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1 Rokuju's Updates on Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:49 pm

General Info
Character Name: Rokuju Vinsmoke
Link to Approved Character here
Affiliation: Free Agent
Crew: Songbird Pirates
Occupation: Blacksmith (Outfitter) | Scientist (Gear Head)
Tier: 4
Bounty/Reputation: 310,500,000
World Position: Titan
Fate Perks: Hard Worker, Devils Meddle, Kami Haki (ken), Dilligent Spirit, Belionaire
Fate Points: 0

Primary: Perception
Secondary: Strength
Non-Prioritized: Speed & Durability

Stamina: 550

Haki: A
Kenbunshoku Haki: 6th Sense, Aura Sight, Hawk Eye, kami perks
Busoshoku Haki: N/A
Haoshoku Haki: N/A

Devil Fruit: Pika Pika no Mi

Link to Primary Skill Set: [2] [3]
Link to Secondary Skill Set: [2] [3]
Link to Tertiary Skill Set: (Or you may put them all in a spoiler here)

Weapons: All my self made stuff that I own can be found here -
Armor: (Armors in a spoiler or link to armors.)
Pets: (Pets in a spoiler or link to Pets.)
Grunts: (How many grunts you own if any.)

Completed Topics
Completed Topics This Tier

Last edited by Deep Rokuju on Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:40 pm; edited 14 times in total

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2 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:07 am

Ok done the basic things I think, I can't decide on the rest of the fate points so Ima leave them for now.

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4 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:47 pm

Current Tier 2
Oceans RP'd In: para para Paradise
# of Task Completed: 7
# of Other Topics Completed: 3
What has you character done since they've been the tier they are now?: Ro has worked her way up from almost nothing. At the beginning of her story, she is on the bones of her arse, making do with what resources she had so that she may scrabble together some weapons orders to pay her bills. After meeting with Reina, she was able to secure a contract with the Marines, supplying their Sandy Island corps with a few things. This helped her situation, enabling her to expand. Ro kept inventing, creating new wonderful things weekly. She would sometimes fill out a special order like she did for Zanji, using her huge base knowledge to provide some sort of service or product. A few months (IC) later, her operation has expanded to the point where she is able to cater to larger audiences, such as the Mongrel Pirates and the King of Alabasta himself. Six months (IC) after her story began, Ro found herself in an opportunistic situation in the conflict between Alabasta and a neighbouring force. Currently, she has inserted herself so that she is supplying both sides of an impending war, and is slowly grabbing more power for herself.
What has changed in your character since the last time they tiered up and what brought on these changes?: When Rokuju's story began, she had recently come to Alabasta and taken up a fake name. This was after a series of failures which resulted in her losing almost everything, including the trust of her younger brother who soon left her. She felt useless and ashamed. The weight of her responsibility was crushing and she was finding it very hard to cope. She was at rock bottom. Since then, she has slowly been working her way up, taking one step at a time. Success after success, Ro has managed to find prosperity on Sandy Island. Gaining in both confidence and power, she feels a new potential for the future. Not only that, she has created many inventions, some of which she has incorporated into her fighting style. She has also begun to use her Pika Pika fruit powers, a thought that was previously off limits. Her personal strength and ability has improved greatly over the last 6 IC months.
Why does your character deserve to tier up?: As said previously, Ro's personal and business development has improved significantly since her conception. The Germa storyline is all about taking advantage of conflict for your own gain, and at the place she is in her current arc, she is beginning to manipulate/take advantage of powers on the world scale. Her story takes place almost a decade after Germa's fall, and should she succeed in her current plot, their family name will become relevant again.

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5 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:14 pm

There's a lot of criticisms I can give here, but the biggest one being the execution of your plot points. I'm not going to ask you to go back and write words for the sake of writing more words,but I will say that much of your developments could have used a good chunk of extra writing to flesh out the scenes properly. But what do I know, as a crappy writer with flaws of his own. It's just my main gripe was the tasks in your arc are going toward taking over an island on the GL,but they don't fit the diffuculty or scale that should be there.

Something that falls upon the person who let it through though.

Despite these grievances, there really was a good sense of change I've noticed in my reading of the roku's threads. The biggest thing is in our one shot task, his/her character couldn't even handle tier 1 grunts. Now roku is making actual moves toward being a weapon's dealer and opportunist. The most fun I had while reading these threads was the intent to use existing conflict to create chaos in a soon to be war torn country.

At the same time, there is a sense of character confidence that was focused on its weakness to now being steady and sure of herself to get the job done. If this were a tier 4 app, I'd deny it because the developments could use more meat. But seeing as its a transitionary tier for the most part, I'm a throw my

1/2 for what it's worth.

I know someone is going to cite not going to a certain number of islands before tiering up,but you should ask yourself before passing judgement here. If killing a shichi wouldn't count toward tiering up, why would simply doing a task on 3 different islands warrant a tier up more than actual developments on one island?

