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1 Race System on Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:00 am

Race System
With our Fate System, everyone begins Human less one should spend a Fate Point to change their race. With Humans being the default race, they won't have any bonus stapled to their race.


Human beings are the dominant race in the world as they outnumber most other races and are usually among the most technologically advanced and organized of the races. Most islands are inhabited by humans, even in the Grand Line, where most of the stronger races such as the fishmen and giants are found. In the universe of One Piece Humans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Having Large Humans, Average Humans, and Small Humans. Aside from height some Humans also bear generally odd appearances which truly gives you, the role player, a broad amount of space for character design or the Face Claim you use. Some Humans having animalistic appearances, though having things like claws from animals and things like that go beyond what is allowed. Having a monkey or cat like appearance is acceptable as well as many more outlandish things as seen in the series.

Human Size
Maximum height for Humans is 17ft tall.

Human Bonus


Fishmen are one of two humanoid species that inhabit and rule the seas. They are more fish-like than merfolk, usually looking like a combination between a man and a fish or other aquatic creature, such as an octopus, manta ray, or sawshark; however, they still have legs. They also have gills between their shoulders and necks, sometimes covered by their clothing, as well as often having webbed hands. Depending on species, they may have multiple limbs and things of that manner. They are stronger when submerged in the water in their natural habitat, but are equal to humans even while on land where they too can live. Upon eating a Devil Fruit they succumb to the weaknesses it imposes on its consumers but underwater breathing is not lost.

Fishman/Merman Size
Maximum height for Fishman/Merman is 18ft tall.

Fishmen/Merman Bonus

  • Possess the power to communicate with other underwater creatures this expanding to even Sea Kings upon attaining Tier 5, given the Sea King is a lower Tier. The power to communicate allows one to converse with and/or command creatures of lesser intelligence. Sea Kings are not considered of lesser intelligence.
  • Gain a +1 to all Attributes when fully submerged in water.
  • Have natural access to Fishman Karate and Jujutsu.
  • Do not need ships and other aquatic transportation when traveling between Islands, Blues, or any area. Tiers needed for ships to traverse the waters are applied to your body/character Tier.


As their name suggest, giants are giant. Typical just greatly enlarged versions of humans, some have been noted to have exaggerated proportions like larger noses and things of that sort. When compared to Large Humans, they ironically just see the species as "Over-sized ants". Their life span is said to be three times that of human's and it goes without saying their strength is vastly greater as well. Giants can not consume Devil Fruits.

Giant Size
Maximum height for Giants is 75ft
Giant Bonus

  • Along with their size they start with Tier 4 Strength.
  • Do not need ships and other aquatic transportation when traveling between Islands, Blues, or any area. Tiers needed for ships to traverse the waters are applied to your body/character Tier.


A Cyborg is a human or other life form that has been modified with machinery and metal for better functioning. These mechanical enhancements can include cybernetic replacements for missing organs or body parts, metal skin for extra protection, and weapons installed somewhere in the body. Should a NPC or PC wish to become a Cyborg ICly they must have the operation done by a Gear Head. Operation cost 1 Fate Point as it is a race change.

Cyborg Size
Dependent on base race.

Cyborg Bonus
Cyborgs are able to modify their body with many deadly and useful weapons and mechanisms. To gain more slots they must buy them, just as they must buy their installations. That makes this race extremely costly but of course you could make due with a Scientist or Gear Head and maybe a Blacksmith.

These things must be detailed where they are being installed upon application and it should make sense as space is an issue. Though you have the slots, do you have the space in your body?

  • Mod Kit I|3 Slots|Free
  • Mod Kit II|4 Slots|750,000 Beli
  • Mod Kit III|5 Slots|1,500,000 Beli
  • Mod Kit IV|7 Slots|3,000,000 Beli
  • Mod Kit V|8 Slots|5,000,000 Beli
  • Mod Kit VII|10 Slots|10,000,000 Beli

Mod Kits do not have to be purchased in order and do not stack, but replace each other.

Last but not least are Engines. While not every Cyborg needs one, those who have mechanized their body to the point that they no longer have their heart will find they need one. Engines basically replace the Cyborg's heart and operate to keep their body running. Beyond letting the Cyborg function, Engines allow the Cyborg to not experience fatigue from Stamina exhaustion. Engines can do various amounts of things from give the Cyborg a large Stamina pool, allow Stamina replenishment while actively in combat and more. The potential down side is that a Cyborg with an Engine for a heart cannot train their Stamina to have their pool expand, they just need to upgrade their Engine.

