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1 Stygian Acheron Ridgets on Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:15 pm

Name: Stygian Acheron Ridgets
Alias/Epithet: Silver Face| Styg| Ash| Dagger| The Unholy One| The Black Prince
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Mode: Hard

Description of Modes:

Easy Mode: Easy Mode is for people who have no major interest in their characters dying. You have access to private topics, maims turn into severe bruising that inhibit the use of the damaged body part for the rest of the thread, what would normally cause deaths turn into your character simply being knocked out. However, everything isn't good for you, this also means that your character will never be able to pass Tier 3.

  • Exceptions to these Rules: Should you attack someone on Hard Mode with killing, crippling, injuring, or maiming intent OOC or IC, you lose your Easy Mode protection and may have the same done to you. May it be killed, maimed, injured, etc as long it is the same intention.

  • You cannot make private travel threads, but they can still be No Kill due to your Easy Mode Protection.

  • Also, there are also events which your character will be at risk if you choose to enter them.

  • Lastly your character can be vulnerable to death if you will it.

Hard Mode: This is for people willing to take more of a risk for more of a reward. In this mode you can reach up to T6, and there are other things available to you, like world positions. However, your character is always death enabled. A hard mode person is not allowed to make a "No Kill" thread or a Private thread. Their whole existence is open. Hard Mode is to promote a more realistic One Piece Roleplay-verse and while people are eligible to die while on Hard Mode, our aim here is not to make this a place where people meaninglessly kill. Hard Mode is introduced to promote interactive RP where people value there allies and teammates. Hard Mode is for an experience closer to Canon.

  • Exceptions to these Rules: If you are situated on your island or your ship while out in the sea(not docked on an island), you are permitted to make a private thread between you and crew members. HOWEVER, you cannot make a private travel thread on your ship, you are still at risk of invasion in those threads.

  • Protection for Private Topics on your Ship can last for a duration of 7 IC Post, afterwards the topic is Open.

Changing Modes: Changing modes is also possible if you start out a character, and realize the mode you chose does not really suit you. Unfortunately, to prevent people making the first choice without thought, or using easy mode to their advantage getting as high as they can with Easy Mode, and jumping to Hard Mode, there are penalties to both sides changing modes.

  • Easy Mode Penalties: If you're on Easy Mode, and you change to hard mode, you are bumped down an entire tier, and will have to build your way back up. Anything spent on something you cannot have anymore because of tier problems, (You were T3 with a T3 only sword, and you've been knocked down to T2), will be refunded if you wish.
  • Hard Mode Penalties: If you choose to jump to Easy Mode, you get everything taken from you that is Hard Mode only.

You may only change your Mode once and it does not effect preexisting topics you are in.

Occupation: Weapon Specialist (Second Occupation will be decided later)
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: 

General Appearance: Stygian has messy jet black hair that hangs to the back of his neck with Icy Blue eyes that seem to peer into ones soul whenever he is caught looking at them. Unlike his mother his has only a total of one tail which doesn't even resemble that of a fox. The tail being at least 3 ft long and 2 inches wide. It is assumed by his mother, Destiny that it was a confusion in his DNA when a Minkmen had intercourse with a human. However, his tail seems to be the only complicated part to his body. He has a pair of canines on both the top and bottom row of his teeth that he will use when given a chance. As well as the pointy ears of a fox minus the fur.

He is almost always seeing wearing his white button-down shirt, usually unbuttoned with his tie tied around his neck. His signature green hoodie covering him as well. Along with a pair of jet black jeans that has a ripped hole in the back so he can freely move his tail.

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 183 Pounds
Crew Tattoo Placement: On back of right calf


Out of Combat

Stygian is a guy who always likes to joke around and pull pranks unlike his mother who is usually always so calm in collected. Not allowing anyone to change her mood. Due to that he always finds it funny to annoy her or anyone for that matter when they are displaying the same personality as his mother.

