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1 Red Sun Pirates on Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:04 am

Task Name: Attack of the Red Sun Pirates
   Tier: 4
   NPC or PC: PC
   Location: Marineford
   Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
   Description: Marineford is the base of operations for most marines, though what many people fail to remember, is that the islands that litter the sea around Marineford are home to multitudes of Marine families. It would seem that these islands have become the target for a dastardly group of pirates. With a combined crew bounty of 825,000,000, The Red Sun Pirates have caused chaos in the Grandline. It would seem they wish to make a blow against the marines while they scramble to get themselves ready after the defeat at the red line and the loss of two of their strongest rear admirals.
   Enemy Details: 20 tier 1's 10 tier 2's. 2 tier 3's and 2 tier 4's.



   Boss Name: Tyrant "RED" Crawler
   Tier: 4
   Description: Codename Red, given due to the fact that he always has dried blood coating his skin, captain of the disgustingly powerful pirates whom do not care about anything but pissing off the marines and money. Man woman child, they will gladly murder, they want power, renown and infamy. Sun is infamous for his use of his sword as well as his logia based devil fruit.
   Devil Fruit: Candy Logia Fruit
   Haki Aura: Savage Soul
   Equipment: Tier 5 swords.
5 Melee Weapon
Devil fruit: 4
Haki: S

   Boss Name: Kristen Docaux
   Tier: 4
   Description: Kristen is one of the most sadistic woman whom has ever lived. She has gorgeous wings stained in blood, yet a lot of it is her own. She has a fruit known as the Regeneration fruit and thus is essentially impervious to any and all forms of damage. She has a thing for flesh and regularly eats her own, as well as her organs. Even if her brain is destroyed she will return making her immortal. her nails are claw like and her main weapon.
   Devil Fruit: Regeneration Fruit
   Haki Aura: Eagle Eye
   Equipment: -
Hand to Hand - 6
Devil Fruit - 3
Haki: B

   Boss Name: Kristoff Rosenburg
   Tier: 3
   Description: A man with such feminine beauty so vibrant and kind in personality. Yet his favourite past time is utilizing his strings to shred up children, preferably girls due to his hatred for them. He may be powerful with his strings, without them he is also rather dangerous. [Black Leg Style + String use]
   Devil Fruit: -
   Haki Aura: Eagle Eye
Weaponry - 4
Hand to Hand -3

   Boss Name: Kobo
   Tier: 3
   Description: Kobo is the son off Tyrant and Kristen, he is incredibly small yet he is 16 years of age and is powerful. Hehas eaten the T-rex Ancient Zoan fruit thus has a rather ferocious personality. He like his mother has a taste for human flesh, his preference though is for older woman and men.
   Devil Fruit: T-rex ancient Zoan
   Haki Aura: Haki of greed
   Equipment: -
Devil fruit : 6
Hand to hand : 1

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2 Re: Red Sun Pirates on Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:17 pm


Revolutionary Leader
Revolutionary Leader

Good luck Marines

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