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1 I'm not Melissa [Task] on Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:59 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents



Task Name: I'm Not Melissa
Tier: 1
Location: Vulcan
Crew, Team, or Personal: -
Description: It has been exactly 6 months since her capture, Trisha Devaroux, the Mink half sister of the Pirate Melissa has been slowly trying to break free from her prison, regularly she is visited by the broken Zoan user Leparo. Try as she might she is unable to convince him that she is not the woman he loved and that she is part mink. Yet he does not seem to understand her.
Enemy Details: Leparo [Tier 4]

Hand to Hand 6
Devil Fruit 3
Her tears had all but dried up. For Six months she had been in this cold prison, fed sure. Her hair was greasy, dirty and damp, her tail and ears smelt, wet fur, as a mink it was an issue but hygiene was of course something minks were usually good with. Yet six months in a cell had halted her from bathing. She sat, her kneese up to her chest. Her arms around them protectivly. Being underground for this long she had forgotton what fresh air smelt like, what the sun upon her skin was like. It would seem her love for her sister, the love that she had for her appearance. That they looked so similiar, had finally been her downfall. Trisha Devaroux was captive to her sisters main love interest. Leparo whats his name. Yet he did not believe Trisha was simply a relative, he called her Melissa. Asked her why she wore the ears and tail, when she tried to explain of her split heritage, that Raptor was indeed her father while her mother was of the mink clan. He simply shook his head and got angry. He would not here her out.

It would be coming up for that time. He would be coming to see her with food, maybe more clothing. All she wanted was a bath, she wanted soap, she wanted a cloth to wipe down her tail, to wipe down her ears. She wanted a hot shower, with bubble bath and scented candles. "Melissa, if you weren't dead, I'd come and strangle you" she spoke to herself. Yet today, today was the day that she was going to get out of hee. She had been working on her Electro, trying to power herself up. Thankfully it would seem this pirate knew nothing of the Minks seeing as he couldn't tell she was not human.

She would not let him see her lying there, not like she was. So the mink woman would stand, rising to her full height, her hand came to scratch her right ear. Her ears would detect them, the sound of the foot steps she had gotten used to, she only had a few visitors, none dared to touch her though, scared of the big cats wrath. The Zoan devil fruit user had shown her his power, boasting that he had gained a devil fruit much like her own, she had tried to use that. Tried to tell him that she was not the eater of the Yuki Yuki No Mi.

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2 Re: I'm not Melissa [Task] on Mon Sep 12, 2016 3:28 am


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Free Agents


"Are you ready to join me Melissa" The deep, somewhat seductive voice of the Pirate Captain would make himself known as he walked to the front of her cell. Tall in appearance, a large fur like coat open to reveal the chiselled chest. His free hand curled around the bars of the cell as he bent over t slide the tray of food under the floor. Trisha would use her foot to stop the tray, yet her eyes would never leave the captain. "How many times are we going to go through this, I'm NOT MELISSA" A growl seemed to escape him, His face contorted to anger as it did everytime she told him she was not the Fierce Elegant Fist that he thought she was. "This has gone on LONG ENOUGH MELISSA, You either join me, OR DIE" Leparo would utter, yet his voice slightly faltered in the threat.

"Listen to me, I'm Trisha, NOT MELISSA. I'm a fucking Mink for god sake" Trisha would say as she flew to the bars of the cell. Her hands curling around the bars allowing electricity to blast from them. Sparks filled the air causing Leparo to back off slightly. ""If i were Melissa, I'd have used my devil fruit to get out of here, no seastone, nothing to halt me, but I'm not. I don't have the Yuki Yuki No Mi or any other devil fruit. Throw me in the fucking Ocean you crazy bastard and I'll prove i can swim." Trisha said desperatly. She would jump back as the fist came, striking the bar of the cell in which her left hand had previously been curled around. She had thankfully managed to move it prior to the attack.

The bar upon the cell dented, Trisha had moved back out of fear. She would look at Leparo biting her lip softly. "YOU WILL JOIN ME OR BY TONIGHT YOU SHALL BE DEAD. You shall never see your children again if you do not join me" He would say. NOw this was something that Trisha was pondering, she had a niece, a nephew that Melissa had birthed in Impel Down. She would really want to see them, to get to know them. To let them know about there mother and the kind of woman she was, Leparo obviously still loved her, angry as he was, why would he have let her live this long if he did not.

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3 Re: I'm not Melissa [Task] on Fri Sep 16, 2016 1:00 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


The footsteps of the leopard had long fell silent even to the ear's of the cat. Her dinner tray sat now empty, though a captive she would not forgo the food, she would not starve herself to die, much like her deceased sibling she was a fighter. A mink born and bred to fight at the youngest of ages. Over her time of capture she had slowly been working her way upon a bar, utilizing the innate capabilty of Electro and her feline flexibility to try to escape. It had taken time which is why she decided t consume the food given to her. She needed to keep her wits, her capabilities and hunger, starvaton would only hinder her progress. Removing the top in which hid the scorch marks of the bar, the young mink woman would begin to get back to work. The bars were far stronger than anything she could break but over time being able to damage the ground holding them and weaken the bar itself would eventually give her pull. Sweat covered her as she worked tirelessly, probably not helping her smell any better mind you. She had to be careful enough not to be heard.

Taking breaks every now and again to not only catch her breath, but to listen for approaching foot steps, Trisha Devarou would eventually take a more permanent break for the day, She had exhausted her stamina at this point and tiredness would soon defeat her. Quickly utilizing her jumper/sweatshirt to cover the bar and scorched earth once more, adjusting it to look as though it was not hiding something [difficult to do when your trying to hide something]. She would eventually curl up against the bars and allow the darkness to over flow her. The heat of this place gave her some creepy nightmares mostly involving lava and fire. Thankfully they kept her hydrated, bringing in more water than needed because Leparo believed her to be made of snow. The heat obviously effecting her more due to this, though Trisha found it strange, the heat would effect her less would it not seeing as she would be at a much colder temperature? Not being the brightest she was probably wrong. In her dreams she saw Leparo with the real Melissa, the real MElissa trying to get to her, to warn her to run. Then the insignia of the marines flashed and Melissa was gone, deceased. The same dream had plauged her, she often felt as though her sister was trying to tell her something. Something only she would understand.

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