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Travel to islands within Paradise temporarily no longer requires a Log Pose or timer/wc. A post to signify travel is still required however.

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1 Task & Arc Template on Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:19 pm

Task&Arc Template

Here we have the Task Templates. This is where you register task, upon completion when you want them graded be sure to post in the Task Grading area. Please read the Task System that is included in the Beli System, **here**. And also the Arc System **Here**

Arc Template


[b]Arc Type:[/b] Devil Fruit, Skypiean, or Standard)
[b]Arc Name:[/b] (Name of the Arc)
[b]Arc Tier:[/b] (Highest Tier Task the Arc has)
[b]Sea:[/b] (Which Sea is the Arc in. South Blue, East Blue, Paradise, New World.)
[b]Island:[/b] (What Island is the arc based on may be custom made. Doesn't limit task from happening on other islands.)
[b]Arc Description:[/b] (Run down of the arc and what's planned to happen.)

Task Template
[b]Task Name:[/b]
[b]NPC or PC:[/b]
[b]Crew, Team, or Personal:[/b] (Crew Task must be done with one or more Crew Members.)
[b]Enemy Details:[/b] (Just a rough number of enemies and their tier(s))
[b]Boss:[/b] (Yes or No)

Task Completion Template

[b]Link to Task:[/b]
[b]Post Count:[/b]

Boss Template

[b]Boss Name:[/b]
[b]Tier:[/b] (1-6)
[b]Description:[/b] (Just a run down of how they look, act, etc.)
[b]Devil Fruit:[/b] (If they have one what is it.)
[b]Haki:[/b] (What Haki do they know if any.)
[b]Strength:[/b] (1-7)
[b]Durability:[/b] (1-7)
[b]Speed:[/b] (1-7)
[b]Perception:[/b] (1-7)

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