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1 Act Natural on Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:18 am

Arc Link

Task Name: You and I
Tier: 1
Location: Loguetown
Crew, Team, or Personal: team
Description: You've been hired to deliver a package, simple enough, probably illegal, but at least it's paying well. Out of the three of you, each one was given a portion of it, in a sealed locked container. What is it? Who knows, it seems impossible to open even if you wanted to. Dodging through a group of goons who attack you, you finally make it up to the destination.
Enemy Details: 5 T1 goons
Boss: N/A

Waves slapped against the shore, combined with the constant shrieking of the gulls it would seem that all thought was drowned out from the area. People moved as if they were simply on autopilot, without a hint of life behind their eyes, a whole town sleepwalking through their day. Perhaps that's just how it was here, he couldn't exactly imagine that much of interest would happen on the small island town of Logue. Sure, they might get a few too rowdy sailors from time to time, but that would almost certainly be the height of their popularity. A simple island that seemed to have been spawned from a much simpler time, completely oblivious to the changes in the world around them. Esidisi would be lying if he said he wasn't at least a little jealous. To live a quiet peaceful life away from the troubles of the world, going unnoticed and completely looked over in a small town like this, it was the kinda life that just about anyone could be happy with. Perhaps it was the kind of life that he himself could have had if everything had stayed to schedule.

He shook his head, drawing himself out of his own internal pity party. It didn't do well to have time to linger on thoughts like that. As the man paced up and down the street, with a wooden chest tucked under his arm, he couldn't help but wonder where in the world his two supposed partners were. The job was simple enough, three seperate delivery men from three seperate locations were to join up here before taking their packages the last section together. That had been something that had heavy importance on it by those that had hired him, they had to hand off their packages together. Still, as Esidisi patrolled the area, he couldn't help but have the sinking feeling that his comrades had simply gone ahead of him. His description of his partners hadn't exactly been in detail. A man in a suit and another so tall he would struggle to fit in a building. Could it be that they had mistaken someone else for him? Surely they would figure it out soon enough, especially if that man didn't have the package with him...

He froze, chewing down on his bottom lip. It could be perfectly possible that they had infact found a man who matched his description, then once they realized he didn't have the package with him they would have him marked as a thief. It was entirely possible that his mysterious 'comrades' had moved on ahead of him, reporting to their employer that he, Esidisi, had acted out of greed and stolen the package for himself. Whatever it was that they were delivering was illegal, he was sure enough of that. No one asks someone to bring something to them in three separate parts, from three separate locations if it's legal, especially not when they hire relative strangers to the island. He scanned over the crowd on the street once more, suddenly their dull actions seemed as if they could be a cover for something much more malicious. Cruel intent hidden behind the appearance of a humble worker. He wiped at his brow and around his mouth with a handkerchief, mopping up the sweat that had started to form in his panic. Anyone could be after him now and he wouldn't even know it. He would have to leave the island, he would have to leave as soon as possible. Getting mixed up with some gangs problems isn't what he had planned when he came here, he had no desire to be blown to smithereens just because his partners had been incompetent bumbling baboons.

Glancing up at the clock in the center of town, his suspicions were dulled slightly. After all, they were only three minutes late. If he was willing to accept that they could have moved ahead of him and marked him as a thief, he would also have to accept that they could simply be late. However, if they were late and he moved to escape the island, he would certainly be marked as a thief. There was no way out of this situation, whatever it was. If he stays he had a 50% chance of  getting gunned down by some mobster goons but if he leaves he has an equally high chance of having a price put on his name, never being able to sleep easy again, wondering at every waking moment if he's going to be shot down by some wandering bounty hunter from a kilometer away. He didn't think he could deal with something like that, that kinda stress wasn't good for the heart.

