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1 Occupation System on Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:31 am

Occupation System

Occupations are the professions of your characters. Each character has one occupation by default, but by using the Fate Points you can gain one more. Occupations are not only a means of making characters more unique and give texture to the site, but they also work to give your character certain privileges to things others don't. For instance a Martial Artist has access to Rokushiki while no one else would.

Occupations aren't to say if you haven't chosen Chef as one of your Occupations your character can't cook or if they aren't a Martial Artist they can't engage skillfully in Hand to Hand combat, they just don't get the benefits those with the actual Occupation get.

The Occupations are split into two groups, Combat Jobs and Support Jobs. Combat jobs are related to fighting, while Support Jobs are related to crafting things or having abilities that have benefits outside of combat like a Navigator.

Each Occupation has at least two stages to it. The base, then the Specialization. Specializations are unlocked when a character attains Tier 3 and only one may be chosen unless you have the proper Fate Perk. When you Specialize in an Occupation the benefits of the base Occupation are still usable. NPCs cannot attain a Specialization.

Combat Based Jobs

Along with their offensive perks, Combat Jobs also offer those who have them the ability to use Canon Fighting Styles or create custom Fighting Styles similar to them.

Everyone interested in using ranged weaponry should read the Marksman Occupation.

Martial Artist

As a martial artist this means you primarily rely on your body as your weapon. Hands on physical combat may it be augmented with a Devil Fruit, Rokushi, Fishman Karate, etc. Your body is a deadly weapon and even though you excel non-weapon related combat doesn't mean you don't have access to Mid-Range or sometimes even Long-Range skills, that are Martial Art based.

  1. Canon Martial Art Skillsets become available to you
  2. You receive double the resting battle stamina bonus

Martial Artist Specializations:

Universal Bonus: You gain .5 tiers of speed and strength
Berserker: Berserkers can force heal wounds of up to moderate damage once every two post. Cost 15 Stamina. They also gain +1 Durability.
Black Belt: Black Belts only gain a 25% Haki Stamina reduction when using Busoshoku Haki on their own body.

Weapon Specialist

Those who use swords, spears, axes, large hammers, daggers, etc would fall under this category. Though you specialize in one weapon style specifically, this doesn't limit your general knowledge of weapons and gives you rookie skill level with weapons outside your forte, given they aren't too outlandish or foreign to your fighting style.

  1. You gain access to all canon weapon Skillsets.
  2. Your weapons themselves, not extensions of them like airwaves, receive +1 Tier of bonus damage on the Material Destruction List. (Partially Destroyed becomes Completely Destroyed.)

Weapon User Specializations:

Universal Bonus: You gain .5 tiers of strength and speed
Master: As Master you spend 5 less Haki Stamina when coating a weapon with Busoshoku Haki.
Blade Dancer Using one weapon style increases strength by 1 tier. Using two weapon style increases strength by .5 tiers and sword speed by .5 tiers. Using 3 weapon (or more) style increases the user's sword speed by 1 tier. These do not stack.


You are the sharpshooter and probably the long range fighter of the crew. You probably reek of gunpowder 24/7, but you probably also have saved a cremate or two in a tough spot. From bow and arrows to, pistols and rifles to, hand and mounted stationary canons, you could probably pull off a decent shot with ones you are foreign to with your experience at ranged combat.

  1. +1 Perception
  2. Grants you the ability to accurately use ranged weaponry, thrown weapons included, beyond a distance of 15m.
  3. Can make use of Pop Greens.

Marksman Specializations:

Universal Bonus: Projectiles gain .5 tiers of speed
Sniper: Projectile based basic attacks and skills gain 50m in range. (Logic still applies)
Sharpshooter: Kenbunshoku Haki gains 1.5x the range and cost 5 Haki Stamina less.


A snake with sticky fingers, you more than likely are pretty shady and aren't too easy to trust. Or maybe you are and are plotting your next backstabbing, regardless money seems to just fall into your pockets as easily as you vanish from scenes.

