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1 Haki System on Fri Oct 14, 2016 5:44 pm

Haki System

Haki is a mysterious power that is found within most, if not all, living creatures of the world. Within the world there are three main type of Haki, Kenbunshoku Haki {Observational Haki}, Busoshoku Haki {Armament Haki}, Haoshoku Haki {Conqueror’s Haki}. With that said, even though Haki is possessed within all living beings, few will unlock its power, causing it to remain dormant for the entirety of their lives.

Haki Stamina

Like Skills, Haki uses stamina, though it has it’s own independent stamina that it relies on. Every tier that a PC or NPC increases, naturally so does their Haki Stamina alongside of it. While the use of Haki in itself is exhausting, for every three turns spent without using haki you regain 25% of your total Haki Stamina points. This can be done in the middle of battle at any time unless you have completely spent your entire pool of Haki Stamina. If you do, you temporarily enter a state of exhaustion as though your normal stamina were at 25% regardless of what your actual stamina value is. This last for 3 post until you regain the 25% from not using Haki.

Stamina Per Tier:

  • Tier 1 - 50
  • Tier 2 - 75
  • Tier 3 - 150
  • Tier 4 - 200
  • Tier 5 - 250
  • Tier 6 - 300

Haki Ranks And Perks

The potency of a specific type of Haki is delegated by its letter rank, with E being the lowest on the scale, showing dormancy, and SS being the the highest showing massive proficiency (E to D to C to B to A to S to SS). While the first perk for the different types of Haki is free upon spending Fate Points to obtain it/them, the second, third, and fourth perk must be purchased in the EP Shop **here**.

For NPCs with Haki, they are allowed 2 free Perks overall. This means if you buy Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki for the NPC they can have 1 Perk in each of the categories or 2 perks in one Haki and 0 in the other. These 2 perks can also be any of the listed perks in that specific Haki. Perks required to be taken for a third or fourth for PCs can be taken by NPCs as one of their 2 given. NPCs are only allowed a max of these 2 free Haki Perks and cannot be bought more so choose wisely.

Training Haki

In order for the user to train their Haki proficiency, IE: Raising their Haki Rank from D to C cost EP and the prices for which can be found in the EP Shop. With that said, there is also a limit to how proficient the user's Haki can become based on their EP or Tier, with Haki proficiency capping until the user gains more EP/hits the next tier necessary for them to unlock Haki.

Haki Growth Limits:

  • Tier 1 - D
  • Tier 2 - C
  • Tier 3 - B
  • Tier 4 - A
  • Tier 5 - S
  • Tier 6 - SS

Unlocking Haki

To unlock Haki on one's own takes a situation extreme emotional distress, similar to the way Usopp unlocked Kenbunshoku Haki when Robin was being stolen. An alternative method is to find another PC or NPC Haki Trainer **see here** who has a Haki Rank of B or better to teach it. When using this method, the users Haki Rank starts at C rather than D.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki Or Observational Haki encompasses abilities which have much to do with sight, perception, sensing danger, as well as seeing the aura’s of other beings. Using Kenbunshoku Haki cost 15 Haki Stamina per use, and an additional 10 Haki Stamina per upkeep cost thereafter. The Perks of Kenbunshoku Haki are listed on the chart below.

Kenbunshoku Haki Perks
Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect based on the amount of intentional killing intent coming from the assailant. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information. This ability to perceive a threat undetected by conventional senses only applies to intentional attacks from beings with their own consciousness.

  • D-Rank - 30m diameter
  • C-Rank - 75m diameter
  • B-Rank - 150m diameter
  • A-Rank - 300m diameter
  • S-Rank - 750m diameter
  • SS-Rank - 1km diameter

Aura Sight - No level of concealment can truly obstruct the vision of someone with this innate prowess. Capable of seeing thru environmental obstructions, the user also gains the ability to see people through the color of their auras through the obstruction itself.

Hawk Eye - Sharper, clearer, detailed. The vision of the user becomes crisp and clean, rendering them capable of seeing things that the unaided human eye couldn’t possibly keep up with. Hawk Eye increases the perception of the user by +1 at D-Rank, and an additional +1 perception at SS, for a grand total of 2 tiers of Perception. *This boost to perception is only gained when utilizing Hawk Eye.

Empath - The gift to perceive isn’t only the ability to perceive what’s in themselves, but also to perceive what’s in others. The Empath perk allows the user to feel the emotions of those who are around them as if they were there own. The ability to feel emotions can only be used on 3 person at a time at D-Rank, increasing +3 per every Haki Rank after D.
Note: Empath can only be taken as a Third or Fourth Perk.

Busoshoku Haki

Busoshoku Haki or Armament Haki, is the type of Haki which for the most part encompasses defensive prowess. However it does have the innate ability of rendering Logia Type beings capable of being struck as well. Thru further development the user can also learn to apply their Busoshoku Haki to other mediums, as well as increase the number of mediums that can be affected on their person at one time. Busoshoku Haki cost 15 Haki Stamina per use, and an additional 10 Haki Stamina for upkeep thereafter. The perks for Busoshoku Haki are listed below. Should your Armament Haki get broken/overpowered by a stronger attack, you lose access to Armament Haki for 3 post.

Busoshoku Haki Perks
The Color of Arms - The Color of Arms is a Perk that allows the user to increase their defensive status as their Busoshoku Haki increases in Rank. The more developed the Color of Arms gets, the darker and more metallic the shell encasing the Haki colored limb becomes. This acts as a defensive skill according to the chart below. Additionally it can increase physical based damage dealt by Haki encased objects.

  • D-Rank & C-Rank = Tier 1 Defensive Skill.
  • B-Rank & A-Rank = Tier 2 Defensive Skill.
  • S-Rank = Tier 3 Defensive Skill.
  • SS-Rank = Tier 4 Defensive Skill.