Dabbing at his wet face once more, his eyes darted back and forth across the street, seeking out anyone or anything that could possibly match the profile he had been given. What a pathetic profile it was. The taller man, sure, he hadn't exactly seen anyone that looked like that, but a man in a suit, he had seen at least six in the last twenty minutes he had been waiting here. He had wanted to go over and search over each individual man from all angles, trying to spot a wooden package much like the one he himself was carrying, something like that just wasn't realistic. He wondered to himself, if perhaps those that had been sent out to meet up with him had been given an equally awful description of himself, 'find the man with the silly hat' or 'he's the one wearing clothing'. He wouldn't exactly put either of them past his employer who had been extremely brief on what it was that he was supposed to do, but, that's often the way it is with those kind of people. They don't wanna talk to the help at all if they can manage it.

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2 Re: Act Natural on Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:13 pm

Vicktur sat in the local saloon, drinking and playing grab ass with the working girls. Ever since he arrived in Loguetown it had been a nonstop party. Despite the heavy Marine presence, and sheer number of government stoolys, he managed to enjoy the hell out of himself. Besides, he had managed to kick the shit out of an ensign or two, making it look like an accident. But, unfortunately, he couldnt just waste this day away like the others. Having been approached by a mysterious fellow the night before, he was given a job to complete. The wooden chest he was tasked with delivering sat upon his table, no doubt drawing the attention of every would-be thief in the damn room. Lucky for him he had already beat the hell outta a few dummies, all of them attenpting to come up on his package. After that not very many people, if any, would have the gall to even try. He downed the last pint of beer and snatched up the box, dropping the cost onto the table rather haphazardly. The item in question was small enough to fit into his hand. So he carried it like a tennis ball as he shuffled out of the large saloon, the only one in town that he could occupy.

Vicktur could hold his alcohol damn well, and felt just slightly buzzed after his 12 pitchers. He liked to think it was because of his excellent tolerance. But, really, it was most likely a mixture of that and his size. He lackadaisically meandered through the streets, keeping a sharp eye out for his two partners in crime. He was told that one of them was an intelligent looking man in a suit and glasses. And the second was an odd looking guy, dressed in a cowboy get-up. That last one made him laugh, a Cowboy Pirate? Some people werd just something else entirely. As he searched for his partners he eyed the clock in the town square, realizing that he was late. Hopefully the guys hadnt left without him! He had a feeling that would cause him all kinds of trouble. Not that he was worried about his own safety, he was much more worried about being driven outta town after killing a shitload if people.

Lucky for him finding them wouldnt be too hard. Or rather, finding the Cowboy wouldnt be. Seeing as the man was standing out in the open, chest under his arm, sweating bullets. It was a prettt comical sight if he could say so. Not everyday you see a grown man freaking the fuck out like that. He approached the man casually, chest in hand, and waved. If you're trying to be inconspicuous, then you suck at it. If I noticed you freaking out, then you can guarantee the Marines would. And the last thing we need is those bastards breathing down our necks.


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3 Re: Act Natural on Sat Sep 10, 2016 5:38 pm



Wyatt sat criss-crossed on the tiles beneath his legs, hidden away from the world. Tilting the small black chest in his hands from side to side, he examined it closely. His life recently had been one questionable, dangerous decision after the next, ever since leaving the marines. The worst part was, he secretly loved it. The people on the streets about him passed him by without a second glance, their very existence not of much importance to the young revolutionary. Ever since consuming the Doa Doa no Mi, he'd taken full advantage of his ability to remove himself from the human world. Most people were bothersome, especially the common folk. They just sat idly, taking no action while marines and pirates ruled their world. Anything and everything was out of their control, and they were fine with that. It was disgusting.

"Hmm. The others are late." He peered around at the crowd that passed him by, noticing no one that fit the description he'd been given the night before. He was nearly thirty minutes early to their arranged meeting, so he didn't give it much thought. Not many people in today's world were punctual, even in the marines. Wyatt prided himself on his punctuality. He didn't much mind that not many other people did the same, even if it kept him waiting. If anything, more alone time was the best thing for Wyatt at this moment, as he contemplated opening the box he'd been given. He'd been given direct orders not to, but he knew the Loguetown underground fairly well. The gangs here were mostly talk, even if they did give the marines a hard time. Flipping it upside down, he noticed no openings of significance. He wasn't even sure how the receiving party was meant to open this upon delivery, if he were to be honest. They would have to destroy it to breach the wooden chest's confines.