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
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6 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:18 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


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7 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:28 am

Using revamp ticket to change my attribute priorities to what they are listed as now.

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8 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:22 pm

^the above and also spending the rest of my fate points on 'God of Haki'

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10 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:03 am

I had 4 left over as I did not use up all of my fatepoints at the beginning - I was sitting on devils meddle and hard worker which is a total of 3, leaving me with 3 left over. After my starting 6, I received 1 fp from halloween and then another from new years events. God of haki is 5 so that should be all of mine now accounted for.

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12 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:54 am

Trained my extra 100 stamina here:

also tier up:

Current Tier 3
Oceans RP'd In: Paradise
# of Task Completed: 5
# of Other Topics Completed: 0
What has you character done since they've been the tier they are now?: Rokuju has achieved a lot in recent times. Upon meeting Junbei and his crew, she went on a misadventure to find a cursed map, getting caught up in the moment, she was able to sneak aboard the enemy ships and lay waste to them from within. Up until this point, Ro had been having trouble with the manifestation of her devil fruit inside her, the internal battle whenever she used her power had resulted in her being limited and reserved in her pika usage. Upon happening upon the map and touching it, the curse locked her up inside her own head, finally putting her face to face with her own issues. She was forced to confront and overcome her inhibitions and finally broke free. From then on, her resolve had strengthened as her self confidence grew.

With her new focus, she began to scheme. Having already made leeway in entrenching herself into the Alabastian ecosystem, she confronted the king with an offer of salvation. From past actions and happenstance, she was in an unique position where she had the means and the information to take a bold step. She would save the kingdom from the approaching invaders as long as she could have the cooperation of the military alongside a new title of general. Being cornered, the king made the right choice and entrusted the defense to her.

The time for war came, and Ro had finished her preparations. She watched and gave orders from the palace. Under her lead, she micro managed the Alabastian militia. Ro had set up a trap for the invaders, and watched as they fell into it. Using the home grounds and her own technology, the enemy was trapped, baited, separated and crushed. The enemy general managed to slip through and make it to the palace. It had caused a complication which Ro had responded to by incinerating the throne room, ending the invaders along side the king and groups of nobility. At the end of it all, she had managed to appeal to the enemy general, getting him to retreat with what was left of his forces. That day hadn't been a decisive victory by any means, but Rokuju had pulled off a defense that some considered miraculous.

Ro's final move was to confront the new king and his advisor, the two men who had attempted to use her to usurp the throne for themselves. They had succeeded in a roundabout way, but in this meeting they attempted to get rid of Rokuju. In response, she offered a dazzling display of force, killing the most elite squad of soldiers on the island. It was all for the intimidation factor, which ended with the new king well frightened. Along side her other preparations, the country was now open for the taking. All she needed to do now was reach out her hand.

Following the developments of the cursed map, Ro met up with the Songbirds once more, sneaking them into Alubarna. The next morning they found themselves in the middle of a war zone, between marine forces and those of a Yonko. Following the clues given by the map, the team found a mound of treasure. Ro and the others were then attacked by the Yonko, in which time Ro returned fire. The exchange ended as soon as it started but Rokuju and Junbei were able to make it out of the city with their lives and a whole lot of treasure.

What has changed in your character since the last time they tiered up and what brought on these changes?: Rokuju has changed a lot in this time. At the beginning of t3, she was someone who, while talented, she did not have the resolve to take the chance. She lamented her past failures and cursed her own uselessness. She was imprisoned with her own inhibitions. After her self discovery, she was able to move forward single mindedly, and do what was necessary to rebuild the empire.

Her standing in the world changed greatly too. She was no more than a business woman when she started, an ant in a much larger game. Now she sits in one of the most powerful positions in Alabasta. For Ro's ambitions specifically, this is a huge milestone and her first taste of her end goal. In her mind, this is her very first success.

Why does your character deserve to tier up?: Ro has been put through harsh trials during this time and has come out the end of them a much stronger woman than she was before. Not only physical ability, but strength of character and position in hierarchy to match her progression. Even though there is a small amount of tasks, they all had a lot of plot relevance and contributed to furthering her progression. Two of them were event tasks, where she partook in global happenings.

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13 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:35 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

do more non-task topics. ur trying to get t4 and have only done 5 topics. u have the cd and acts, but not the actual topic numbers

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14 Re: Rokuju's Updates on Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:19 am

buncha stuff to be added to my prof for revamp like colour, stamina, total EP, and prolly a larger bounty (maybe?)

my 100 stamina training was here, think it was missed last time:

Been more than 2 weeks since the island creation event so I'd like to pick up my 25m beli for owning Abfall.

Need the 2nd log pose from the activity check, also eternal poses from Abfall, Apunga, Cupula and Zerene from the island creation event.

I think thats all for now, thank you for your time, much appreciated.

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