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1Cappadonna [Revamp done] Empty Cappadonna [Revamp done] on Fri Oct 14, 2016 4:56 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Cappadonna [Revamp done] Tumblr_ncucrgE3la1rdkkjzo1_500

Name: Daniels Bloom
Alias/Epithet: Cappadonna
Race: Human
Tier: Revamping so 4
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Marksmen
Affiliation: Revolutionary(Not openly affiliated). The world views him as just a pirate right now.
World Position: -

General Appearance: Cappadonna just oozes that daddies swag, when he can dress up. I don't need to saw that he looks like a dark chocolate delight, you can see the picture. His hair is, obliviously, short and blonde. Really, there isn't anything that makes him stand out other than his tattoo. But, that tattoo isn't for his crew though it may be mistaken for it. The Tattoo around his left eye is his slave brand, which he has no problem covering it. Well, unless he has to put on a disguised to take care of something. Due to the tattoo he has there is dis coloration in that eye, so he keeps it shut most of the time. The tattoo is of a  black mark shaped like a crosshair. He likes wearing what he kills, when it comes to beasts of this world. Currently he wears white gloves, a light-colored, sleeveless shirt with a light brown, furred pauldron on his right shoulder; light brown pants; white pant legs with missing sections near his calves which are attached to his shirt; and light-colored shoes. And finally a light brown, furred bicorn. They aren't always fur or that color as he likes the same style, but made of different materials.

Height: 13'
Weight: 317
Crew Tattoo Placement: -


  • Somewhat of a Loner: Daniels finds it better to simply work alone; as he won't have to worry about  someone getting in his way. That really is only though is he has a personal task he wants to take care of or the high command in the Revs ask something of him.

  • Autosexual/Full of himself: What turns him own isn't Women, Men, or a nice kill. What turns him on is himself and he sees himself as nothing less than perfection, never really seeing things that he needs to improve on.

  • Finisher: He likes to get things done, and not leave task unfinished for too long. For example say he was assigned to kill someone, like Asher Kringle, he will not stop thinking about it. He will take any opportunity to take care of the target, no matter how long it may take. Or it can be simple as a game he was playing with someone, even if they are on a sinking ship. They going to finish they game, god dammit.

  • His own man: Yes, he does assignments that he is given by the Revolutionaries, but he is his own man. He only does things to repay his debts, nothing else. When he has repaid his debt in full he no longer will take orders from them. So, unless he owes someone a debt he will not listen to them, if they bark orders at him. If they ask him for help it really depends on what it is.  

  • Debts: Simply, if he owes you a debt he will repay it. Also, if you owe him he expects you to repay yours. If you don't he will try to take your life, simple as that.

Likes:Relaxing, doing what he wants, &  being the best that no one ever was

Dislikes: Drinking, Smoking, & Nonsense

The bullet from the, stolen, Guard's rifle whizzed through the air and hit it's mark with amazing precision.  The man who the bullet struck was none other than Thomas Tew, primarily known as Derous. His body laid on the ground of the lowest level of Impel Down, level six. He was so close to freeing them all but so far away at the same time. The chaos he had caused on the upper levels had caused the Warden to be too preoccupied to stop him, he being Derous' only known threat. Maybe his goal was to release the imprisoned former pirate king. Maybe it was to just assemble as many of the forgotten monsters of the past. That didn't matter now as Derous laid there in the pool of his own blood. Whatever goal he had being ended today, at this moment.

The killer, who was disguised as an Guard, would head over to the lifeless corpse of Derous. He would then remove a knife; which he had used to wound Asher, another ex-marine.

Why this man attacked those two specifically was because it was the will of the Revolutionaries. Though, he wasn't able to kill both one was enough, as they both were extremely dangerous. They already, like others, were on an kill list but now that they weren't Marines they needed to be taken care of quicker. The thought being that they will plan something extremely heinous now that they held no allegiances.  And that presumption was complete right.

This Man who killed Derous was Daniels Bloom a revolutionary. But just as the revolutionary isn't publicized neither was he, so many know him as an Pirate that belongs to some regular old pirate crew. Right now though he wasn't with them but on an assignment he received not that long ago. And now he just needed to leave, with the head of Derous, and go back to the crew until his next assignment.  

Face Claim: (Bleach - Lille Barro )
RP Sample: -

Bonus: Revamp from Derous
Location: Impel Down

Fate Point Allocation:

  • Kami Haki I- Grants you access to Kami Haki for Kenbunshoku or Busoshoku Haki. (II)

  • Devil's Meddle - Allows you to ingest a Devil Fruit. (II)

  • Never Dormant - You begin with your Haki at D-Rank and ready to train or be used. (II)

Devil's Meddle - Allows you to ingest a Devil Fruit.

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2Cappadonna [Revamp done] Empty Re: Cappadonna [Revamp done] on Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:10 pm

Have at it mate.

[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

[22:28:37 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : He migbt kidnap me
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