Wyatt's curiosity howled at him internally, as if a wolf signaling the hunt to it's pack, though in truth it was his nothing more than his imagination. If it weren't for it's inability to be opened, he would find no difficulty following his orders and retrieving his payment. It was clear that whoever had ordered this job to be done was in a higher position than the man he'd spoken to the night prior. Most people only took jobs like this because they needed the money. In truth, Wyatt's pockets were always hurting for some reason or another. Funding your own weapons research wasn't cheap. The real motive, however, for his recent work in what was mostly criminal activity, was to build connections. There was nothing in this world that could be done without them. No matter how powerful or intelligent a person may be, resources were invaluable. Be they people, assets, or simply coin.

He pondered for several minutes, before placing the box squarely on the ground in front of him. Setting his right palm atop the box, he tilted his hand and arm forward, and the wood creaked open. He had created a door in the chest itself, opening it like any other treasure container would have been. Inside, he saw a grey powder substance, similar to gunpowder. However, unlike gunpowder, it didn't have a strong smell, and it was much lighter. Unwilling to touch the substance in the box in front of him, he inhaled deeply, hoping to catch a whiff of the material inside.

Nothing. It didn't give off any noticeable scent, even from the small distance he sat from it. He weighed the options quietly, focused on the box. Either the contents of his box were the ingredients required to make a type of drug, or to make an explosive. Nothing else came to mind. If he were in his makeshift laboratory in his home beneath the city, he would have retrieved the substance from it's container and run tests on it to determine it's origins, before replacing it without making it appear suspicious. Frankly, he wasn't sure why he hadn't done it the night before. He just wasn't as curious at that time. Plus he'd been absorbed in a good read involving a famous scientist's studies on the brain structures of giants.

Sighing quietly, he closed the box in front of him. It sealed shut as if it had never been opened before, without so much as a mark on it. He was thankful he'd been given the opportunity to possess such a wonderful devil fruit, it certainly made his life much easier. Peering around the streets, he noticed he had spent much longer than he'd intended deep in thought. The entire scenery had changed, at least in the ways of people. He'd always had a poor habit of ignoring the people around him when he was thinking, making noticing his surroundings something he often neglected. It was now five minutes past their scheduled meeting time, and he hadn't been paying attention to see if his cohorts were approaching.

A man in oddly colored attire with a ridiculous hat, and a man that towered above the average humans, these were the descriptions he'd been given. Looking about the crowd, he noticed as a man briskly paced about. Bingo. This had to be one of the men he was meant to meet, made evident by the chest beneath his arm. Not unearthly tall, he was reassured by the man's goofy looking hat. He appeared to be nervous, which was understandable to Wyatt. After all, most people don't take getting mixed up in gang activities too lightly around Loguetown, especially with the marines having been on a tear since losing the battle in the red line. Still, it was unsightly, he was bound to make himself too noticeable, if he hadn't already.

Wyatt collected the box at his feet with his left hand and rose casually, brushing his pants legs off with his right. He took soft, relaxed steps as he approached the man, noticing another figure come into view. The second man had to be the third to round out their group, made evident by his size. Wyatt didn't even need to identify him as possessing one of their three boxes. Listening to the commotion, he stood at the nervous man's back, no more than ten feet away. The giant was right, after all, the man was making a scene.

With his right hand, he reached at the air before him, quickly making a door that fit his exact bodily dimensions. He stepped forth into the real world. The door closed behind him promptly, as Wyatt came into view behind Esidisi. "You're late. I think. And he's right, you should calm yourself. Not that the marines are anything to fret about. Let's make the introductions quick. You can call me..." He paused for a moment, as he considered the implications of giving these two strangers his true name. For all he knew he was being set up, and even if he weren't, the panicking man before him could not be trusted to withhold such information in the case that they were captured and interrogated.