  1. This will have to be approved by a moderator afterwards, but you can pickpocket 20% of someone's Beli ICly once each topic without having to knock them unconscious or anything tricky.
  2. Fiscal in nature, the thief gains 15% more Beli from everything but the casino.

Thief Specializations:

Universal Bonus: You gain 1 tier of speed
Pickpocket: You are now able to steal up to 50% of people's wallets when within melee range. This can be done without notice during confrontation or during combat so long as the user has a speed greater than the target's perception. You can also hear the jingle of coins, making you aware of where they keep their money. (This is to avoid metagaming. This must also be done logically.)
Cat Burglar: Everything you sell is worth double its original sell value.

Beast Master

You find your power within your companions, your companions begin animals of the wild. Taming them and fighting along side these beast, you may not be as naturally strong as others, but you find strength in numbers.

  1. You may create Task to tame animals of equal tier to the task to make them your pet rather than having to purchase them. Taming tasks must be of equal or lower tier to the Beast master themselves.  
  2. You also have the ability to own four Combat Pets at once, but only two may be in a topic actively fighting for you at once.
  3. You also lose rights to your tertiary skill set.
  4. You can tame pre-historic/extinct species that can be acquired on the Paradise Island, Little Garden.

Beast Master Specializations:

Universal Bonus: You can now train/tame up to 5 pets. You can train pets up to T6.
Ring Leader: You may have as many pets as you like in a thread so long as their combined tiers add up to no more than 13.
Man and Beast: You regain access to your tertiary skill set.

Support Based Jobs

Though you don't have the naturally enhanced strength and speed of those with Combat Based Jobs, you make up for it with the skills needed to make some serious money. These trades are used to craft unique items or make things that gives various buffs and debuffs. You gain an extra Skill Set that is designated to your craft. You still have the base Occupation's benefits when you Specialize. Be sure to check out these pages. **Support Job Skillset**.

Additionally Support Job holders get EP for any successful trades they make ICly with another PC or a PCs NPC. For every 100,000 Beli you make by selling your goods or services to a PC or NPC who works for a PC, you are granted 1,000 EP.

You can always sell your creations to NPCs should you not find willing PCs after having them priced by a Staff member. This is done **here**, in the Member Shops area. You are not eligible for the EP bonus through selling to NPCs, but it does help you build towards claiming crafting related World Positions.

Unless you Specialize in a Support Occupation, you cannot create or upgrade an invention beyond 3 Upgrade Points. You can learn about Upgrade Points and the workings of Support Jobs and their creations **here**

Dial Specialist

As a Dial Specialist you heavily rely on this technology to put you on par with the other Combat Based Jobs. Like the Beast Master you do not have the natural bonuses others do. You make up for this with your craftiness with Dials making you a technician of sorts.

  1. You are the only ones capable of merging Dials into equipment for use or creating custom Dials. Meaning if someone wants equipment with Dials they have to come to you. To combine Equipment with Dials you must obviously have both in your possession and supply 250 words detailing the process. After this process they are inseparable and said Dials may only be T3 and lower.
  2. Dials only occupy half the equipment slot they normally would

Dial Master Specializations:

Universal Bonus: You can attach dials Tiers 4-6 to objects for 500 words. You can purchase custom Dials in the equipment shop.
Dial Fighter: All of your personal Dial Cooldowns are reduced by one post. When you attach dials to a piece of equipment it only takes up half of an attachment slot.
Dialwright: You can now attach dials to ships and other forms of transportation.

Culinary Artist*

Your focus falls in the food industry, may you be a baker, butcher, gourmet chef, etc, you know your way around a kitchen and probably a few knives. Your food can raise the morale of your cremates or patrons, but it doesn't stop there. A few signature dishes you can prepare can boost the capabilities of your cremates or cause them to experience various odd effects.

