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1 Invention Registry on Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:21 pm

Invention Registry

This is the forum you come to to register Inventions. First off to help you out and to keep your things organized, you should have two topics in this forum. One for registering things that you want to get approved, because this is where Invention grading takes place, then one for a catalog of all of your approved Inventions that are ready to be crafted.

Now, when you got your little Invention approved and made ICly, you have to get it's creation approved. Go to your page of approved Inventions, copy paste the Skill(s) you used, copy paste any relevant links that deal with it's creation including material purchase should you be a Blacksmith, use the Staff Request Area (optional) and wait. Once your creation is approved, you're home free to use what you created.

Invention Template

There are two Invention Templates, one for making pieces of Equipment, Gadgets, etc, then one for making usable or performable things, like food, music, medicine, etc.



[b]Name:[/b] (Self Explanatory)
[b]Description:[/b] (Describe what this Invention is the best way you can. If you're a Scientist there should be some technical explanation about the logistics of what you made to a slight degree.)
[b]Effects:[/b] (Mostly in regards to music, food, poisons, medicines, thinks like that)
[b]Range:[/b] (Mostly in regards to music and poisons)
[b]Servings:[/b] (How many servings are made with one usage of the creation Skill? Mostly in regards to food, drugs, poisons, etc.)
[b]Units per Slot:[/b] (How many of this item takes up a single slot.)
[b]Upgrade Points:[/b] (Starts at 0 and goes up by one every time the Upgrade Skill is used.)


[b]Equipment Name:[/b] (Self Explanatory)
[b]Equipment Type:[/b] (Weapon, Armor, Gadget, etc.)
[b]Strength Req.:[/b] (What Tier of Strength does someone need to wield this?)
[b]Equipment Description:[/b] (Draw the equipment with your words, we need measurements, how many bullets can it hold, how far can it shoot, all that good stuff.)
[b]Curse:[/b] (If it has a Curse write out it's effects.)
[b]Materials:[/b] (What main materials is it made of. Don't need to include menial things like a band of leather wrapped around the handle. Just the main stuff.)
[b]Units per Slot:[/b] (How many of this item takes up a single slot. Most of the times the answer will be 1.)
[b]Upgrade Points:[/b] (This starts at 0, but it grows as you use the Upgrade Skill.)

We'll now discuss these sections of the templates in greater detail.


Effects cover things that could be regarded as "status effects". What does this poison do to this person. What does this food do to this person. What does this music do to this person. So on so forth. Be sure to include the duration of these effects.


This is mostly for Musicians, Scientist Explosives, or maybe poisons, but who knows. Maybe your food has a fragrance that has some effect on people and that'd need a range. Use diameter ranges.


How many of this item are made when you use the Crafting Skill that makes them?

Upgrade Points

Upgrade Points are used to show how many times the Invention has been upgraded and how close the Invention is to reaching it's full potential. The amount of Upgrade Points an Invention has can only exceed their creator's Character Tier by 1.

Support Job Skillset Topic wrote:
...Inventions have Upgrade Points. Upgrading is something that you'd use to turn that weak poison that causes tummy aches into something that'd kill someone from the smallest drop entering their system. Or maybe you want to perfect one of your recipes to make it give amazing Attribute boost. Whatever your purpose may be, the Upgrade Skill is used to bump Inventions up to the next level and adds 1 Point to the Inventions Upgrade Point value. This maxes out at 6. The only way you can make an Invention reach 6 Upgrade Points is by doing the final Upgrade in a Lvl 2 Territory. Territories and how to get them are explained **here in the Story and Territory System**. A Lvl 2 Territory is the equivalent to a Scientist' Laboratory.

That said when Inventions are made they are expected to be rather basic and not Hydrogen Bombs right out the gate. It's all about progression.

As you use the Upgrade Skill on Inventions you should reregister the Invention (not effecting the cooldown timer for the Invent Skill). When you reregister it, you can increase the ranges, effects, and things of that nature of the invention.

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