"Elijah." He used the name of a character in one of his favorite books, an obvious work of fiction. Patiently awaiting the response of the men, he considered the uses of his two new cohorts. The tall one would certainly be useful should they find themselves in any combat situation, he appeared strong and lively. The man in the brightly colored hat, however, he was not sure if he could be relied on. If anything, he could at least make a good scapegoat, should the situation call for such a thing. For a moment, he considered asking the giant man if he would submit himself to a few tests, wondering if his brain was similar to that of a giant's, or if he were of any relation. The book he'd read last night held his interest, and he wondered if his new cohort was similarly as simple. He knew his proposal would likely be rejected, though, so he kept his mouth shut. "I trust you have not tampered with your boxes?"

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4 Re: Act Natural on Sat Sep 10, 2016 8:47 pm

There people who you can see only once, but their image will remain in your memory for ever. Artists can try their whole lifetime to obtain this and fail, yet it would seem where they had  fallen this stranger had succeeded. He was aware that giants existed, of course. He wasn't some country bumpkin who was oblivious to the world. Still, he had only ever seen drawings of them or heard recounts told from passing sailors. He didn't know what he had been expecting, but it certainly wasn't this.

Where one might expect a bumbling oaf was a smartly dressed man with brilliantly vibrant hair, holding a package much like his own. The second member of their trio. He felt his body relax, knowing now for certain that he wasn't going to be shot dead anytime in the near future. He let out a nervous laugh at the mans comment, wiping once more at his brow. "Yes, yes. You're right, of course. Forgive me, I don't want to get involved with those.." He paused slightly, as if second guessing himself. "Bastards." Truth be told, Esidisi had never exactly had much trouble with the Marines at all, it seemed pretty simple really. Don't break the law and you won't get in trouble, that's how the system worked. The fact that this man had so much hate that he would curse there name showed that he was clearly some kinda crook. 'The things I do to fuel my hobby', he thought to himself as he raised his hand above his head to shake hands with the looming giant of a man.

He was interrupted however by the arrival of what was no doubt the third and final member of their group. It didn't take long for Esidisi to hate him. "You're late." His gaze narrowed, centered firmly on the new comers forehead. Was he an idiot or merely trying to lie directly to his face, either way it was completely disrespectful. He was dressed exactly as one would expect from a 'man in a suit'. Black dress pants, a blazer with a white undershirt. This Elijah was plain and completely annoying, exactly the kind of person who he found all too easy to feel and indescribable amount of hatred for, the kind of person who he wanted nothing to do with.

Letting his hands fall to his sides he walked past the new comer, heading towards their destination. "We've already done our introductions." He lied as he stole a glance at the man, making sure that he had his package with him. "And no, I haven't tampered with my package." He tried to hide his disdain for the man, but he wasn't exactly subtle about the whole thing, anyone who cared to pay attention would be able to see through it. "Our destination is just ahead, I would suggest that we don't leave them waiting any longer than we have already, Elijah and uhh..." He trailed off, realizing his mistake in setting himself up to drop the giants name. "You." He finished weakly, regretting his own stupidity in the matter.

There was a bar just ahead, a total hole in the wall by the looks of things, however once inside one would find that it's much larger than it would appear on the outside. A sign of his genius, one could say, that he had thought ahead to find the quickest route to their destination. It had taken awhile to find, but eventually a bartender had been all too happy to tell him about a back-way through his bar. They had been hesitant at first, but once Esidisi worked his golden tongue everything had worked out.

Moving ahead, not waiting to see if the other two would follow, he headed towards their goal. Two guards were stationed, positioned on either side of the front door. It made sense, he had told them that what they were delivering was important enough to have three separate couriers then it was only natural that security would also be beefed up in the area. As soon as he entered he was greeted by a musty stench, the kind that picks up when too many people have gone without moving in once place for too long. Dimly lit, the bar was a collection of tables to the left hand side, with the counter, bathrooms and a thick wooden door. He paused, slightly hesitant as to where to continue. He had been told that they would be in this bar, but he wasn't exactly given any specifics on the matter, nothing solid at least. His confusion was ended as the bartender tipped his head back, motioning towards the mysterious closed door. "Ahh, right. That would make sense." he muttered under his breath.

