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1 Shouji The Lazy One on Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:57 pm

General Info

   Character Name: Shouji
   Link to Approved Character boi
   Affiliation: Marine
   Crew: //
   Occupation: Melee Spec + Navigator
   Tier: 1
   Bounty/Reputation: //
   World Position: //


   Hand to Hand:
   Devil Fruit: 1
   Melee Weaponry: 2
   (You should include what class your Specialization is and use an asterisk "*" to signify which is your primary Class.)
   Haki: E

   Stamina: 150



   Link to Primary Skill Set: (Or you may put them all in a spoiler here)
   Link to Secondary Skill Set: (Or you may put them all in a spoiler here)
   Link to Tertiary Skill Set: (Or you may put them all in a spoiler here)
   Haki Aura: Still choosing (Rolled Pugilist and Savage Soul)
   Devil Fruit: Still choosing (Rolled Logia)



1) Sloth's Finger

   Equipment Name: Sloth's Finger
   Equipment Class: Weapon
   Equipment Type: Naginata
   Equipment Tier: 1
   Spec Req. Weapon Spec.
   Strength Tier Req. 1
   Equipment Description: This Naginata stands at an impressive 225cm, or 7.38 feet, with a bladed side at the end of it. The blade is made up of Iron, which can retain a sharp cutting edge. While the handle is made up of Iron and leather, and can block blows from other blades around the same tier of it. The staff side of the Naginata is used to defend the user as well as fight without cutting the opponent. On the other hand, the bladed side is obviously used for more dangerous combat situations and to cut into one's enemies.
   Equipment Ability: //
   Attachments: //
   Units per slot: 1
   Link to Purchase Freebie

2) Shouji's Scarf

  Equipment Name: Shouji's Scarf
  Equipment Class: Weapon/Other
  Equipment Type: Scarf
  Equipment Tier: 1
  Spec Req: Melee Spec.
  Strength Tier Req: (What tier of Strength is required to use this item.)
  Equipment Description: This scarf, is a very special scarf made of carbon fiber, and is very durable. It is about 10 meters long , which is the maximum it can reach out, and can easily wrap itself around others. It is a white scarf, and Shouji tends to wear it everywhere. This scarf's can wrap itself around it's opponent and can trap them in place. The scarf is very strong, so it cannot be broken through so easily.
  Equipment Ability: --
  Attachments: --
  Units per slot: 1
  Link to Purchase: Starter Equip

   Armor: //
   Ships: //
   Pets: //
   NPCs: //
   Grunts: //


   Completed Topics (All your completed threads.)
   Completed Topics This Tier (Completed thread for the tier you are currently on.)

Last edited by Shouji on Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:27 pm; edited 2 times in total

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2 Re: Shouji The Lazy One on Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:22 am

updated. Hopefully correct?


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3 Re: Shouji The Lazy One on Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:14 pm



All set

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