Despite being a idiot most of the time...Stygian is actually one of a kind in his generation. Being taught by the world's top scholars and the world's top doctor, he knew how to do things kids his age couldn't due. At the age of 6 he could perform an organ surgery. At the age of 8 he could perform medical feats that most would deem impossible. Though, doctoring isn't the only thing in his mind as he knows basically everything due to his mother position.

Stygian is a type of guy who would make friends with every and anyone. Even pirates depending on the situation. He really doesn't care what they have done or what crime they have committed most of the time. Due to that people always question his position among the marines. Most saying he is only in it because of his blood relations

In Combat

When fighting Stygian goes all out. Not caring about the enemy whatsoever. As he is always looking for the kill shot unless he is trying to capture them for beli. Due to this, his powers always seem to get out of hand as he can destroy a town in a blink of an eye.

In battle Stygian is a whole different person. He uses his knowledge that he has gained to overcome any obstacle the opponent throws his way. Not letting anything distract him whatsoever. Due to this his reputation in the world slowly rises from each battle he takes place in. He can either be the person to end your or the person to save you.

Likes: Food, Pranks, Fighting, Training, Heat, Animals, Wilderness, Travelling
Dislikes: Weirdos, Stupidity, Ignorance, Cold

History: Stygian was born on the wilderness Island of Rusukaina as he was supposed to be a hidden child. Seeing as his mother, Destiny Ridgets of the Gorosei was one of the most power, rich, and well known people in the world. So, people would want her whether it was for the good or bad. Though, she had other children it was quite rare for her to have one. As there was a sacred scroll that was on her island of Minkmen that said (“You can only have the ammount of children as your own tails”) Seeing how he was only the 3rd child.

Stygian’s time of Rusukaina was short though, as his father had easily found him and took him to civilization. He felt that Styg shouldn’t be separate from the life of humans. Due to that his father and mother got into an argument which led to his father being put into Impel Down for literally no reason. Not knowing what was going on at such the young age of 3. Styg really didn’t know anything, but that his father was gone. Growing up on a new island called Alabasta. His mother had ordered the nobles of the country to train him and keep him a secret from the world as it was not yet his time to be revealed yet.

Though, that time was short as in only 5 years time at the age of 8. He had eaten a fruit that was rather poisonous as some said. Which gave him powers that could rival the Gorosei themselves. He had eaten a Devil Fruit. One of the Logia which was amongst the most powerful devil fruits. To say that the royals of Alabasta weren’t surprised was the least to say. Soon after gaining the devil fruit a pair of pirates had attacked Alabasta in hopes of taking it for themselves. After hours of fighting most of Alabasta was in ruins, causing them to release their secret weapon. Stygian seeing his home in ruins would release all of his power. Melting and turning everything his magma touched into ash. It was truly a sight to see which easily ended the battle. However, that didn’t come without casualties. His mother saw this as an act of treason as she imprisoned the royals of the country as the new generation took over.

Seeing as Stygian was revealed to the world. He was easily hunted each and everyday. The son of a Gorosei could indeed be plentiful, so everyone wanted either him or his head. Due to this his mother set him up on the island of Marineford and ordered them to keep them safe or else. Seeing as they had to do what she ordered. They gave him his own house near the bridge of waters and tutors and trainers to help him learn. In hopes of having him becoming a marine one day. 

Though on the day of his 16th birthday he would escape and catch a ride on a luggage shit to the four blues. Where he would begin his act of becoming better than his mother

Face Claim: (Blue Exorcist|Rin Okumura)
RP Sample: N/A

Bonus: Is a Revamp, but if I can get a bonus I would like the Log Pose.
Location: Shimotsuki Village

Fate Point Allocation:
Devil's Meddle - Allows you to ingest a Devil Fruit.
Lineage - Allows you to have blood relations to one World Position NPC.
Hard Worker - You can possess a Secondary Occupation.
Kami Haki - Grants you access to Kami Haki. (Kenbunshoku Haki )

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2 Re: Stygian Acheron Ridgets on Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:05 am


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3 Re: Stygian Acheron Ridgets on Sat Oct 15, 2016 8:26 am



Bonuses are for new T2's, not revamped T2's, so that's a nah to the Log Pose. However everything else is in order. Approved.

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