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Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Should've just killed me  Tumblr_nwmm22mMFc1sfay15o3_500

First arrival.....

This wasn't just an ordinary group of prisoners coming to Impel Down, not by far. They weren't on the level of when the ex Pirate King was brought in, but somewhat close. Not only were they Marines but Rear Admirals, promising ones at that. Both convicted of murder, one more sever than the other. Sadly, another thing was special, as well as troubling, about one of the Marines. Derous had also spent some time working here, and could've been Vice Warden if he just applied for the position. That though would never happen due to the man Derous had killed. That man being Sanson who also was an Rear Admiral. Sanson being one of the Marines that assisted in capturing Wallace and killing most of his crew. The news of this had already, strangely, passed to most of the prisoners within Impel. We will not be focusing on the other Rear Admiral, as he wasn't the focus for this story at all.

"Tch! You don't need to chain me, I won't do anything." Derous would say, as he was the last to be taken from the ship. Though, he wouldn't be taken from the docks. No, he would be meet out there by the Warden as well as a few of the Head Jailers and Guards.

"Derous". Warden Balaam would walk up to Derous, and place his hand on the man's shoulder. The Warden was just a few feet shorter than Derous, but he looked the man in the eyes. This would be a sad sight for anyone. Seeing someone that you wished to take your position in the future give all that up, for nothing. Usually, Balaam wouldn't stop talking, but he could only say Derous' name. He didn't view Derous, at this moment, as an Enemy. But that didn't mean he would give the man any special treatment. Honestly, Derous may have a harder time than most here.

"Chief Warden Kyuket L. Balaam. Let me get your hands off of me. " Derous would tell him as he tried to shake the Cyborg's cold hand off his shoulder. But the man's grip didn't lessen, it would actually increase. The pain went to a point where it truly was unbearable and Derous almost went to his knees. He would muster up all the strength he could just to break free, and when he did os he would stumble backwards.

"If only I wasn't chained.....I would end you here and now Warden, as well as everyone in this Prison." Derous would say with disgusted look on his face.

"Sadly, though. You are. Please, strip this prinoser suit him in the approved uniform and send him straight to Level four." Warden Balaam would order.

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