Gift of Arms - While every Busoshoku Haki user is capable of producing Armament across one limb of their body simply by having access to Busoshoku Haki itself, it is only those who take the Gift of Arms perk who can expand it to more than one limb at a time. At D-Rank this allows the user to apply Busoshoku Haki to 2 limbs, with each rank after allowing another limb/body part to be covered.
Note: Gift of Arms can only be taken as a Second or Third Perk.

Intangible to Tangible - This Perk simply allows the user to strike a Logia user or anyone that is intangible, as if they were physical. But more so than that, it disrupts Logia intangibility as well, so even if the target is in their elemental form, the Busoshoku enhanced limb/item renders them out of the form to be hit. This also effects Devil Fruits like the Gomu Gomu no Mi rendering them vulnerable to blunt force attacks.

Augmentation of Busoshoku - This allows the user to apply Busoshoku Haki to items instead of for themselves, giving the item the perks and properties of Busoshoku Haki that the user has already obtained. The amount of items that can be coated are equivalent to how many mediums can be coated through the Gift of Arms perk. Must be taken after Gift of Arms Perk.

Haoshoku Haki

Haoshoku Haki is also known as Conqueror’s Haki and is a Haki based on using one’s inner willpower to make another person or object subjective to the user’s will. The rarest of the three main types of Haki, Haoshoku Haki is capable of producing incomprehensible fear, knockout those around them, as well as crush items with the user’s willpower alone. Haoshoku Haki cost 30 Haki Stamina per use, and an additional 15 Haki Stamina per upkeep cost thereafter. Below are the perks for Haoshoku Haki. Each perk has a separate cooldown.

Haoshoku Haki Perks
King’s Subjection - When used, this perk injects and causes the target to feel high levels of fear and dominance over animals and pets in a 35 meter radius around the user. At its lowest level, King’s Subjection can only be used on animals or pets that are weaker than the user themselves, but as their Haki rank increases, that is no longer the case. A D-Rank the user can tame animals and pets that are 50% or more below their own EP level. It increases by 10% per rank, so at SS Haki Rank the user can tame animals up to 10% above their own EP. King’s Subjection has a maximum duration of 5 post. 3 Post Cooldown.

Conqueror’s Wrath - Emitting an invisible wave of their own willpower as a wave of terror, this perk renders the user is capable of stunning or knocking out opponents with a weaker will (lower EP) than themselves in a 30 meter radius around themselves. However Conqueror’s Wrath starts out indiscriminate, affecting everyone around the user within the perk’s radius, disregarding foes and allies alike. Every rank after D the user can choose for the ability to not affect up to 3 additional people. Haoshoku Haki can only knock out those with Total EP 50% below their own. 5 Post cooldown. Those with the Sixth Sense perk active, can detect Haoshoku Haki when it is activated as if it were an attack on their person.

  • D-Rank - Knock out for 1 Post - Speed Tier IV
  • C-Rank - Knock out for 1 Post - Speed Tier IV
  • B-Rank - Knock out for 2 Post - Speed Tier IV
  • A-Rank - Knock out for 2 Post - Speed Tier V
  • S-Rank - Knock out for 3 Post - Speed Tier VI
  • SS-Rank - Knock out for 3 Post - Speed Tier VII

Queen’s Scorn - Producing an invisible wave of their own willpower in an angry burst, Queen’s Scorn causes the target(s) in a 30 meter radius around the user to want to flee from the user of the Haoshoku Haki. Affecting both pets and NPC’s, regardless of the bond they have, if their EP is lower than the user’s, they will find themselves tucking tail and running, abandoning the scene. However once the user deactivates their Haki, the NPC or Pet will return to normal and continue. The effects of Queen's Scorn are as such that they continue to persist 1 post after the Haki subsides or the target(s) exit the radius. At D-Rank, Queen's Scorn is indiscriminate, affecting both friend and foe alike. Though each rank after D, the user can omit 2 additional beings from its effects. 4 Post cooldown.
Note: Queen's Scorn can only be taken as a Third or Fourth Perk.

Presence of the Emperor - When the Emperor or Empress the environment even struggles with the gravity of their existence. Presence of the Emperor when used affects the structural integrity of materials, causing them to subject to the will of the user. Breaking and crushing objects with their willpower alone in a 100 meter diameter, Presence of the Emperor has no effect on organic material. As the user’s Haki Rank grows, so also does the type of material Presence of the Emperor can effectively break. This is an indiscriminate style of Haki and certain areas in the range of the Haki can't be left safe. The range can be made smaller, but it must stay circular. Must be taken as last perk. 5 Post cooldown.

Presence of the Emperor Effect on Materials:

  • D-Rank
    Fully Breaks: Stock Wood
    Partially Breaks: Plastic

  • B-Rank
    Fully Breaks: Plastic
    Partially Breaks: Iron

  • SS-Rank
    Fully Breaks: Steel
    Partial Breaks: Titanium

Kami Haki

Kami Haki is a rarer form of Haki than even the Conqueror’s Haki, and differs vastly amongst those who possess it. In order to possess Kami Haki, the user can only specialize in a single type of the three main Haki’s (Kenbunshoku, Busoshoku, or Haoshoku). Yet while being inept and incapable of using the other two types of Haki, they make up for by being even more specialized in the area their remaining Haki focuses on. Having Kami Haki grants the user two additional custom perks for their specialized Haki, which do not require purchase. Additionally, those with the Kami Haki have 30% more Haki Stamina per Haki Rank than those without the Kami Haki.

Note - When applying for Kami Haki, note that the custom perks will have to go along with the theme of the the type of Haki it is the extension of. Once accepted, the additional perks cannot be changed or altered.

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