  • Cyborgs with Engines aren't vulnerable to the effects of Stamina loss.
  • All Cyborg related purchases in the Equipment Shop and no other shops are 35% off.
  • Cyborgs with engines cannot ingest Devil Fruits.
  • Cyborgs with Mod Kit II and above cannot ingest Devil Fruits.


Winged are a race of people with wings that originate from Skypiea and are apart of one of it's three tribes. Birkans, Skypiens, and Shandians.  Birkans' wings face downward while Skypiens' and Shandia's wings face upward. The wings of Shandia tend to have more and longer feathers than the Skypians'. The wings that are on their backs have yet to show any use or grant abilities beyond flight.

Winged Size
Maximum height for Wingeds is up to 9ft tall.

Winged Bonus
  • Have the ability to naturally fly up to 30m high. Flight speed is equivalent to their own speed.

  • At Tier 3 they gain the ability to fly even higher allowing them to ascend to a total of 300m high. Flight speed is equivalent to their own speed.

  • At Tier 6 They gain the ability to fly up to 500m high and at one speed tier faster than their natural speed tier.

  • Flight can be sustained for 7 Post with a 2 post cooldown. Hovering a few shallow inches off the ground counts as flying. Carrying people lowers you flight speed by one tier.

    Do not need ships and other forms transportation when traveling between Islands, Blues, or any area. Tiers needed for ships to traverse the waters are applied to your body/Character Tier.


    Minks are humanoids with animal features. Each takes after a different animal, similar to Fishmen. So far, the animalistic traits of the minks have all been mammalian. Females tend to look more like humans, while males tend to look more bestial. In some ways, they resemble Zoan Devil Fruit users' hybrid forms. Limited to land mammals.

    Minkmen Size
    Dependent on mammal based off of, but can be up to 18ft tall.

    Minkmen Bonus

    • Natural weapons from the animal they are based off. Natural weapons must be noted within character application.
    • Have access to Electro.


    The Kuja are a tribe of all female fighters found on the island of Amazon Lily. They are a warrior race and boast stronger bodies than most. They seem to be naturally taller than most women as well. To be this race you must explain how you made it to the Four Blues from Amazon Lily in your history and also take note to the fact most Kuja have never seen a man before.

    Kuja Size
    Kuja have a maximum height of 15ft tall.

    Kuja Bonus

    • Begin with their Haki at D-Rank and unlocked without need a spending a Fate Point.
    • Get an extra piece of starter equipment.
    • Gain either a +1 to Strength or Durability.

    Longarm Tribe

    As their name suggests, all members of the Longarm Tribe seen so far have two elbow joints on each arm, which results in them having abnormally long arms. Other than that, they have the same appearance as normal humans.

    Longarm Size
    Longarms can be a maximum of 13ft tall.

    Longarm Tribe Bonus

    • They have an extra joint in their arms.
    • Have unusually long arms.
    • Their arms move at +1 Speed Tier

    Length of arms should be noted in height section of character app.

    Longleg Tribe

    As their name suggests, they are a race of very long-legged individuals and because of this they are very tall and outsize the average human greatly (although they are nowhere near as tall as giants).

    Longleg Size
    Longlegs can reach a maximum height of 19ft tall.

    Longleg Tribe Bonus

    • Extra long legs.
    • In reference to traveling with their legs, they move at +1 Speed Tier and leg based Skills receive +1 Tier of Damage.


    Dwarves are an extremely small sentient race. In comparison to an average sized human, their difference in height is approximately the same as that between a normal-sized human and an average-sized giant. They are mostly human in shape, apart from having a thick fluffy tail and chibi-like proportions.

    Dwarf Size
    Dwarves can reach a maximum height of 10 inches tall.

    Dwarf Bonus

    • They are given an innate +1 Speed or Strength

    Three-Eye Tribe

    As their name suggests, members of the Three-Eye Tribe have three eyes, with two of them normally placed and the third one on their forehead.

    Three-Eye Tribe
    Maximum height 17ft tall.

    Three-Eye Tribe bounse

    • They are given an innate +1 sight based Perception
    • Three-eyes possess the ability to hear the "Voice of All Things", which in turn would allow them to decipher and read the text on the poneglyphs. This can only be gained upon reaching Tier 4
    • At tier 3 they are able to use the Voice of All Things

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