  1. You have the ability to cook dishes that boost the capabilities of your allies or give them other unique fun effects. Must be made a Skill.
  2. Can Upgrade a Dish up to 3 times.
  3. Food only occupies half the equipment slot it normally would

Culinary Artist Specializations:

Universal Bonus: Can upgrade a Dish up to 6 times.
Iron Chef: Your dishes can now have stronger effects.
Lingering Taste: The durations of your dishes effects are now twice as long.
Gourmet Chef: Dishes you Invent start with 3 Upgrade Points.


As the doctor of the crew you are in charge or caring for your crew members, may it be diagnosing illness, treating illnesses, sewing up wounds, bandaging up injuries, etc. You can create medicines and various other things to assist your crew in their adventures.

  1. Occupying one post worth of time you can treat one moderate and an unlimited amount of minor wounds without registered medicines or drugs. Minimum 250 words.
  2. You can create medicines and drugs. Must be made a Skill.
  3. Can Upgrade a medicine and drugs up to 3 times.
  4. Medicines and Drugs only occupy half the equipment slot they normally would.

Doctor Specializations:

Universal Bonus: Can Upgrade a drug or medicine up to 6 times.
Field Medic: You can heal one severe injury or an unlimited amount of moderate injuries one post without the use of registered medicines or drugs. Minimum 500 words.
Surgeon: You can replace organs, limbs or create freaks of nature with Skills. Freaks of Nature must be registered as NPCs.
Pharmacist: Medicines and Drugs you Invent start with 3 Upgrade Points.


Easily one of the most crucial roles in a crew, you are the navigator. You can the ship on track to it's destination. You more than likely have excellent decision making skills even under pressure and with distractions such as booming thunder, lightning, blizzards, etc. Without you, the crew is literally lost, you may not be a fighter, but you damn sure are crucial to the crew.

  1. You can lead your crew to and through the Grandline and even the New World. Along with that you have the ability to pilot any form of mass-transportation.
  2. Permitted to use Art of Weather Fighting Style, but requires a Clima-tact.

Navigator Specializations:

Universal Bonus: You receive a 5 Point reduction on the amount of required Log Pose Points on each Island you visit.
Cartographer: Due to your knowledge of the seas, all travel threads have 50% less WC requirement or time waited
Argonaut: Your honed natural sense of direction allows you to revisit any Island you yourself have navigated to without needing a Log Pose to direct you.


As a blacksmith you can create various styles of weapons and armor for your crew. You keep everyones weapons sharp, your artillery based weaponry and weapon users well stocked and probably keep your pockets fat as well.

  1. You can craft basic weapons, ammunition, and armor. You still have to buy the materials you'll be using to craft things, albeit their price is reduced by 50% for you since they are raw materials. Prices are listed **in the Equipment Shop**. Must be made a Skill.

Blacksmith Specializations:

Universal Bonus: You can now make equipment out of materials not listed in the equipment shop.
Fast Smith: WC requirements for all Crafting Skills are cut in half.
Cursed Smith: You can create pieces of equipment that are Cursed. Effects of Curse should be detailed in the Equipment Description in a Spoiler tagged "Cursed". Must be made a Skill.
Outfitter: You can create Artillery for Ships, custom or ones supplied on the site. Must be made a Skill.


As a Shipwright, you are in charge of your crew's vessel when it comes to repairs, artillery, and even reinforcing the ship. Not only that however, as you also possess the ability to build vessels from scratch. Limited to basic sea roaming ships as of now, but you can make a large sum of money of such things if done correctly.

  1. You can create On Water ships up to Tier 3. Cost 500 Words per tier.
  2. You can create Artillery Slots for your ship. Cost 250 Words per 5 Slots.
  3. Have to purchase the raw materials for the ships you make. Cost for Ship materials found in the **Transportation Shop**.

