and one more thing my dear boy, Sinclair said, cupping Ivan's face in his hand and pulling the first mate's lips to his own. Upon release he looked into the younger man's eyes and said with a tease, do try not to get yourself killed before I get there.

Sinclair (left) and Ivan (right):

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2 Re: The Invasion of Alabasta (Flashback) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:46 pm

Stygian with his small 8 year old body had crawled into his secret hiding spot in the castle. This is where he hid all of his cakes, toys, and pictures of his mom so the real children of the royals could not find and steal them from him. For some reason they hated him. However, he loved this place and didn't wanna see it rot away. Sighing, he would lean up against the wall of the small enclosed area only lit by a candle as he stared at the picture of him, his mom, and his dad. He hadn't seen his father in a while every since his mother had took him. Why did she take him? He hadn't done anything bad. He would slowly begin to cry as he blew out the candle and would grab a piece of chocolate cake. Eating it slowly, though before he had blew out the candle he had caught a glance of the weird looking apple with a bunch of S like swirls on it.

He had stolen it from the cooks. Apparently it was really good, but he was still too cautious to eat it as he didn't trust the swirls on it.

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3 Re: The Invasion of Alabasta (Flashback) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:57 pm



The pirate ship had entered the bay of Alabasta and already Sinclair could tell that the local authorities had spotted them. Sinclair wasn't exactly trying to hide their presence or appearance of pirates, he was proud of who he was. To Alabasta's credit they didn't begin firing on sight. After all, pirates came to Alabasta all the time and very rarely did they ever mean to take control of the island. It just so happened that this pirate intended to that very thing. As the ship turned about face and primed its cannons, Sinclair let a hush fall over his ship. His crew patiently waiting a direct order to begin the siege of Alabasta. Sinclair looked down the deck of his ship at Ivan huddled into a row boat with other armed members of his crew and he flashed a smile to his young lover which was in turn returned. Sinclair tapped the metal cat-like claws he kept over the fingers of his right hand on the wooden railing of his ship as he scanned the docks. It was odd, there appeared to be a shared silence between his ship and the island itself. No one on either side moved, it was quiet, only the wind from the sea whistling in the noon sun. Taking the cutlass from the sheathe on his hip, Sinclair raised the shining metal weapon into the air and triumphantly declared, Fire! And so they did. Balls of iron rained down on the docks of Alabasta and its citizens, quickly turning them to nothing more than splinters. The siege of Alabasta had begun.

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4 Re: The Invasion of Alabasta (Flashback) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 5:03 pm

A large boom would be heard as the candle would automatically come back on. Most of its light shining on the apple. The build would seem to shake as dust and stone fell from the ceiling. The kid would some reason begin to cry harder as he ran for the apple and grabbed it. Easily climbing from out of the hole right into the legs of one of the royals. "Stygian, where have you been. We thought you could have been dead. The city is under attack by whom we do not know of." said the king as he picked the young boy up and began to run. Probably towards the place of safety. Though, how long would they be safe. Would his mother come and save him. Did she know the city was under attack? He would begin to cry harder as he clenched the apple in his hand.

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5 Re: The Invasion of Alabasta (Flashback) on Sat Oct 15, 2016 5:22 pm



Sinclair marveled at the destruction his people had wrought in such a short time, it was truly a thing of beauty. He scanned the landing area of the beach as his own row boat was lowered into the water. Over head cannon fire thundered out, smoke rising from the cannon barrels and giving the appearance that his own ship was on fire, though of course it wasn't. On the beach he could see Ivan and dozens of his crew members securing the area. Some of the royal guards had stormed the beach but most had been blown away by the cannon fire and the few that made it to his crew had quickly been dispatched. Sinclair had watched with marvel and even some arousal as Ivan had dispatched the guards with his bladed whip. His man was quite the spectacle to behold.

Now as his own boat made landfall along with reinforcements, Ivan helped his captain from the boat, Glad you could join us Captain. Sinclair smiled, The pleasure is all mine my boy. Now then, let's take a castle. With Sinclair leading the charge and Ivan at his side, backed by dozens upon dozens of well armed pirates, the two charged the castle gates, which had been blown open by his ship's cannon fire. Guards were there to meet them in bloody combat but Sinclair's own sword work was bordering on artful as he hacked and slashed his way towards the royals. Citizens screamed, men and women fell in death throws and bloody gurgles escaped their lips as blood replaced air in their lungs. Sinclair was home.

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