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1 Three stooges on Wed Sep 07, 2016 3:33 pm

Arc Type: Standard
Arc Name: Scar Tissue
Arc Tier: 2
Sea: East Blue
Island: Loguetown
Arc Description: A series of misunderstandings lead these characters into a wild escape from the law as they're accidentally mixed up a drug trafficking operation. It's up to the characters to either eliminate everyone who saw their face, or to try and escape the gangs entirely.

Task Name: You and I
Tier: 1
Location: Loguetown
Crew, Team, or Personal: team
Description: You've been hired to deliver a package, simple enough, probably illegal, but at least it's paying well. Out of the three of you, each one was given a portion of it, in a sealed locked container. What is it? Who knows, it seems impossible to open even if you wanted to. Dodging through a group of goons who attack you, you finally make it up to the destination.
Enemy Details: 5 T1 goons
Boss: N/A

Task Name: Bloody 'ell
Tier: 2
Location: Loguetown
Crew, Team, or Personal: team
Description: You hand off your parcel, however as soon as they goods are transferred you find yourself sorrounded by a group of armed men. It would seem that whatever it was you handed over was important, important enough to silence anyone that might have a passing connection to it. As the parcel slips away, you're left to deal with the group of attackers.
Enemy Details: 8 T2 armed with pipes and knives
Boss: N/A

Task Name: Shit Mane
Tier: 2
Location: Loguetown
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: Finally finishing with your assassins, you figure whatever it was that is worth killing you over is probably worth having. Setting foot after your previously owned parcel, you track it down to an alleyway, apparently it was being handed off one last time. The problem now is the man who it was being handed off to, built like a brick shithouse, he doesn't seem much keen to simply let his goods leave him.
Enemy Details: T1 deliveryman
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Hugo Von Killbutt
Tier: 4

A giant of a man, resembling more a machine than anything that could possibly be formed naturally. Hugo Bon Killbutt stands at twenty feet tall, a deformed mass of muscle and hair, fitted with a pink leotard. The ridiculousness of his outfit is matched only by the ridiculousness of his strength, capable of crushing bones with his bare hands.
Devil Fruit:
Haki Aura:
Specs: H2H Power based - 6*
Melee Weapons - 1

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