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1 Crew and Organization System on Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:27 am

Crew and Organization System

This System explains how Crews and Organizations work here at Pirate Nation. We will touch on how they are formed and also how NPC recruitment and NPCs operate in crews.

Crew vs Organization

When we say Crew, we refer to Pirate Crews, Revolutionary Cells, Marine Battalions, etc. There's not much to say about Crews as most of it is common sense and it's advantages and disadvantages come with the numbers and allies you gain. Should you be a Free Agent, when you join a Crew you automatically adopt their usergroup's colors. Meaning you'll be seen as a Marine, Pirate, Revolutionary, whatever the case may be.

An Organization on the other hand is something that usually doesn't have people strictly from one faction in. It may be consisted of Pirates, Free Agents, Cipher Pol Agents, Revolutionaries, whatever. There isn't really any faction wall in as Organization. They are like Crews in the idea that they have one common goal they are trying to achieve, but much more broad in how they operate. Some Organizations are very lenient and allow their members to roam until called on and others are more close knit and much like a Crew would. This should all be explained in the Description section of the template.

An example of an Organization in Canon is Baroque Works ran by Crocodile or the Don Quixote Family before they were revered as pirates and called the Donquixote Pirates.

There are too many possibilities to cover when speaking on Organizations so we'll leave it there with a general idea of what they are and how they work.


To form a Crew or Organization there must be three members off the bat. An IC topic must be done showing the formation of this Crew or Organization and at least a Captain must be chosen. The rest, First Mate, Treasurer, etc, can be figured in another topic if you wish.

With this topic completed you can then fill out the Crew Template and register your Crew on the forum. Once you get an approval before you can be granted your own sub-forum in the Crew Area you will have to complete an Arc together as a Crew. This is to show that the Crew will actually have a decent life-span and won't just fizzle out within two weeks of formation. Should this Arc be completed, you'll be directed **here** which is the Crew Area and you'll have a sub-forum for your Crew made. You should then post the approved template of your Crew there for your first post and it will be stickied by a moderator to remain the top post in your sub-forum. You can then update that template as time goes on and things change. This sub-forum is probably where you'll end up referring members to OOC should they be interested in your Crew or maybe where people looking for a Crew to join will go to on their own accord. For that reason you should keep your Crew Area in tip-top shop and free of any forum offenses.

When it comes to Alliances, they must be created ICly and not over OOC discussion.

Crew Occupations

Crew Occupations are just a fun bonuses that your Crew can claim. It has nothing to really do with the Occupation system. It typically aligns with the interest of the Crew. Occupations marked with "*" are only usable by the Captain.

  • Bounty Hunters - These crews are always out and headhunting looking for notorious people that'll fill their pockets or satiate their hunger for battle. For this reason using the listing in the Bounty System people with Average Bounties/Reputation are recognized by people in these Crews as opposed to people needing to have Noteworthy Bounties/Reputation. Additionally when members of this crew turn into Bounties they get a 25% Beli bonus.

  • Adventurers - These crews are always looking for new adventures and finding new lands. They get a 500 word and 30min reduction on travel costs/times. In addition, once a month each member is given 5 Story Points.

  • Treasure Hunters - These crews have beli signs in their eyes. They gain 10% bonus Beli on their task if done with another Crew Member. In addition, at the end of each arc the Captain is awarded a Treasure Dice Roll.

  • Traders - These crews make a living through honest trade. Crew members get a 10% reduction in Equipment Shop and personally made items sold to NPCs are sold at higher prices than normal.


  • Cipher Pol Agents are permitted to join Marine Crews.
  • Revolutionary Agents are permitted to join Pirate Crews.

Crew Template

[center][img](Crew Insignia/Jolly Roger)[/img][/center]
[b]Type:[/b] (Crew or Organization)
[b]Name:[/b] (Self Explanatory)
[b]Captain:[/b] (Leader of the Crew)
[b]First Mate:[/b] (Captain's right hand man or woman.)
[b]Crew Tier:[/b] (Tier of either the Captain or First Mate.)
[b]Allegiance:[/b] (Marine, Pirate, Revolutionary, N/A)
[b]Alliances:[/b] (New of other PC Crews, allied with.)
[b]Crew Occupation:[/b] (Bounty Hunters, Adventurers, Treasure Hunters, Traders.)
[b]Description:[/b] (A quick run down of the crew and its aims.)
[b]Bounty:[/b] (Crew's Total Bounty accumulated, starts at 0)
[b]Crew Ships:[/b] (Link to crew's main vessel and additional ships used for transportation.)
[b]Crew NPCs:[/b](Include number and Tier of Grunts, then link to Ship use and Field Use NPCs.)
[b]Link to Founding:[/b] (A link to the IC topic where the Crew was founded.)

