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1 Shouji [dun] on Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:53 am

Name: Shouji
Alias/Epithet: --
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Mode: Hard

Occupation: 1) Weapon Specialist, 2) Navigator
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: T1

General Appearance: Shouji has long black hair that flows all the way to his shoulders. His hair also hides most of his nose, but is moved away from his eyes. He has red eyes, that are a result of long working hours and barely getting any sleep and paranoia. He is also fairly tall, standing at a height of "6'2. He mostly wears black clothes, other than the fact that he has a very durable scarf that he uses for combat (which is white).
Height: "6'2
Weight: 145lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Back of neck.

Shouji is a very dark and creepy person who also enjoys working alone. He likes to go on missions alone and frankly just enjoys doing things on his own without anyone distracting him. He is a very sarcastic man, yet he doesn't laugh at any jokes not even his.

Shouji is dark man and enjoys to be in the dark much more than to be in the light. He is a somber person, and mostly has a somber personality.
Not only does this man love the use of sarcasm, he believes that it is an art form of its own; which takes many years of commitment and devotion to reach the point of sarcastic gold that Shouji has reached. He takes a laugh in shooting out sarcastic comments even though he wouldn’t laugh at them externally; internally he might be cracking up.

While his over the top use of sarcasm might be funny to him others might not enjoy it. It may either be insulting them, or questioning their intellect. He always likes to believe that he is above others and can do whatever he likes, which is why he loves sarcasm. It gives him an easy way to insult others, and sometimes even getting away with it.
No True Hate Against Revs
Even though Shouji is a Marine, he doesn’t really hate the Revs, nor does he care about the revolution’s cause. He truly just joined the Marine to support his love of fighting. If he was a pirate he would have been hunted and would have to work with a lot of other people, and if he was a Rev he wouldn’t be allowed to fight people yet kill them. Yet, the ability to be a Marine gives him protection of sorts as well as the responsibility to fight a lot of important people; hopefully.

On the other hand, Shouji wouldn’t waste a chance to fight a Rev. Even though he might not hate them, that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t fight them on the first chance he got. Fighting is his passion, so whether the faction he still would commit the act. The whole reason behind him joining the Marines was due to his ability to fight whenever he desired and hopefully not be held up for his actions.
To Fight.
Working Hard.
Men that are Sober.
People that take things for granted.
Pickles & Olives

Shouji was born in Flevance, and grew up there as well. His life was fairly normal, just like any other middle classed child; he had food and a roof over his head. His parents were ok, and didn’t bother him much, so he spent most of his time outside playing. He was an adventurous child, and enjoyed beating kids up at the playground.

While he was a scrawny child, he didn’t fear much; other than his parents. He use to fight kids and beat them up too despite his size. Yet, at the age of 5 he was beaten up by 3 kids that were much older than him. While they were beating him up, he was curled up in a ball received all the punches thrown at his sides until he felt them stop. When he looked up he saw a large man in a marine uniform that had fended off the children. He smiled at young Shouji and said, “This isn’t fair at all, 3 against 1. You should go home kid, have fun.”

Shouji had gotten up and ran home, and when he looked back he saw the marine talking to the other children as they explained what had happened. From then on Shouji kind of idolized Marines, and the fact that they helped people. While it was only a small thing, for the young child it was his world. The fact that he was saved by such a man was a large thing in his eyes, and he would treasure that moment for the rest of his life.

As time went on and Shouji grew older, all he did was study, train, and fight with other kids at the park. He grew up to become a toned teenager, and decided to become a Marine. His previous encounter with a Marine helped him make that decision, but his parents helped as well. They thought that if Shouji could become a Marine, he could become a great pride to the family. He did have two other older brothers that Shouji looked up to earlier in life, but as his life grew on, and they moved around, he grew distant. He still loved them, and wherever he was in the world, family would have to come first.

He had grown up into a man, and at the age of 19 he finally got into his local Marine station. He was fairly proud, but by the time he was accepted he wasn’t the same Shouji he was before. He had changed into a much darker version of himself and a very sarcastic one as well. He didn’t care for his superiors mostly because he believed that his talents were being wasted in this area. He loved the place he grew up in, but he just didn’t feel he was living up to his potential. He had to keep working and wait, which was exactly what he was doing.
Face Claim: Aizawa | MHA

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2 Re: Shouji [dun] on Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:18 am

Finally done! rejoice


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3 Re: Shouji [dun] on Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:34 am



Approved fam

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