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1 Cerulean Faith on Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:46 pm




Name: Cerulean Faith
Alias/Epithet: The Crimson Queen
Race: Human
Tier: 4
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weapon Specialist/Dial specialist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: Rear Admiral

General Appearance:

Height: 5"3
Weight: 62KG's
Crew Tattoo Placement: If she wherever to become a pirate or to be branded it would be against her will, more than likely her face shall be the victim placement.


Miss Faith grew up on the streets of the East blue, surviving by doing things others would deem disgusting, evil and less favourable, such as stealing, beating up and potentially killing to protect herself, her interests and what little she actually had. She can be aloof and self-serving, her hard life having turned her from a sweet girl, to a hardened street thug. Someone who knows how to play others and not feel a tiny bit bad about it, Though often guarded, she can be incredibly loyal, and whether this is to someone whom is currently paying her "wages" or someone who has been allowed in to her heart. If its someone whos paying her, only someone else who can pay more would be capable of swaying her loyalty. Her friends, well they will always have her loyalty, even in situations where it seems as though shes betraying them, something in the background is always happening. Her compassion is seldom seen because of her hard outer shell. Cerulean can be fickle and can constantly change sides, whether this change of heart is good or one of a morally questionable one, it all comes down to one thing. How well does this suit her and what does she get out of it. Thats what it will always come down to, what can Cerulean get out of this. Due to her loyalty, something she knows about, she tries to keep people at arms length. She knows herself, she knows how she is with those whom get in her heart, its a flaw. It can be used against her, so she tries to keep these aspects locked up.

Despite her loner ways, Cerulean has a considerable amount of "friends" and had a great relationship with the darker world of the blues, being one of the most well known criminals within the blues human category. Empathic to fellow oprhans who have had similiarities to her own life, Blues generally shares her haul with the children of the streets as well as young girls. Young girls whom have been taken and are completely broken, she can't help but try to help them. One things she rarely does is truely cry, she never cries, not when shes taken a life or hurt someone. Yet when it comes down to losing a close friend, someone whom she would hug, thats when she would be broken and in need of revenge. Like with objects she can have a rather "posessive" demeanour over people regardless of gender.

Agile, Flexible, resourcful and crafty. Traits that every Swordswoman should have, she is able to think on her feet, able to react, able to look at the environment and just know what to do. Her main aspect is her flirtatious nature to manipulate the boys and girls in to giving her everything she needs to know. Using her femine figure, her whiles and seductive nature. Everything is at her disposal. When in battle she keeps her seductive nature, though it mainly comes from her verbally or in the way she moves.  

Being able to change in to such a childish behaviour or serious nature, one could never imagine this child had killed, had murdered and done so with a smile upon her face. She can joke, she can laugh and she can seem like every average little girl, or she can become serious, orders flow freely, she commands like a queen.


Money: It has to be said, that this is possibly her top priority, money, riches, expensive jewels. Cerulean is all about material gain, she likes pretty things and she knows money...and her five finger discount can get it for her.
Cats: A crazy cat lady at heart, she can't help but oogle cute little kitties
Hot Milk: The one thing that calms her and relaxes her after a stressful day.


Not getting her own way: She hates it, not getting what she wants when she wants it. Who would dare to keep her from what she desires.
Dogs: This is an obvious one, much like a cat hates dogs. Though this is more less the animal and more the dirty dog like men that pant at every beautiful woman that walks passed.
Being stolen from: Oh ya, you going to steal from her thief, you better prepare to get your butt handed to you child.


-Born in Louge Town
-Travelled with her family through the East Blue
-Family were killed by pirates leaving her an orhpan
-Learned thieving techniques to live by as a street orphan
-Took her first life at ten years old
-Made a name for herself as a burglar/thief
-At the age of 16 picked up her first sword.
-Thieving allowed her a lovely style of living
-Wanted for 100,000,000 bounty at the age of 18
-Handed herself in to the marines with her requests
-Requests were granted and in exchange for service her bounty was wiped
-Taught by some of the best marine swordsmens
-Began to make a name for herself in the marines becoming the marines "spokes person" for "misguided" people and how the marines can turn their life around.
-Climbed through the ranks to Rear Adrmial by bringing down big named pirates
-has had interaction with many of the other Rear Admirals and Vice Admirals
-Has explored many parts of the GL
-Was a good friend of Sansoms and Seishiros
-Was currently on a mission for the World Government which halted her taking part in the Red Line Events.


Face Claim: Fate/Stay the Night|Saber)
RP Sample: Revamp Transfer [Clarissa RA to Cerulean]

Bonus: N/A
Location: -
Revamped From Clarissa Syrfer

Fate Point Allocation:

Cursed Hands [1]: Allows usage of Cursed Weapons
Hawk Eye [1]: Allows usage of Ken Haki
Limelight [2]: 2X bounty gained from everything bounty rewarding.
Hard Worker [1]- You can possess a Secondary Occupation.
Diligent Spirit [1] - You can choose a Specialization in your Secondary Occupation. Must have purchased Hard Worker.

6 FP's Spent

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2 Re: Cerulean Faith on Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:38 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

are u gonna pick a second occupation now or l8r?

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3 Re: Cerulean Faith on Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:42 am



oops thought i had Very Happy

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