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1 Equipment System on Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:33 am

Equipment System

The Equipment System here is in place to regulate limitations and supply approximate pricing for pieces of equipment. It will cover things like carrying limits, how item durability works, curses, and a bit more.

Technological Limits

One Piece is a universe with contradicting technological limits. You have characters like Franky who are cyborgs, have made motorcycles, and places like Punk Hazard, yet you still see pretty simple pieces of equipment like flintlock based firearms. That said, because we have occupations devoted to crafting things to make these pieces of equipment more sought after and give more value to these occupations we have a pretty tough technology limit when it comes to items. With our open pricing system by paying a pretty penny you may be able to get lucky and get firearms that have clips as opposed to manual loading, but that's very rare and costly.  When it comes to the technological limit for equipment that is store bought and not crafted, we peak at real life 1886. This is right before the first automatic pistol was invented, but there was still the mounted gatling gun. So no automatic firing weapons, but you still have things like the Colt Revolver, so six shot pistols, and breech or muzzle loading rifles.

The only real exception is the bazooka which is canon. These aren't RPGs or anything, but their standard rounds of course pack a heavier punch.


There are different types of equipment. Weapons, Armor, Ammunition, Gadgets, Other, and maybe more, but these are the main ones.

Weapons: Pretty self explanatory, these are weapons. Clubs, swords, rifles, pistols, that stuff.

Armor: Also self explanatory. Protection based things. Armor is broken up into sections and a suit or armor is not one piece of equipment. The sections are Head, Torso, Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet, Extremities.

Ammunition: Ammo is seen as an object that a piece of equipment propels. Throwing knives, bolas, etc, are not ammo, but their own weapons.

Gadgets: Things that don't necessarily stand alone and are usually attachments or for supplementary purposes. They are typically made by Scientist. Examples of gadgets are things like bombs, batteries, slave collars, etc.

Attachments: Attachments are things that are attached to equipment, who would have guessed right? You'll see things like Dials here, maybe scopes for firearms, or maybe even a Gadget.

Other: Other are things that you really wouldn't see as "Equipment", like Luffy's Strawhat or maybe Medicine or a Drug made by a Doctor. Some of them, in reference to items like Luffy's Strawhat, don't have to be registered and purchased, but the option is there for the creative minds that may have some use in making items like this grow Experience wise. Things like lighters and other typical items don't really need to be registered and can be considered common items that people would just have. This still shouldn't be abused however.


Here we have an open pricing system and the quality of your Equipment is more so based on how much money you spent on it as it should. Equipment is bought in the link supplied, but we'll have some information found there in here as well.

To start equipment pricing begins with what materials the weapon is primarily made of. When we say primarily we mean like the blade of the sword, barrel of the gun, or body of the bow. While the quality of the material will still be fair, any prominent materials that make up the weapon like the wood based handles of guns, it wouldn't be wise to use these parts of the weapon for much.

We use common materials, but materials not found on our list can be used and they will be priced accordingly. When using a material not found on the list their durability should be likened to one of the materials supplied. At mention it's more durable, as durable, or less durable than one of these materials.


  • Cloth - 100,000 Beli
  • Stock Wood* - 100,000 Beli
  • Plastic - 100,000 Beli
  • Rubber - 100,000 Beli
  • Leather -150,000 Beli
  • Treasure Tree Adam - 25,000,000
  • Seastone - 30,000,000 Beli


  • Bronze - 250,000 Beli
  • Iron - 450,000 Beli
  • Gold - 500,000 Beli
  • Steel - 750,000 Beli
  • Titanium - 1,000,000 Beli

*Maple, Birch, Myrtle, etc. Common wood stocks used for rifles, baseball bats, bokken, in real life.

Listings aren't in order of durability, but lowest price to highest.

If you find yourself wanting to change the material your equipment is made of you may do so once in the equipments lifetime. It's a dangerous procedure to the item that shouldn't be taken lightly. Experience penalty for changing materials supplied int he appropriate section below.


When it comes to carrying equipment, everyone has a limit. Not only is there a realistic limit as we do not allow for characters to have hammer space or "Mary Poppins Bags" without reason, but there is a limit placed on you according to your Character's Tier.

  • Tier 1 - 2 Slots
  • Tier 2 - 3 Slots
  • Tier 3 - 4 Slots
  • Tier 4 - 5 Slots
  • Tier 5 - 6 Slots
  • Tier 6 - 8 Slots

Those with the Weapon Specialist and Marksman Occupation are given 2 extra slots, while those with Support Jobs are given 3 extra slots. These extra slots do not stack, the highest one takes precedence.

Hidden Items

To avoid the whole, "I had this item the whole time, but forgot to mention it." scenario, when you make your first post in a topic all items on your character's person should be noted. May this be in the actual post or in an OOC Note it does not matter, but items not mentioned in a character's first post will not be allowed to "be remembered" into existence. If you wish to enter a topic with an item hidden on your character, but fear someone may alter their character's actions due to knowledge of this item, you can PM a staff member to check-in that item, but must explain where and how the item is hidden, so it can't be manipulated to your advantage.


Attachments are simple additions to pieces of equipment to give them a small edge. An example of an attachment is a **Dial**. Each piece of equipment can have three attachment slots. One comes free with each piece of equipment, the second and third slots must be purchased. Only two of the attachments can be Dials.

  • 2nd Attachment Slot - 1,00,000 Beli
  • 3rd Attachment Slots - 25,000,000 Beli


While others will dread it, those who use ranged weaponry that needs ammo will be glad to hear ammo comes free. Ammunition does not need to be registered, purchased etc, as long as it isn't unique. Unique ammo is something like seastone rounds, explosive slugs, anything that's not your standard bullet, arrow, whatever.

