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1 Death and Scrapping on Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:31 pm


Death is something that is common in the One Piece world and we know it can be a major blow to the muse. No one likes starting over after putting a lot of work into a character. That said, we have a system that allows people to rebound and hop right back into the action after death, via using a character who died as a sponsor for a new character. This character must have died due to the actions of another being and not the user themselves or purposely taken loss. Meaning you can't just kill off your character and get this head start with your next character or tell one of your friends to kill your character so they get character development, because you're bored with your current character and want a new one. It can't be scripted or planned.

Death via PC

This allows you to redeem 50% of your total accumulated experience points. In addition to this 50% of your Total EP, you can claim 50% of your old character's Bounty/Reputation as well.*

Death via NPC

Should your killer be an NPC your character is lost of course, but thise only reduces your Tier by 1 with your next character. If you wish to take the 50% EP penalty instead you may. Additionally you lose 25% of your Bounty/Reputation.

With any death you face all belongings including Beli and OOC items like Reroll Tickets are lost.


Scrapping is basically when you say, "I'm tired of this character, I'd like to RP a new one." There is nothing wrong with this state of mind, everyone goes through it, but there is a penalty for Scrapping characters. Your first Scrapping will result in a Tier reduction by 1, Bounty/Reputation reduction by 50%, and loss of all belongings, Beli, and OOC items like Reroll Tickets. Additionally you cannot claim a Devil Fruit over Tier 2 for free.

Any Scrap after resorts in you having to start off at Tier 1. Your Scrap counter will reset upon reaching Tier 4, letting you go back to the single Tier reduction, so on so forth. Additionally after your second scrap you lose rights to have an alternate character.

Scraps are counted across accounts. Meaning if Bobby has 2 Characters and Scraps one on Account A, then a week later Scraps the other on Account B, he now faces the Scrap Penalty of having to have this new character start at Tier 1. Scraps will sometimes be turned into site NPCs. You can reserve this right, by making a note to not have your Scrap turned into a site NPC upon scrapping.

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