Weaving between an obstacle course comprised of drunks and pulled out chairs he made his way towards his target. Waiting for the others to meet him, he pushed the door open with his free arm, however, he stepped back to allow the others to pass him. "After you." He chimed out, his gaze directed towards his nameless giant friend. "Oh, Elijah." He continued, clearly nonspontaneously. "Don't speak to me." He said with absolute conviction a tone dripping with malice, his piercing gaze focused meeting his 'comrades' with a raw intensity. "Ever again."

It wasn't as if he wanted to make a habit of treating others like this, but there are people in this world who simply cannot exist in harmony with one another. Everything about this man pissed Esidisi off. His smug demeanor, his total 'too cool' way of talking and the complete blandness of the way he presented himself. At that point it was simply beyond his control, there was no point putting thought to it. He was set, for the rest of his life to despise the man in front of him. It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get. Needless to say, as soon as they were finished here he would have very little to do with his two companions.

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5 Re: Act Natural on Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:49 pm

Vicktur's gaze narrowed as Esidisi strained to utter the insult. Apparently, the man seemed to have no quarrel with the authoritarian regime known as the Navy. Vicktur, on the other hand, definitely had an issue with the. A big fucking issue. The lapdogs to the Tenryuubito were no friends of his, but instead his worst enemy. And he didnt much like the fact that this man didnt enjoy shitting all over them. Yes, bastards. And thats being polite. Vicktur could spend all day thinking up clever insults. But he'd rather seperate their heads from their shoulders, calling them bad names was just force of habit. After years of contributing to the slave trade, under his father, he had gotten a damn good look at the Marine's "justice". And it wasnt what theyd want you to believe. The World Government had them by the balls, so to speak, and they were their bitches in every meaning of the word. Esidisi gestured for a handshake, to which Vicktur began to return, until their third partner appeared out of thin air. And thats not just a euphemism. The sly motherfucker literally appeared out of a doorway in the air! His sudden appearance actually startled Vicktur a slight bit, somewhat putting him on edge.

The man started by berating the two of them for being late. Well, what can you do? Vicktur wanted to smash a few pints before the day was out. So thats what he did. He wasnt much worried about getting on the wrong side of these underworld cats. He had met some real dangerous criminals in his youth, capturing slaves, and these Lougetown wanna-bes were a joke comparatively. They reminded him of a fat kid on a playground, shaking down the other children for candy. Hell, he bet he could snatch these crates and toss them in the ocean if he wanted. And still lay waste to any ballsy moron who came for his head. The newcomer, clutching a box dentical to his own, introduced himself as Elijah. Of course, this was only after he took a moment to think about it. Vicktur doubted that it was his real name. But his real name didnt even matter. The only thing that mattered was the box in his care, nothing else. Esidisi didnt seems to like this Elijah fellow too much. He immediately took off towards their destination, fibbing about them having already introduced themselves to each other. Vicktur followed close behind and knew Elijah would follow suit. After all, he seemed like a punctual and professional individual.

Their destination wasnt exactly what he expected. I mean, it was literally the same bar he had just gotten done drinking at! What were the odds? I guess it made sense. Seeing as it was one of the most spacious places in town. The bartender shot him a nod as they oassed through the crowded table sections. Being so tall could really be a hassle at times. It didnt take 5 minutes before these drunk baffoons started to get under his feet like children. One fellow even spilled his drink on Vicktur's shoes. To which he replied to by booting him square in the face. Leaving the man a drooling mess in the midst of a rambunctious little party. Sure, the beer could be washed out. But that shit took time and money. Two things that were in short supply around here. Esidisi lead them to a door that he promptly opened, letting them pass through first. Vicktur had to crouch a bit, but not too much, to fit through. As he passed through the threshold he heard Esidisi bark something towards Elijah. Something to the effect of; never speak to me again. Great, they had barely even started this shit and the cowboy was already starting problems. This guy could barely badmouth the government, but saw no issue in pissing off a business partner? Hopefully things wouldnt go south too soon. He wanted to relax here for another few days, atleast


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6 Re: Act Natural on Sun Sep 11, 2016 10:40 pm




Wyatt stood quietly as the man who had been so nervous just before took on something of a sassy tone. He eye'd the box beneath the man's arm, wary of his new cohort's words. It appeared to be without damage or flaw, meaning the man was probably telling the truth. Whether it was because he was too scared, or too inept to try to open the box, Wyatt couldn't be sure. Maybe he was just very reliable, despite his flaky persona. He'd had the presence of mind to avoid sharing his name with Wyatt, though, which earned him brownie points in his eyes. With obvious disdain in his voice, he at least seemed a little calmer than before. So long as his companions were actually using their heads, this job would be simple.