Ammunition is classified as a medium used for a piece of equipment to propel another object. Throwing knives and other thrown objects are not ammo.

This shouldn't be an issue, but if someone abuses this guidelines for ammunition will be implemented for that specific person.


We have Material Destruction list with our Skillsets and given equipment is usually made out of the materials on this list or likened to them, equipment breaking and getting damaged is a topic that should be covered.

Simply put a piece of equipment can withstand three attacks from a strike that'd normally "Completely Destroy" the material the equipment is made from. This third strike breaks the equipment and allows the attack in question to continue forth. If the weapon is met with a force that can completely destroy a material more durable than the piece of equipment in question, then the equipment breaks, no questions asked. i.e. Skill can Completely Destroy Steel and an Iron Shield is used to block, the Shield is destroyed.

Ranged Weaponry

Ranged weaponry as in, bows, crossbows, pistols, rifles, hand cannons, etc, not throwable-s. Again, you get free ammo and "unlimited", but that shouldn't be abused. This section is to talk about special things that apply to you guys.


Range is how far the weapon can shoot before the fired ammunition is ineffective. The closer you are to the max range, the less accurate the shot. Meaning a foe could argue your shot was off it's mark if you are shooting at them while they are close to your max range.

  • Pistols - 50m
  • Rifles - 150m
  • Basic Slingshot - 75m
  • Pole Body Slingshot - 150m
  • Bazooka - 75m
  • Bows - 100m
  • Heavy/GreatBows - 300m


We have a Speed Chart and you guys should be sure to use it. If you don't supply a Speed your weapon fires things you will follow what's below. If you reach for more Speed, of course it will cost more.

  • Pistols - 4
  • Rifles - 4
  • Bazooka - 3
  • Basic Slingshot - 3
  • Pole Body Slingshot - 4
  • Bows - 3
  • Heavy/GreatBows - 4


This is basically accounting for your weapons power and your standard free ammo's piercing ability or whatever it is you are aiming for. The more Power a weapon has the higher the Strength Req. will be and of course higher cost. This because you still have to deal with kickback, drawing the bow, or slingshot, whatever. The listing of Tiers of Damage is just so there is a reference of the projectiles power when it comes to combatting other Skills or defenses. This Tier of Damage is static and unchanging unless the weapon should be upgraded to have a higher Tier of Damage. This means even a Tier 6 Skill used with a typical Pistol will deal Tier 2 Damage, though Tier 2 Damage or Tier 1 Damage can still be fatal as a real pistol would be. All standard free ammunition is iron based.

  • Pistols - Completely Destroys Iron|Lightly Damages Steel
  • Rifles - Completely Destroys Iron|Partially Destroys Steel
  • Bazooka - Completely Destroys Steel|Partially Destroys Titanium|Lightly Damages Treasure Tree Adam
  • Basic Slingshot - Completely Destroys Wood|Partially Destroys Iron
  • Pole Body Slingshot - Completely Destroys Iron|Lightly Damages Steel
  • Bows - Completely Destroys Iron|Lightly Damages Steel
  • Longbows - Completely Destroys Iron|Lightly Damages Steel
  • Heavy/GreatBows - Completely Destroys Steel|Partially Destroys Titanium|N/A Treasure Tree

  • Pistols - Strength Req. 1
  • Rifles - Strength Req. 2
  • Bazooka - Strength Req. 3
  • Basic Slingshot - Strength Req. 1
  • Pole Body Slingshot - Strength Req. 2
  • Bows - Strength Req. 1
  • LongBows - Strength Req. 2
  • Heavy/GreatBows - Strength Req. 3

Of course if you're fine with what's listed above you don't have to mention any of this stuff, because it's mentioned for you here. If you want to get a little boost up, add this to the equipment template. Again if you want more than the base stuff, it's going to cost more. Also what's above are not the only forms of ranged weaponry you can have.

*Bazooka grunts can only fire once per post and have 3 shots total.



In One Piece Equipment can be Cursed. Here Cursed Equipment can only be obtained from an Event or a Blacksmith who has the means to create a Cursed piece of equipment. We include equipment that can ingest a Devil Fruit under the Cursed umbrella. For more information of Curses and how they operate, check the **Occupation System**.


Upon approval each character is given two pieces of free Iron based Equipment.

Obtaining Equipment

Equipment is primarily obtained through the Equipment Shop **here**. But this is where pricing takes place. Equipment should first be registered and approved. Then linked to the Equipment Shop where it will be Priced and Purchased.


Equipment Name: (Self Explanatory)
Equipment Type: (Weapon, Armor, Gadget, etc.)
Strength Req.: (What Tier of Strength does someone need to wield this?)
Equipment Description: (Draw the equipment with your words, we need measurements, how many bullets can it hold, how far can it shoot, all that good stuff.)
Attachments: (Link to the registered attachments that are attached to the weapon or a spoiler with their filled out template.)
Materials: (What main materials is it made of. Don't need to include menial things like a band of leather wrapped around the handle. Just the main stuff.)
Units per Slot: (How many of this item takes up a single slot. Most of the times the answer will be 1.)


[b]Equipment Name:[/b] (Self Explanatory)
[b]Equipment Type:[/b] (Weapon, Armor, Gadget, etc.)
[b]Strength Req.:[/b] (What Tier of Strength does someone need to wield this?)
[b]Equipment Description:[/b] (Draw the equipment with your words, we need measurements, how many bullets can it hold, how far can it shoot, all that good stuff.)
[b]Attachments:[/b] (Link to the registered attachments that are attached to the weapon or a spoiler with their filled out template.)
[b]Materials:[/b] (What main materials is it made of. Don't need to include menial things like a band of leather wrapped around the handle. Just the main stuff.)
[b]Units per Slot:[/b] (How many of this item takes up a single slot. Most of the times the answer will be 1.)

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