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2 Re: Crew and Organization System on Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:27 am


Official recruitment for crews must always be done ICly, but is not limited to PCs. One may purchase NPC grunts or key members for their crew at the **Dusty Tavern**. Some NPCs will be pre made for recruitment and others can be made for approval then recruitment. All NPCs must be purchased regardless if you made them or they were pre-made, prices will be posted in the Dusty Tavern with their information or given to you upon NPC creation.

Each NPC including grunts occupy Capacity when it comes to the Capacity Limit of your Ship.

While NPCs may grow beyond T3 but they may not specialize in any occupations they may have. And while they may do the crafting associated with their occupation, this permission is limited solely to the one who purchased the NPC and it cannot be passed on to others or be borrowed. Additionally an NPC may not be Tiered higher than the buyer. Should a higher Tiered NPC be gifted to someone, the NPCs Tier will be reduced to an equal Tier and grow automatically as their new PC owner does.

Support Occupation NPC

An NPC with a Support Occupation are things like Cooks, Navigators, Shipwrights, etc. These NPCs are used for crafting and things of that nature, control of them should stay in the hands of the buyer and not be used by any and everyone in a Crew. With Admin permission control can be granted to another person. This is to thwart craft spamming over multiple accounts.
Cap at Tier 5. Can only have a crafting related skillset.

Combat Occupation NPC

These NPCs are for fighting. Control of them can only be swapped with Admin permission.

When it comes to these NPCs in battle, even if they are equal tier to a PC they are still statistically weaker than PCs. This doesn't mean they can be kicked around like garbage, those are the Grunts, but the Named NPCs shouldn't be used as spare bodies under your control and wreak havoc on PCs while you, the player, knowingly keep your actual character elsewhere.
Cap at Tier 5. Only have access to a primary combat skillset, cannot be bought more skills, nor can they use Modes.


Attributes for NPCs grow in Tier as their Character Tier does, but you'll notice in the template they only have one Attribute focus. While this single Attribute can grow to Tier 5, the rest stop at Tier 4. Their focused attribute is equal to their Tier while their other attributes are one lower.


Grunts are just for the numbers of your crew. Like their title implies they aren't anything to amazing. These are the guys that swab the deck, raise the sails, go out and scout the island before the main forces etc.

Grunts are alway T0, those are the guys you kick around in threads and send flying through buildings and what not. They are purchased in bundles of 5, costing 50,000 Beli for each pack of 5, and do occupy capacity slots on Ships. So if you can't store them, you can't have them. All Attributes of Grunts are at Tier 1. All weapons for Grunts are Iron and ranged weaponry has the default capabilities shown in the **Equipment System**.

  • 5 Unarmed Grunts: 50,000 Beli
  • 5 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts: 250,000 Beli
  • 5 Melee Weapon Grunts: 150,000 Beli Melee weapon must be  typical weaponry and nothing like giant mallets.
  • 5 Rifle/Bow Grunts: 350,000 Beli
  • 1 Bazooka Grunt: 350,000 Beli


Unlike PCs, Combat and Non-Combat NPCs do not have Fate Points to spend. Their benefits are purchased with Beli. NPCs may only have Devil Fruits if bought as a Devil Fruit NPC from the ??? or awarded from an event. Tiering Up NPCs cost money, their Haki Auras cost money, etc. You'll see all the details and available purchasable-s in the Dusty Tavern. Only 2 of your own NPCs can be brought into a topic with your character.

NPC Template

[b]Name:[/b] (Character's Full Name, Middle not necessary.)
[b]Alias/Epithet:[/b] (A title or nickname your character goes by. ex; Fire Fist Ace.)
[b]Race:[/b] (May not be Giant)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Male, Female, Cyborg)
[b]Age:[/b] (Character Age)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (Only one)
[b]Affiliation:[/b] (Pirate, Marine, Revolutionary, Free Agent/Undeclared)
[b]Use:[/b] (Non-Combat or Combat)
[b]Tier:[/b] (1-5)
[b]Equipment:[/b] (Must be paid for separately)
[b]Haki:[/b] (Busoshoku, Kenbunshoku, or Both)
[b]Attribute Priority:[/b] (Which Attribute is their focus.)

[b]General Appearance:[/b] (A run down of the NPC's appearance. Clothes, body build, etc. A pictures or two will do)
[b]Height:[/b] (Character Height)
[b]Personality:[/b] at least 250 words
[b]Story:[/b] (Optional, but here you'd explain the NPC's story and or how they and your character met.)

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