Still, he couldn't shake his curiosity very well at all. It wasn't as if he could simply be satisfied with having them hand off their boxes and collect their pay. After all, what was in the boxes could very well be worth much more than they were being given to deliver them. He would only be selling himself short if he didn't allow himself the benefit or freedom of knowing what they contained, and why. Or at least that's how he justified the thought in his head. The only way to find out was to follow and retrieve them from their final destination, after allowing his cohorts to collect their measly pay for making it all possible.

Following behind the giant and other man, he examined their destination thoroughly as they approached it. He wasn't very sure their guide knew just where he was going, but the bar they approached appeared to match the description he'd been given the night prior... unfortunately. It was drab, and looked run down from the outside. It was definitely the type of place washed up pirates came to drink away their small sums of beli. Passing through the front doors behind his two temporary partners, he remained silent as he took note of the two guards at either side.

Only two? Maybe what was inside the boxes wasn't as valuable as he had considered. Either that, or the man who organized the whole deal was strapped for cash, and couldn't afford to pay more underlings. Both would be bad in the case that they were true. It crossed his mind that perhaps they weren't considered threatening by the men that had hired them, but he found it hard to believe that any sensible businessman would underestimate a man that resembled a giant.

He scanned the drunks about the bar, looking for potential goons planted about the populace. It was always smart to plant some of your men in places they wouldn't be noticed, posing as harmless people minding their own business. It was a tactic the Marines were often too boastful to use, though, preferring their ridiculous uniforms. Slowly traipsing across the room at Esidisi's and Vicktur's tails, he was sure to take in the layout of the building. The bartender nodded at them to pass, but all Wyatt was focused on was the wall behind the counter the man sat at. He examined how it connected to the large door ahead of them, realizing the room behind the door was much larger than it appeared to be.

It was likely there would be more than a single person waiting for them on the other side of the door, judging by the size of the room. If it weren't for the giant man making a scene about the bar as they reached their door destination, perhaps Wyatt would have shared his thoughts with his new partners. After seeing his displays, he decided he didn't take him for the cautious type. As Esidisi held the door open for the pair at the rear, Wyatt considered giving him fair warning that there could be danger ahead. He didn't consider the man who was just so nervous prior to be well equipped for such a situation.

Before he could separate his lips however, Esidisi continued with more of his sass. Wyatt's reaction was mixed, as he quickly averted his gaze from Esidisi to Vicktur's tall figure ducking under the door ahead of them. His face remained deadpan, though he broke character momentarily to smirk in Esidisi's direction, before returning his focus to the entrance ahead. He wasn't sure what had prompted such a harsh reaction from a man he'd nearly just met. He had only been being himself this entire time. He attempted to write it off in his head as a mere nervous outburst, assuming Esidisi needed someone to take his frustration out on, and feared doing so to Vicktur. Still, however, he tried to be respectful when he could be. If Esidisi requested it of him, then it's what he would do. Biting his tongue, he remained silent as he entered the room behind Vicktur.

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7 Re: Act Natural on Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:23 pm

He couldn't help but chuckle to himself as he entered the room. Elijah was the kinda person to act big but in the end it was all nothing, just like a small child. "So lame, so lame." He whispered more to himself than anyone else, even if they heard he doubted they would comment considering how irritatingly silent they had been thus far, it was like working with a bunch of robots. Maybe they were just socially awkward. 'Or', he thought a grin spreading across his face, 'maybe they were just too stupid to form a proper sentence.' That's probably the kind of person Elijah was, so stupid he had to act smart all the time. Still, he couldn't exactly get a decent reading on his other companion, he didn't even know his name yet. Going by the way he got into a bar fight just crossing the room and his hatred for the marines, Esidisi would guess that he was just a delinquent, which was more than perfect for Esidisi. You can put your trust with your dirtiest secrets with people like that, Elijah on the other hand was no doubt the kinda guy who would use it for blackmail, getting his smarmy little hands all over it, the bastard.

