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1 Bounty/Reputation System on Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:19 pm

Bounty / Reputation
  • Bounty - A bounty is a number that is dictated by the World Government that illustrates the hazard level of an individual. Bounties are accumulated by performing dastardly, immoral/amoral, destructive, and underhanded deeds that undermine the World Government, rules of the world, or their image in general. Thus, the higher one’s bounty is, the more prone they are to upsetting the balance and control on the world that the World Government holds under it’s thumb.

  • Reputation: - Reputation on the other hand, while similarly gifted by the Government, illustrates deeds that are considered favorable for the World Government. This is not to say that the deed cannot be amoral, dastardly, or negative, just that it has to be something that pushes the goals and rules of the World Government. Nonetheless, the higher one’s reputation, the more revered they are within their faction, the higher chances of promotion, and the more responsibility they have to uphold Absolute Justice without a thoughts. This number doesn't exist in the IC World, yet the amount of Reputation someone has calculates their notoriety just as Bounty does.

Recognition by Notoriety

Everybody has the ability to find out about others and themselves through wanted posters. This is to the extent of knowing who they are, as in their name, and depending on how high their Bounty actually is or their epithet. This is done by looking at Noteworthy Bounties for certain areas and comparing them to the character in question's own Bounty. Below are a list of the Average Bounties for each area and Noteworthy Bounties. If a Bounty exceeds the Average Bounty then the person is susceptible to a few knowing who they are, though this is still no valid excuse to Meta-Game and instantly recognize someone to charge at them. However, if someone's bounty were to be within 1,000,000 or greater than the Noteworthy Bounty for that area, they would practically be famous and known by anyone in the area. Bounty Posters would only allows you to recognize someone, know their epithet, and their fighting style, yet not all their capabilities, details of their Devil Fruit etc.

This goes for not only Pirates and Revolutionaries, but also Marines via there Reputation. Though Wanted Posters wouldn't be posted, word of mouth would work to track Marines or Reputation holders in general and allow them to be known when their Reputation reaches a certain amount in the correct area
  • East Blue - Average 3,000,000 | Noteworthy 8,000,000
  • South Blue - Average 5,000,000 | Noteworthy 9,000,0000
  • North Blue - Average 6,000,000 | Noteworthy 10,000,000
  • West Blue - Average 4,000,000 | Noteworthy 8,000,000
  • Paradise - Average 50,000,000 | Noteworthy 100,000,000
  • New World - Average 250,000,000 | Noteworthy 650,000,000

Bounty Hunting

When a PC or NPC begins to accumulate a bounty, they have essentially become free game to being hunted by anyone of any faction at any point in time. However based on their Bounty Tag (capture, capture or kill, KoS) and strength in relation to the person hunting them, different rewards are allotted. The reward is 50% of the target's Bounty, not the whole thing.

Below are the taggings for those with Bounty.
  • Capture - Requires the bounty holder to have a bounty under 50,000,000. When someone capture’s another PC or NPC with the Capture Bounty tag, they can turn them in to get the full Beli reward that the detained person was listed for. Killing them results in no money gained.

  • Capture or Kill - Requires the bounty holder to have a bounty of 50,000,000 - 499,999,999. When someone capture’s another PC or NPC with the Capture or Kill Bounty tag, they can, A.) detain and turn the person in and receive the full Beli reward or B) Kill the person and receive 50% of the full Beli reward.

  • Kill on Sight - Requires the target to have a bounty that exceeds 500,000,000. Capturing the person is no longer an option as they are an immense threat to the World Government and everybody else around them. When killing someone who is KoS, the PC or NPC who killed them not only receives whatever sum of Beli they were wanted for.

Bounty/Reputation Gains from PvP

  • 50% of target's notoriety +situational bonus upon staff grading.

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