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1Character Updates Empty Character Updates on Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:38 pm

Character Updates

Character Updates is everyone's way of keeping track of their progress, belongings, and skills, attributes and much more. Your updates are to be kept clean and organized and also up to date. We, the staff, will edit your side bar for EP and things you yourself can not edit, but when it comes to your update page that is your responsibility. We allow people to code their updates, but please keep the font at default size, do not alter the template by removing sections, and do not compromise the site's natural borders with your coding.


[/center][b]Character Name:[/b] (First then Last)
[b]Link to Approved Character[/b] (Self Explanatory)
[b]Affiliation:[/b] (Pirate, Marine, etc)
[b]Crew:[/b] (Name or link.)
[b]Occupation:[/b] (Occupation(s) chosen during creation)
[b]Tier:[/b] (1-6)
[b]Bounty/Reputation:[/b] (This is very important to be tracked.)
[b]World Position:[/b] (If you possess one.)
[b]Fate Perks:[/b] (What Fate Perks have you bought)
[b]Fate Points:[/b] (How many Fate Points do you have if any.)


[b]Stamina:[/b] (How much Stamina you possess)

[b]Haki:[/b] (Rank D-SS)
[b]Kenbunshoku Haki:[/b] (Perks)
[b]Busoshoku Haki:[/b] (Perks)
[b]Haoshoku Haki:[/b] (Perks)

[b]Devil Fruit:[/b]

[/center][b]Link to Primary Skill Set:[/b] (Or you may put them all in a spoiler here)
[b]Link to Secondary Skill Set:[/b] (Or you may put them all in a spoiler here)
[b]Link to Tertiary Skill Set:[/b] (Or you may put them all in a spoiler here)

[/center][b]Weapons:[/b] (Weapons in a spoiler or link to weapons.)
[b]Armor:[/b] (Armors in a spoiler or link to armors.)
[b]Ships:[/b] (Other Equipment in a spoiler or link to other equipment.)
[b]Pets:[/b] (Pets in a spoiler or link to Pets.)
[b]NPCs:[/b] (Link to NPCs you own)
[b]Grunts:[/b] (How many grunts you own if any.)

[/center][b]Completed Topics[/b] (All your completed threads.)
[b]Completed Topics This Tier[/b] (Completed thread for the tier you are currently on.)

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2Character Updates Empty Re: Character Updates on Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:39 pm

Tier Up Application

As time passes and task are done, there comes a time when you feel you're finally ready to ascend to the next Tier. Commonly the first thing you will be asked when trying to go to the next Tier is, "What Oceans have you RP'd in?" If you're trying to go to Tier 2 hopefully it's 2 and so on and so forth. If you can't tell by now, Pirate Nation is a Story Based Site and mostly about character progression. Killing 20 PCs won't really weigh much on the scale of Tier Ups unless they had some big role in your Character's Story or were very important people like Shichibukai. Even then, just killing a PC that has a World Position just because you think it'll boost your chances of a Tier Up is ridiculous. All information filled out should strictly detail things that have occurred for the duration you were your current tier and not previous ones.

[b]Current Tier[/b]
[b]Oceans RP'd In:[/b] (South Blue, Grandline, Paradise, New World, etc)
[b]# of Task Completed:[/b]
[b]# of Other Topics Completed:[/b]
[b]What has you character done since they've been the tier they are now?:[/b]
[b]What has changed in your character since the last time they tiered up and what brought on these changes?:[/b]
[b]Why does your character deserve to tier up?:[/b]

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