Trailing behind his two partners, he was greeted by a much different scene than what he had seen outside. Where inside the bar had been filled with your run of the mill drunks, this seemed a whole lot more sinister. As soon as they had all passed through, the four or five people inside the room began to close in on him. Esidisi might have fucked up. Had he blabbed too much and got them caught up in a set up? It hadn't been his intention and he surely wasn't going to tell his comrades about what happened, still it was pretty obvious that whatever was going to happen wasn't exactly good by anyone's standards. Maybe he could just slip away.

"Well, uhh, I'll just be leaving." He said hurriedly, rushing towards the door. He didn't exactly have any worries about his two comrades dying here, why should he? They weren't his problem. He had only known them for a few minutes tops and it wasn't like there was a special bond there. Opening to door to leave he was immediately sucker punched in the gut. In reflex he tried to shut the door, only to have his opponents fist go through the door, making it clear that there would be no defense there. Moving backwards he was caught by an onslaught of blows from his assailant, a giant of a man, red in the face with blond hair, built like a brick shithouse. Finding his back to the wall, he was kept in place by a series of punches to his torso. Realizing that his ribs were about to buckle, he did the only thing he could. Slamming his head forward, his hat falling back in the movement, he struck the mans face with his forehead. The shock of the attack lessened his assault, something that Esidisi was forced to take advantage of. Stepping onto his opponents foot, he shoved forward toppling the giant over, moving down with him. Using his free hand to slam into the mans face, he couldn't help but worry that there were still a huge group of guards in the room. Surely his partners could handle those, either way he was pretty much completely fucked. His opponents body rocked with every blow, his struggling to escape lessening with every hit. Eventually he just stopped struggling, 'I did it, I won.' It was hard to say if the man was dead or not, he would hope the latter but it wasn't really something you can determine in the moment, not when he had other things to deal with. Raising to his feet with blood splattered over his face, he scanned the room searching for his next opponent.

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8 Re: Act Natural on Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:07 pm

It was abundantly clear to Vicktur, upon entering the room, what was going down. Whatever they had been tasked with delivering was obviously very important. So important, in fact, that they were to he considered liabilities upon delivery. This meant he wasnt gonna get paid. To be honest that pissed him off more than the sense of betrayal. Not that they were his friends, but they had made a deal. And having worked with blackmarketers before he had business sense, in a way. Before them were five men armed for bear, ready to cut down Vicktur and his temporary comrades. The giant of a man looked back at Esidisi as he tried to make a run for the door. A faint tisk left his mouth at the sight, though he was more amused than anything else. Some people just werent fighters or killers. There really wasnt anything wrong with that in Vickturs eyes, even if he himself was both.

Two of the five desended upon Vicktur with weapons drawn. The scowls on their faces made it abundantly clear what they were thinking, if their brandishrd blades hadnt already done so. Reaching for the sword on his left hio Vicktur drew it in time to stop a swing ti his right side. His sword, Blue Jay, was beautifully ornate and ridiculously long. Easily extending six feet in total, the blade being five feet in itself, and had a great psychological effect on the inexperienced. He saw his opponents stare wide eyed at the piece and swallow a lump in their throats. Foolish, really. Showing your enemy your fear was a rookie move. With his second assailant pulling himself together and attacking Vicktur and ti act quickly. He used his overwhelming strength to break the sword lock. Then he grabbed his opponent and pulled him in front of himself. The mans partner extended for a swing just in time to bury his blade in his friends face. Vicktur couldnt help but laugh at the situation Grahahaha! Stupid klutz. Watch where you swing that thing. Youll take someones eye out. he said before pushing the injured mans body ontop of his opponent. It really did suck that he'd probably have to ditch Loguetown after this. The working girls here were nice, but maybe it was time to hit an exoctic tropical beach somewhere? Where the nights are warm and the women were more....uninhibited.


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