Shipwright Specializations:

Universal Bonus Ships Tier 1-3 now cost 250 words per Tier. You can now create Tier 4-6 On Water or Submarine vessels that start at Tier 4 for 500 words per Tier.
Silver Surfer: You can craft Personal Ships. Cost 500 words per Tier starting at Tier 4.
Ballistophobic: You can now install additional artillery slots on your ship to do big damage to other ships. Number of artillery slots can be equal to the amount of people the ship can hold. Cost 250 words per 10 Slots.
Airsmith: You can craft Airships. Cost 750 words per tier. Must start at Tier 1 and work up to a minimum of Tier 5 for the Airship to be operable.
Chimera Smith: You can craft hybrid On Water Underwater Vessels. Cost 750 words per tier. Must start at Tier 1 and work up to a minimum of Tier 4 for the ship to operate as a hybrid. Until the ship is Tier 4 it is strictly On Water.
Bubble Coater: You can coat ships with bubbles that are used to go to Fishman Island and other deep sea Islands. The amount of words you put into your crafting determines the bubble's strength. Bubble crafting cost 500 Words for a coating that is durable as Iron. +500 Words bring this to Steel, then another 500 brings this to Seastone levels. Only Steel Level durability for bubbles is required to flawlessly reach deep sea Islands safely. Beyond that when you coat ships they become Underwater ships for the term that the bubble persist and of course the bubble has the durability of materials listed above.


Quick witted and immensely intelligent, you might even be a bit shook in the head. As a scientist you specialize in creating unique concoctions, may they be beneficial or harmful. You can also make simple gadgets.

  1. You can create, toxins, poisons and even some forms of basic machinery. Must be made a Skill.
  2. Can Upgrade, toxins, poisons, and forms of basic machinery up to 3 times.
  3. Poisons and gadgets occupy half the equipment slots they normally would.

Scientist Specializations:

Universal Bonus: Your Inventions start with 3 Upgrade Points.
Gear Head: You can now upgrade advanced machinery up to 6 times. You can also make things like cybernetic limbs or make people cyborgs. Must be made a Skill.
Chemist: You can now upgrade poisons and toxins, and much more chemical based things 6 times.
Bomb Maker: You can create explosives and upgrade them up to 6 times.

Scientist can not make drugs and attribute boosting substances.


The warmth of the sun, the chill of the wind, the taste of the salty ocean air, musicians give the world color. You may not be needed, but you are certainly an enjoyable person to have around and keep the crew entertained during long voyages between islands.

  1. With your vocal chords or musical instruments, you can grant your allies and yourself various buffs in battle. Can make scores or songs that can be Upgraded up to 3 times. Must be made a Skill.

Musician Specialist:

Universal Bonus: With your vocal chords or musical instruments, you can grant your allies and yourself various buffs in battle. Can make scores or songs that can be Upgraded up to 6 times.. Must be made a Skill.
Platinum Star: You can record your music into empty dials of equal tier and keep them for continuous use or sell them to other characters.
Rock Star: All ranges of your songs increase by 50 meters.


The historian is one of the people who know about the fact that a lost history exists in this world. Vaguely around which circumstances the government was built upon, as well as the fact that poneglyphs exist in the world. Not to mention that they usually study this lost history and have both a lot of general knowledge about the world and its structures, as well as the ability to read poneglyphs.

  1. Your character has a lot of knowledge about who is who, who did what, what happened where and why it happened. Historical context and knowledge at its finest. Apart from that, they are also one of the few people who can read the ancient text found on Poneglyphs.
  2. As an NPC, the PC in control can dispatch the NPC out to an island to be updated on what's going on and what big names are present on the island if any. This dispatching takes a week's worth of real time and a post signifying this deployment must be made on the island they're deployed from and deployed to.

Historian Specializations:

Universal Bonus: You can recognize World Position Holders. You can make a single Vivre Card for 750 words.
Scholar: Tasks done with historians require 1 less post from each person in the thread.
Book Worm: Cost 20% less Story Points to encounter NPCs of the world.

*Support Occupations with this asterisk require Skills from their Support Job Skillset to be made to use their abilities. This is only not the case if a specific word count for a function or to create something is supplied in the text.

*Buffs that increase the same attribute do not stat across different occupations. In that case, the most efficient buff takes prominence.

*Buffs that increase different attributes across occupations are all applied to the character.

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